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Started on 4 May 2020 by OneMoreGame
Latest Reply on 24 August 2020 by TheLFCFan
Some incredible deals in there, particularly the fact you exchanged one great keeper for another whilst keeping a £15m difference. The other deals with Eze and Harit are also superb. Particularly looking forward to see how Eze manages!
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A Swarm Of Bees - Unleashing The Swarm (EP33)

We start the year at the 6th place after a great win over league leaders Manchester United, just one point from top 4 and 9 points from the 1st spot! As presented in the last episode our first match for 2022 was FA Cup tie against Huddersfield which we won easily 5-0. Also we got Ebere Eze from QPR only in the 2nd day of the window so he is available for selection in all our matches. We have excellent chance to maintain in our position because of the fixures we have or even fight for something more!

The other new signings plus the next round for the FA Cup were the last events of January so we won't see them in action in this episode.

We will miss only Pedro Chirivella in the first matches, but he will return finally in the second part of the month.

Brentford vs. West Ham

As in the first match against them, it was very close up until the very end. We get quickly upfront with goals by Majer and Ollie Watkins, but the boys thought that we have already won and we started the second half really slow. Our local rivals scored one and that wake us up so we didn't loose the initiative. In the final minutes Watkins banged one more after an assist from Gouiri, sealing his Player of the Match award. Amine himself scored with the last kick of the game to continue his good form. Thompson, Benrahma & Baptiste each with one assist for the nice victory over the Hammers.

Sheffield United vs. Brentford

After the brilliant games since the beginning (4 goals in 2 matches) we gave Gouiri one of his rare starts in the Premier League but it didn't turn well. Sheffield played really well in the first half and in the end of it scored great goal, we were down. And then Alexander Isak entered the field! Hattrick in the space of 29 minutes turns the whole game upside down! Absolutely phenomenal (POTM)! Our wingbacks again provided the needed passes as Thompson gets 2 assists, Beijmo - 1. The home team was crushed and in the final minutes received one more goal scored by Patrick Roberts after good pass by inform Shandon Baptiste!

We are flying through January with 3 wins in 3 matches so far.

Bournemouth vs Brentford

We meet another team fighting against relegation and again they were giving everything they have to get the points. The cherries didn't have so many chances to score, but used the set pieces perfectly, scoring twice from corner kicks. It was nice that we answered pretty quickly on both occasions with Ollie Watkins scoring 2 more and winning POTM! In the final minutes we tried to push them but there was too little time and they get away with an important point. Isak & Mbeumo assisted for the two goals, but didn't have enough luck infront of the goal.

Pedro Chirivella finally returned to the pitch after the injury in the first days of September.

Brentford vs. Everton

Another meeting with Everton and we were ready for another dull strategic match. (4 matches against them, 2 goals for both clubs in those...). Alexander Isak didn't think that way though. 2 goals by him in the first half and we were happy to finish the first half with 2 goals lead, but their winger scored beautiful solo goal in the last minute of the half. The second half was the same old story with not many chances for both teams, a lot of fouls and many unsuccessful passes. We were defending well and in the 85' Ebere Eze started great counter attack having his first assist to Isak who scored for his second hattrick in this month! No doubt he won POTM again! After the goal Everton were distracted and let another one - this time scored by our captain Pontus Jansson!

I start to hate Everton for just playing them too many times. In just one month we will meet again, for the 4th time this season, this time in the FA Cup. They also are lurking outside the top 6 but close enough to make trouble so this win was vital!

Brighton vs. Brentford

Brentford FC finished the month with a perfect team performance! We got used to playing teams that are in danger of loosing their PL status so we knew how to defeat the Seagulls! After just 24' we were 2 goals closer to the win as Mathias Jensen took the things in his hands (feet), first scoring one of his beauties and then assisting Thilo Kehrer for the second goal. The danish midfielder won the Player of the Match performance even though all of the players were brilliant. In the end Gouiri finished his best month for us with another goal. (he finishes the month with 5). Baptiste with another assist to his name.

Player of the Month


No doubt that the Swedish striker was our best player for the month. Alexander Isak scored 2 hattricks (6 goals), added 1 assist and won POTM twice! Tremendous performance and I'm very happy with the player that he is turning into! Massive boost to his confidence, also we gave him new contract, scrapping the €33M clause so if the big sharks want him they will have to pay good for him! He is now joint third best goalscorer in the league with his 13 goals so far!

