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Champions league is coming back to Benito Villamarin.

Started on 3 January 2020 by Skala1992 / First Post
Latest Reply on 29 March 2020 by Skala1992 / Last Post

After many years i finally decide to come back to my favourite game, FM. At the start, of course, i needed to choose a team for me. As i said, after many years of not playing, i wanted to introduced myself with game changes on some easier way.
First idea was some Championship team, or any second divison teams from top 5 leagues. But, one day i watched a time laps of Benito Villamarin new tribune. So, i was thought why not to try bring them back in European elite. i decided, I am going to Andalucia and start, I hope, a beatiful journey.
I must say that my first season is over, so i will write an one short overwiev of my first season.
First day of my arrival, I was introduced with a staff and team. Media prediction was 9th place and transfer budget that was given was a little bit more than 3 mil. euros.
Immedeatly I scanned a team a decide to play with 4-2-3-1 (asymetric). I wanted to start with two classic central midfielders but finaly I put a William in front of defence.

As I said, the starting budget was not great, so i decide to make some changes in team. Kerher was option for a back up to Sidnei, but during the season he showed some great games so he became a partner to Bartra. Alfonso Pedraza was loaned from Villarreal, but due to great games, he was signed permanetly from Yellow submarine. Mazraoui was bought during the winter transfer brake, and with him I completed a position of right back. Emerson was on loan from Barcelona, but after long negotiations Barca didn't want to sell him so I turned myself to some other options.

Betis didn't participating European competitions in this seasons, so i was fully prepared on Primera. The board didn't put a high excpetations on me, but in my vision i wanted to reach at least 6th place and qualifiyng to Euro Cup group stages.

Start of season :
Season started really above my expectations, with 6 wins and 2 draws in my first 8 games. I must say that a really had an lucky with injuries, so all players was on disposal. I must say that before season i make decision to say goodbye to Joaquin and Guardado, but with Fekir and William they become a leaders in my team. After two month of some great games, i camed to difficult period and my team losed 4 matches in a row.
After team meeting, where players reacted really good, i won against Osasuna and everything was much easier.
I must noticed that my team was better and better, Guardado, William and Fekir done a great job in the midfield, while Joaquin and Borja I. scored their assists.
Despite good foorm, the end of season we didn't play on way I wanted and that is a only reason why I didn't reached a 4th place and Champions league group stages. My rival was a slightly better than me.

The final table :

Borja Inglesias scored 15 times, Joaquin and Guardado 13, while Fekir put 11 assits.
During the season Mandi, Guardado and Joaquin renewed their contracts, for one more season.

So this is my first post ever on this site. This is just a short comment to my first season in Betis. Please fell free to comment and tell anything if you doesn't like , Now, I am going to short holidays on Maldives, because i need to recover myself for a new season.
An incredible first season, good luck for the future with this!
Hello again to everyone. This horrible situation with Corona virus forced me to stay at home and stop my working. So I decided to continue my journey with Real Betis.
The summer was really busy for me. I returned from Maldives a little bit earlier to get ready for the new season. First of all I wanted to complete my roster as soon as possbile, but some operations didn't go well so I bought some player on last day of transfer market.


Players in :
Despite the Joel's good form, I wanted to add another kepper to my dressing room. As I am playing on two fronts, I wanted some younger but experienced keper to help a Joel. So, i decided to buy Alessio Cragno from Cagliari. He showed some great saves so I am really satisfied with him.
Amiri and Palacios were bought to fresh a positions in midfield. Amiri could run for 3 days and I am really happy with him. Palacios need some time do adapt but I am sure that he will play some important role in this team.
Cucurella,Mayoral and young star Saka are on a loan transfers from their clubs. They are backup options and I am not sure to buy them on pernament deal.
Quintero is back up to Fekir, in case of some injury. I know that he is a tipical Latino-american player, with a great football knowledge, and some discipline problems.
My biggest signing is for sure Toby Alderwireld. He is signed on free transfer and already became a leader in squad. I am sure that he could play at least 2-3 seasons on high level.

Players out:

As you can see, my dear Chinese friends helped me to full my account. I couldn't say NO to these two offers. Also, Sanabria return from Genoa, but during the summer he didn't showed anything to keep him in squad. Juanmi didn't played in any important match last season so he was ruled out before the summer.

As i said, since I come back from the vacation, I started to work hard. In all matches I was a better team, include a match against Fiorentina. We showed a great play in front of our fans, but we were a quiet unlucky.


