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Arjen Robben - Emperor In Eindhoven

Started on 22 February 2020 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 31 March 2020 by Justice

Last Chance

Muller has it on the wing, moves it through the middle to Tolisso. Ramos comes in...Ooh that's a hefty challenge. Tolisso's down here though. Looking at replays it seems Sergio Ramos initially won the ball but the Bayern midfielder seems to be signalling to come off now.

It's looking very much like it's going to be Arjen Robben to come on now...Yes it will be. Here we go then, a Bayern Munich legend is coming on to play against his former team. Can he get them back in this?

Around 30 minutes left to play now and Bayern need two goals to book their place at the final in Kiev. Here's Joshua Kimmich now bombing down the right hand side! Looks like Muller's been moved more into the middle to accommodate Robben on this right wing. Still Kimmich, his goal at the start will still be worrying Madrid fans but he's got the opportunity to move it on.

Kimmich, Mullers in the middle who plays it on to Robben back out on the wing. What a burst of pace from the Dutchman to get past Marcelo there, not many people can do that, is he going to whip in a cross? He does...

Rodriguez arrives LATE...IT DOESN'T MATTER. It's 2 goals a piece in the Santiago Bernabeu and Munich have 30 minutes to get another.

Just one more goal will be enough for Bayern. Will we see an upset tonight? Robben is on the ball, completely changed the game since he's come on and we saw it very early on with that wonderful assist.

He's lopped it over to Lewandowski who's found an inch of space, he just can't get the shot off though. Good defence from Madrid there. Looks like the ref might be signalling for a corner.

Ribery swings it in but it's headed out by Varane. Falls to Muller who lays it off to Robben, oh what a pass that is...ROBBEN. Saved! A fantastic stop from Keylor Navas.

We're into the final stages of the game now. It's looking like it will be Madrid to face Liverpool who already booked their final spot last night against Roma. One last chance for Bayern though maybe?

Javi Martinez has it on the half way line, he's only just come on remember. Switched to Ribery who pushes forward down the left. Past one, past two. Madrid have got to keep this man contained or they could be in trouble. Cut back to Alaba who swings it in to Lewandowski...

SAVED! Unbelievable stuff from Keylor Navas tonight. That is an incredible header, and an even better stop. That's it though!! Real Madrid are through to their third final in a row, Bayern are out. They gave it their all and what a performance, but this Madrid team just look too good to beat. Even for Liverpool maybe.

Last chance? Not a chance

I'd not witnessed an atmosphere in any dressing room like that. Not since after the World Cup Final. Everyone was totally deflated. I believe none more so than maybe myself and Franck. Time and Time again I had tried everything to get back into that final and win it all. That feeling of elation was something I craved ever since this very same team beat Dortmund 4 years ago.

I've felt success, I've felt pain. I know both all too well, it's a part of what makes football what it is I suppose. I felt as though this cut deeper than 2010. After that Iniesta goal I remember thinking "Don't quit, 4 more years and we can try again."

This time though, maybe that was the last chance. I have one more year in football and I'll do everything I can to get into that Madrid final. I want to go out on a high and I'm running out of time.

I feel my body more and more every year these days. It's getting harder and this will most likely be my last year. I've already spoken to Franck. His mind is made, he won't be following me into next season. Such a shame. He's a great player, one I've thoroughly enjoyed playing with throughout the years.

I know everyone is itching to set the record straight next season. Such is the nature of a young team. Their passion, their drive. It's going to be a massive help going on for another year.

I'm only a couple of days from going back to Munich for pre-season. I'll be going back early. Clearly I need to work a lot harder than the younger lads if I'm to stay fit. That being said, I'd better get some sleep so I'll put down this pad for a while.

Heartbreak At Home

It's a corner to Liverpool. Suddenly Bayern have found themselves on the back foot after a dominating last 10 minutes. Liverpool have it all now. James Milner's going to take the corner, and he seems to be signalling to the referee to get on with the game.

The refs done having words in the box, Milner's going to float one in here oh brilliant cross, VAN DIJKS HEAD!

2-1 Liverpool. Van Dijk Wheels away in celebration as the rest follow. An absolutely thunderous header. Liverpool are now technically 2 goals to the good and Bayern find themselves in the same position as last years semi final.

It's been about 10 minutes since the second Liverpool goal and Bayern just haven't looked like scoring. They do have the ball on the left now though. Brilliant tackle from Alexander Arnold to disposes Goretzka. He's absolutely fizzed that onto Salah who has the ball on Munich's right flank. Drop of the shoulder he's past one player, chips it intooo MANE! What a wonderful goal from Liverpool.

Bayern are surely out now, and you can see the frustration on the faces of the Bayern Munich bench. Robben looks absolutely furious with Goretzka for losing it so cheaply at the other end.

Just a couple of seconds left now, it's not been a good evening for Bayern. The fans are leaving, they look completely dejected. That's it. The ref has blown his whistle for the last time and Liverpool will play in this years Quarter Final. No luck for Bayern here today, the red machine are in full effect and it seems there is no stopping them at the moment!