Amine Gouiri also had impressive month - scoring 5 and assisting 1, Dominick Thompson & Shandon Baptiste contributed enormously both with 3 assist through the month.

Jensen & Watkins continue with their superb form from the start of the season! They are the most important players from the first day I got this job and 2,5 years later - they still lead the team to glory!


Without a doubt our BEST MONTH since we were promoted to the Premier League! 4 wins & 1 draw in the league and 2 more wins in FA Cup! We are flying! I'm so happy with the team! We ended our first season last year with 53 points total, now we have 54 pts, February is just starting and we are in the top 4, BABY! Massive upgrade, so no matter where we finish - we are better than last year - that's enough for me! We tend to score late in the game, which is fine by me, my nerves will survive probably.

Watkins (13 goals) & Isak (13 goals) are joint 3rd goalscorer in the league only after Greenwood (19) & Lautaro Martinez (17) .

There is one thing that I fear - top 6 teams move in package, there is just 7 points difference between 1st & 6th position. We could suffer a lot from this in the end of the season if we have a crisis and this is the thing that bothers me a lot.

The title chase is open and as the things look will be open to the final days probably. Manchester United still lead the race, however Liverpool, Chelsea & BRENTFORD are very close! We are in the title picture, holy fck. City & Tottenham are also 1 wrong result away so it will be really interesting how the things will come out. In the other end Leicester (which had great team which we are gonna attack for new players) are 90% going down alongside Blackburn. Sheffield still have some little chance but I think they won't be able to pull it off.

From the next month we will be able to use our most expensive signing - Amine Harit. Also Eze will play a lot more, Chirivella is back from injury and we don't any injured player! The situation with the goalkeepers is difficult, maybe Henderson will get 1-2 starts.

Because we have only 3 games in February & 4 in March I will cover them in one episode. A lot of tough fixures will decide our fate: Liverpool (H), Burnley (H), Norwich (A), Everton (H - FA Cup), Manchester City (H), Tottenham (A), Southampton (H).

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.


Jack - Actually Raya refused to go to Sheffield and will stay with us, so now we have too many good keeper and not enough matches for all of them.
Hi there Excellent read! I’ve just started a career with Brentford myself. What position did you settle on with the striker in that formation and tactic in the first season?


2020-05-04 05:34#269655 OneMoreGame :

A Swarm Of Bees - The Beginning (EP 1)

Just started my first FM20 journey and it's with Brentford FC.
This my first post here and I'm new to this so hope that you're gonna enjoy this.

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On every Football Manager I've played, I always like to start with a championship side and try to make it powerful contender for the Premiership title (Had pretty decent saves with Sheffield United & Watford through the years.)

Also a few words about my playing style - I really try to keep it realistic as much as I can. This mean - I don't try to sign the wonderkids that are in every youtube video, never have used some other person's tactics. Also at the beginning of the game I really don't make many transfers as you should deal with what you've got.

Why I chose them?

This year I chose Brentford because I really was amused of the strategy of the club in real life as they ditched their academy because of the big teams in PL which took the good young players. They decided to change their recruitment process by scrapping the academy and simply bringing in kids released from Prem teams aged between 17-20 years old and also scouring the world for bargains. Basically - their U23 team doesn't play in the league, they play only friendlies. Their affiliate clubs are Man City (which will fall through if we make it in the PL) and FC Midtjylland (as they have the same owner). In the team there is a big amount of danish/scandinavian players and staff. Also their owner is a professional gambler.

Also the club never won many trophies - 1 time Championship, 1 time League One and 3 times League Two. Also it has only 5 seasons in the top division of English football. So it will be fun becoming legendary manager for this club.


The expectations were pretty high as I should reach minimum play-offs this year and win promotion in the next one. (Hope I do it at first attempt) The cups are just a bonus for now. The club culture is interesting as we don't like signing players older than 31. One missing club culture from real life will be signing scandinavian players.


I didn't know anything about the players before starting the game, just heard about the transfer of Pontus Jannson wast summer, On the first view - there were a couple of names that I've heard, nothing more.