After a long breake, the new season could start. My first fixture was in front of our fans against Espanyol. Despite some errors we started the new campaign on a best possible way. I will not write about every match, but I must mention a draw against Barcelona, with a great play, and a really big win against R.Sociedad. Despite, the season didn't start well, I must say that I showed a great defensive play. I am not losing mathces but I still had some troubles in attack.


I don't need to write how am I excited to start an adventure in Euro competitions, and I couldn't wait to start. The draw in Nyon put me in group with Glasgow Rangers, Krasnodar and Kopenhagen. Despite, I was not introduced with these teams, I fully understand that we need to give maximum if we want to pass a group.
But after first game, I was conviced that will not be a such problem. I hammered Glasgow in Sevilla, without any chances to score.

After 13 games played in Primera, and 4 games in Europa league, these are current positions :


After 18 played games, I am on solid, but only solid, 7. place. I sliped on some ''easy'' games, but I can't be so disapointed with my team. In last few matches we showed that we can play with anyone in this league, and I can't wait to see my team at top.
If we turn a look on a squad, the top scorers are Borja and youngstar Saka, but I must mention also William (6 times a player of the match - only in the league) and Toby Alderwireld. They are leaders on their positions, but still have an power to help when it doesn't go easily for attackers.

As i said previously, I couldn't even imagine to pass the group on this way. Players understood my ideas and demostrated them on the best possible way. In the group phase, we gave a chance to some players from rotation, as Lainez, Mayoral and Quintero. All of them scored at least at once, and showed me that I can count on them in the next matches.

This was a just short overview from the last month or two. Now, I am going to put a Europa league on a side for some time and turned to Primera and Copa del Rey.


The new year we are begining with a tough class against Bilbao. I must say that they are playing maybe over their expectations, but that don't mean they are not a strong and quality team. I am playing three matches in front of my fans, including Derby Sevilliano. After boring draw on Sanchez Pizjuan, I am ready to show them who is number on in Seville.

Two days ago I was in Nyon on Europa league last 32 draw. For the best 16 we need to pass a German Mainz. First match will be played in Germany.


This is the only possible title that I can put for my January. The new year brought me a direct rival for EURO competitons this year. I was prepared on a tough match against very aggresive and disciplined team, but a VAR helped me with to penalties, later I saw it and I must say that both situations were clear, and refree made a right decisions. Also first time in my life, I was in role of coach in one of the greatest derbies in Europe. I knew that form and position on the table will not play a important role in this game. We worked hard in whole week, and guys hammered Sevilla, in all parts of game. Fekir didn't play in this game, for disciplinary reason, and I decided to put Quintero in fire. He answered to me with two goals, and I conviced me and fans that he deserves a place in this team.

''I am ready to replace Fekir. Thanks to boss because he has faith in me since first day. First two months was difficult because I am new, but now I am ready to show everyone why I am here''.


Actually, I didn't want to sell anyone. I didn't want to take any action during the transfer market. But Chelsea was really boring with at least 5-6 offers for Fekir. I want to reject them with an offer of 80 mil. euros. I thought there is no possible way that one team will spend so big money, but Roman suprised me again and accept my offer without any negotiations. As I sad previously, Quintero showed me that he can be replacement for Fekir, but I still needed someone to help him. Last day of transfer market I loaned a Alena for Barclona until the end of season.
At the end, with Fekir transfer I reached a sum of more than 230 milion euros from selling players.

Alena's presenation on Benito Villamarin stadium.




From Atletico to Atletico.......
In whole seasone I have an 5 losses (4 in League and 1 in CdR). From that 5 matches, 3 losses come out from Atletico. Despite two losses, I am still on great 5th position and am continuing a battle for EURO spots. But, if Atletico is my nightmare, I can say that we are Bilbao's nightmare. Interesting, Bilbao is still one position above me.

Real Betis's biggest nightmare - youngstar Joao Felix.

In Europa league, Betis didn't have bigger problems to win against Mainz. Interesting, Mainz won a German cup, and were relegated in 2. Bundesliga. We resolved any doubts in first match, with easily 2-4 win. I gave an chance to young Stergiou, which was bought in the summer, but have been in B team.
In 1/16, we are playing against big turkish team - Fenerbahce. First match will be played in Istanbul. I hope that we can play at least on draw. Quintero is back after 3 weeks in right moment. I need him more than ever.



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