Ending On A High

That wraps it up then. The league is won. What a performance from the team in that last game, I think it'll be the perfect way to bow out after the DFB Pokal Final. The fans don't know it yet, but this is it. My last season in football has come to an end and it's time to seek the new chapter in my life.

What will I do? God knows right now. I don't want to give up football but (as arrogant as this may sound) I don't want to play anywhere other than at the highest level with bayern. The older I get, the harder that becomes. So I'll leave before I am pushed.

A lot of my friends have suggested management, my wife included. I just don't know if it suits me. I know a few channels have been in contact regarding some punditry which seems like a nice thing to do. Even Sky have been knocking on the door, it could be a good opportunity.

There's just one small thing that really gets to me. Actually, a big thing. That loss in the Champions League. I was heartbroken. We all were. This year was my last chance at winning the Champions League again and Liverpool managed to snatch that away from me. I feel somewhat incomplete.

I've won a lot in my career, including the Champions League but I want it again. To get a taste of World Cup Glory too...How I long to know what the likes of Puyol and Iniesta must have felt.

There are options I can take to put me in the saddle which could still lead to winning these competitions. For that reason I've got a lot of thinking to do. A year out will do me good, some family time perhaps.

Still, one more game to play. One more final. Mustn't dwell on anything else. There's a cup to be won!
Hopefully Arjen can end his career with a double to his name.

Robben Bids Farewell

Next up, in some rather unsurprising news - Arjen Robben has announced his retirement from football prior to the DFB Pokal final. Fans of Bayern Munich have been expecting the news to break recently especially after his counterpart on the wing Franck Ribery revealed he too would be retiring from the game.

Fans of any football club will be saddened to hear that they won't be seeing Robben on their tv sets at match days anymore, as he's a well respected and fantastic footballer. Robben, unlike many footballers was lucky enough to find success at nearly every club he went to.

He boasts a fantastic 151 goals from 420 games in total. The Dutchman began his career at Groningen where he quickly became a fan favourite going on to play for PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and finally finishing off at Bayern Munich.

Arjen captained his country on numerous occasions making 96 appearances in total. A handful of those came in arguably one of the Netherlands most successful times in 2010 where they reached the World Cup Final, unfortunately bowing out to a very late Iniesta goal on the biggest stage.

It's not all doom and gloom though, speaking to BILD Arjen had some things to say about his time on the football pitch and what comes next.

You know I've had a fantastic career and I can't thank the people who helped me along the way enough. I've made great friends in this business and I'm very grateful to have had my chance to play at some of the world's top clubs. It's something most kids dream about when they're young - Only few get to really experience it.

I don't know what happens now really, this is all new to me. I haven't known any different to football in 20 years so I guess it's time to have a think and figure out what to do.

Robben was questioned on the possibility of management...

Really? Me? I don't know. It's a difficult question to answer. You see many fantastic players going away and becoming managers and not doing so well. Do I want to taint my own career with that same brush?

I think it's a question of bravery. Am I brave enough to try? I haven't got the answers at the moment but for sure it's certainly an option I will think about.

Lots of questions to answer it seems, one things for sure though. Many people will be hoping to see him back on screens again. Potentially as a head coach.
Something tells me we will see Arjen in management soon... ;)

Robben Set For PSV Post?

A year on from Arjen Robben's retirement we're still yet to hear of any news regarding his future in the profession. However, that may all be about to change in the coming days. Reliable sources close to German newspaper BILD have linked the former Real Madrid attacker with a move to another one of his ex clubs.

PSV Eindhoven.

It's not known whether Robben is likely to accept any kind of role or even if PSV are considering him for the position as manager but due to the clubs managerial situation it's likely we will find out sooner rather than later, as they'll need a man to take them into pre-season which for them, starts in just three days.

If you're unfamiliar then well where have you been? PSV are one of the Netherlands most successful clubs and are actually the most successful since the turn of the century. Everyone of course knows their great rivals Ajax and the 2019 Champions League Semi Finalists are what Robben would have to contend with if he were to take over.

When questioned on the move recently, Arjen refused to make comment however last year he was interviewed before the DFB Pokal Final in which he stated that management is definitely an option he wants to think about going forward.

Eindhoven last year were subject to a 2nd place finish in which would help them qualify for this years Champions League. They last won the league in 17/18 and have won 10 in total since the turn of the millennium.

With a young and talented squad it's going to take someone that knows a great deal about Dutch footballing culture to provide success at the club. Will Arjen Robben be the man to have them make those vital next steps to becoming a football super power?
Dutch football is on the rise again after Ajax's run in Europe last season. Robben would be bound to bring more eyes to the division.

Homeward Bound

You may have guessed it but the rumours are true. In the next few days I'll be signing a contract with PSV Eindhoven to become their new head coach. I must say I'm not sure what to expect and although I've no idea what type of manager I'll become - I'm thoroughly excited.

