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Good tactics gone bad?

Started on 13 April 2020 by lfcfan1892ph
Latest Reply on 7 June 2020 by lfcfan1892ph
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I don't know if anyone else seems to have the problem I'm been having recently playing FM but I just can't seem to get a good tactic that consistently works for me. Sometimes I might stumble across a good tactic on a forum or something like that and when I use it it starts of really well and then all of a sudden it turns terrible and i cant seem to be able to buy a win.This often happens with the same set of players and often the exact same starting 11 and I cant really seem to figure out why this always seems to happen. I go from winning games I didn't really expect to and going on a very good run to all of a sudden dropping points against nearly every team I play against and having to abandon a tactic I previously thought was brilliant out of fear of being sacked and sometimes just abandon a save because I just have no idea how to fix it. I don't know if this is just the game figuring me out or something like that but its so frustrating. Often I build my team around a certain tactic but when it no longer works I'm in a very bad situation and can't figure it out. Any help or advice on why this happens and how I could try and stop it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and hope your doing well.

(also if you couldn't tell I'm not very good at this game so you might have to talk to me like I'm a complete idiot)
I'm in this exact situation all the time, it's good to hear that somebody else experiences this too!

My go-to tactic was 'Broken' which gets good results but you have about 20 fouls per game. I have now made 'Knap's venom & faith' my go to tactic and it is good so far - I managed to beat Juve 5-1 with Napoli in my first game! Have you tried these?
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Got the same problem. played with same tactics 2 seasons and First season went well and second went bad. Only thing that i can think of that i might be is that the 1 seasons players were more suited for the tactics then the 2 season players are. but i dont know
2020-04-18 19:50#268790 tedbro20 :

Thanks for linking this to me! I hadn't seen it before and its been quite useful. Now it makes a bit more sense why I've been not doing so well in some certain circumstances going from a team overachieving and then slipping back into a poor run of form but i now i know a bit more why that happens and that now I have to try and adapt more to the situation and change game to game. Thanks for the help

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