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Be A GoalKeeper

Started on 1 April 2020 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 25 July 2020 by 6Times
No1VillaFan's avatar Group No1VillaFan
4 yearsEdited
I am looking for 24 players to be a goalkeeper. Each player would have full goalkeeping stats be aged 15 and would be put at each of the Football league North teams. Who will make it upto the top of the tree?

I need the following information

2 favourite teams:
2 favoured Managers:

I will randomly put each keeper at a team and post updates each half year and inform of transfers, awards etc

Scoring system (League games only)

1 point per league appearance
2 points per international cap a season
10 points for a player of the season
0.5 points per clean sheet kept
20 points for winning the league
10 points for getting into a team of the season
50 points if your keeper scores a goal
-10 points for each red card given
-15 if your side is relegated from the league (weather you play or not)

I will post how much each keeper is worth at the end of each season. with 16 points for the highest valued keeper and 0 points for the least valued keeper

Scoring System (Cups)
15 points for each cup win (25 for a world cup win, 15 for a world cup runner up)

The country needs to be a well known country please within the top 30 in the world rankings in Europe only please
Name: Yerdäs Selzavon
Nationality: Dutch
2 favourite teams: Ajax, Tottenham
2 favoured Managers: Frank de Boer, Mauricio Pochettino
Name: Josip Bebic
Nationality: Croatian
2 favourite teams: Liverpool, AC Milan
2 favoured Managers: Jurgen Klopp, Rafa Benitez
Name: Stemmy Wildlifelover
Nationality: Croatia
2 favourite teams: Hajduk, Aston Villa
2 favoured Managers: Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti
Name: Vincent Godfrey
Nationality: N.Ireland
2 favourite teams: Derby & Notts Forest
2 favoured Managers: Nigel Clough - Alan Pardew
Name: Wayne Sharpe
Nationality: Finish
2 favourite teams: Leicester, Southampton
2 favoured Managers: Brendon Rodgers, Sean Dyche
Name: Hizly Fox
Nationality: German
2 favourite teams: Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City
2 favourite managers: Brendan Rogers, Jurgen Klopp.
Name: Jordan Seaman
Nationality: English
2 Fav. Teams: Liverpool, Barcelona
2 Fav. Manager: Jurgen Klopp, Rafa Benitez
Name: Scott Morgan
Nationality: English
2 favourite teams: Manchester United, Huddersfield Town
2 favourite managers: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, David Wagner
Name: Wilson Smith-Blackman
Nationality: England
2 favourite teams: Manchester United, Glasgow Celtic
2 favoured Managers: Pep Guardiola, Julian Nagelsman
Name: Shah Saha
Nationality: Spanish
2 favourite teams: Manchester United, Dortmund
2 favoured managers: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Erik Ten Hag
Name: Jesper Rasmussen
Nationality: Denmark
2 favourite teams: Chelsea, Zenit St. Petersburg
2 favoured Managers: Thomas Tuchel, José Mourinho
swanny8589's avatar Group swanny8589
4 yearsEdited
Name: Shane Swanston
Nationality: Austria
2 favourite teams: Newcastle United
2 favoured Managers: Jose Mourinho, Ange Postecoglu
Name: Stoseph Joalin
Nationality: Russia
2 favourite teams: Manchester United, Dynamo Moscow
2 favoured managers: Julian Nagelsmann, Jose Mourinho
Name: John Esteves
Nationality: Portugal
2 favourite teams: FC Porto,FC Bayern
2 favoured managers: Erik Ten Hag,Jurgen Klopp

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