It's obvious that PSV are a team close to my heart, the team I supported as a young boy. I remember when they came in for me while I was at Groningen, I couldn't wait to play for them. I never did regret leaving, although I love them it was always an ambition of mine to be the very best and to do that you have to play for the best.

PSV don't strike anyone as a team included in that category but now I intend to change that. They're a team with lots of talent and potential and it needs just the smallest catalyst to give them the spark that will fire them to glory. I hope I can be that person.

I think I can be very successful here, I think the team has the ability to be already. It's young, it's got loads of quality. Only time will tell. They've already played most of their pre-season so I'm being thrown in right at the deep end of a Champions League qualifier against Basel.

I expect a high level of performance in these games especially. This is the best competition in world football and I'll expect nothing more from the players. I'll make that abundantly clear to them when I meet them.

I expect the news will reach papers soon and the media will whip this up into a frenzy. I'm assuming they'll pile on the pressure from the get go but as everyone's fully aware I've been under pressure before and I always thrive.
You love to see it, won't be much worse than van Bommel, I hope

Honours Even In Robben Debut

After news broke yesterday of Arjen Robben joining PSV as head coach on a 1 year deal, he's been thrown straight into his first game only a day later. The Dutch side finished a high 2nd place last year which earned them a spot in the Champions League Qualifiers. The third round pit his new team against Swiss outfit Basel.

The stage was set at St Jakobs Park for a great spectacle. PSV were clear favourites against a team who rarely fall short of first place in their division having won it the majority of the last 20 years. 20 league titles in total.

It was a great start for Eindhoven. Malen scored the first goal of the tie in the very first minute of the game. The Dutch striker was rightly given the nod up top ahead of new signing Fabio Silva who started from the bench. New addition Ahmed Kutucu and fan favourite Sam Lammers were also made to watch from the bench.

32 minutes in it was plain sailing. Another goal went in courtesy of a Dumfries thunderbolt. He whisked away past his marker on the right side, darting into the box and blasting a shot at the keepers near post. Campo managed to get finger tips to the ball but couldn't stop it from nestling in his top corner.

While things were going well it seemed complacency had set in. Not 5 minutes later Alderete headed the ball in at the other end from an in-swinging Zuffi cross. The defending team did little to prevent the goal from going in and it was clear that concentration may be the first issue Arjen would face.

It was just before half time that Gyasi scored the equaliser. Clear issues at the back for PSV after having been in such a commanding position, it was now back to all square although away goals were still in their favour.

The second half brought little to talk about. There were a few chances, most notably one from substitute and debutant Fabio Silva who came very close near to the end lunging into reach a brilliant cross from left back Ricardo Rodriguez.

He did everything he could to turn it in the goals direction but could only tuck it against the outside of the post. Full Time was upon them.

The referee blew his whistle for the last time and that was it, honours even at half time. With one more game to play at the Phillip Stadion, it was all in PSV's hands...
Maybe one day we will see him at Bayern and hopefully take the CL back trophy to them!

Post-Match Interview

Journalist: Evening Arjen, we've not had much time to speak given you've only just come into the club but you've just come out of your first game. What are your thoughts?

Robben: My thoughts are...Mixed. I think in some situations today we were really good and worked well as a team. Particularly at the beginning, the goals we scored were phenomenal. The second was quite something, that's what Dumfries is capable of.

Other situations not so good, we lacked a lot of character and fight. This is definitely something that has to be improved upon. I expect a reaction.

Journalist: How do you expect your team to play in the second leg?

Robben: Tactically we'll be very much the same I would imagine. We have a philosophy here that I and the board agreed upon so I aim to see that through. A better performance is imperative though. If we go into the next game playing like we did today we'll be lucky to go through.

Journalist: Your first signing for the club was Fabio Silva, roughly around 7.5M I'm led to believe. What was your thinking in leaving him on the bench?

Robben: He's a young guy, and he's new. It's never easy to come straight into a club and perform as expected so I'm not just going to throw him on at every given opportunity. He'll get game time when he's ready, we'll bleed him in slowly and depending on how he performs - We'll go from there.

Journalist: We didn't get to see Kutucu today, when might we?

Robben: Soon I'd imagine. Just like Silva we bought him to play games and improve the team. We all know he's capable of great things and I expect we'll be seeing that on the pitch soon enough.

Journalist: Finally, since we haven't had much time to ask. In what direction will you be taking this team? and how successful can you be, if it all?

Robben: This club has got everything in place to be great. Good finances, talent, a fantastic youth setup. I expect we'll move slowly for a while, especially this season. We're aiming to secure some form of European football this year which I think is expected of us. After that who knows?

We've a lot of players that are capable of going to the top, will they do that with us? Well, it's up to myself to convince them that they should. I think if you give us a few years you'll have seen great improvements. I've lofty ambitions for myself and the club.

Journalist: Thanks, Arjen.

Robben: Thank you.
His managerial debut could have been better, but it could have been much worse. A solid base to build on heading into the second-leg.

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