I took Brentford in the beginning of July. As I said I don't like bringing too many new people in the game as you start with the transfers from the summer, also you've got the winter transfers (as I'm started playing in May). Also this makes the game more challenging. The only player I got in the summer transfer was Andre Gray from Watford until the next transfer window.

I brought three really promising players from the U23 to the first team so I'm comfortable with the squad depth - Luka Racic (DC), Dominic Thompson (DL) & Jan Zamburek (MC, AML).

The Pre-Season went great, win all my matches, however never encountered teams on my level. After the 4 matches I pretty much know which players will go straight into my starting XI, however there were some doubts. Upfront I have a lot of talented guys and struggled to find which players to use. I'll try to play the most inform player available.

So these were the players I thought will be my key players for the rest of the season.

I was really unsure who to play up-front, that is way I brought Andre Gray however Emiliano Marcondes scored 6 goals (3 from pens) in these four matches so I was impressed.

Key Players

Pontus Jansson

As I said one of the few players I really knew. Captain and with great stats he looks like my big star for now. Came from one of our biggest rivals from promotion - Leeds. Really like him IRL too as he is complete shithousery - arguing with officials, making absurd tackles to opponents & etc.

Mathias Jensen

When I first looked at the roster of Brentford this was the guy that stood from the rest. Another new guy that came from Celta Vigo for just €3.8 mil. Hope that he contributes as much as I wish in these early stages.

Said Benrahma

I have a lot of talented player fighting for the attacking positions however Said looks like the guy who the Premier League sides will come after. I'll try to keep him as much as possible.


This was my tactic in the beginning, of course for different matches I changed some small things or positions. When I play weaker sides - I'm trying 4-3-2-1. Also sometimes I'm playing the 3 in the middle in one line. Also changing the roles for the wide attackers as I'm trying to find out which is best for the players I have. As I said I have really big variety of attacking players.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it.

Soon - the first matches.
I am still amazed at just how big a turn around these strikers have had this season. It's incredible to see and shows you were right to stick with them. Impressive stuff this month once again and I agree, your best since you were promoted!
Some absolutely brilliant business in the window and a spectacular month of results for Brentford. You're certainly making all the right moves!
Watkins and Isak are really picking up points on their own, those two hat-tricks were incredible to see! Now to see you battling away for Champions League it really is the stuff of dreams for the Bees.

A Swarm Of Bees - Same Old Story (EP 34)

Brentford are surprising everyone with their performance as the end of January, we are in top 4 with 54 points and just 5 points behind the league leaders. Of course we are chased severely by Manchester City & Tottenham which are just a couple of points away. Big tests for us in the upcoming months as we face 3 teams from the top 6 and also play Everton in the FA Cup fifth round!

For the first time we have a clean bill and everybody are available, we have small problem with Ben Pearson who wants more playing time and I think he is getting enough.

In this episode we will take a look at both February & March.

Brentford vs. Liverpool

For the second time this season we lose against the current PL champions with that result. I'm devastated because they got their goal from OUR corner kick, quick counter and Rice puts in our net. We had a lot of decent chances but again we were playing against the champions and that was a tough task. Their defense was brilliant and we didn't manage to equal the score. The reds were okay with the 1-0 lead so they let us dictate the game. Sadly, a loss that made the beginning of a mini-crisis in the team.

Bad news came right after the match as two of our players are injured for more than a month - Josh Dasilva & Amine Gouiri (who was in a great form). Huge blow for our ambitions.

Brentford vs. Burnley

We tend to respond well after a loss from a bigger club and we do it again. Lovro Majer scores beautiful free kick to open up the scoreline and played great through the whole game winning POTM. Even though we dominate the game and have the better opportunities Burnley fights back as they miss 100% opportunity. In the second half we even push them more, however as sometimes in football the least logical thing happened after the score with their first and only shot in the second half and there are just 25' until the end of the match. We have our savior in the face of Bryan Mbeumo who comes from the bench. Superb goal made by his partner in crime - Benrahma and finished by the least used part from BMW.

Really important win because in the next 3 matches in the league we will play against direct enemies for the top 6 places.

Norwich vs Brentford

Playing against our dark horse which are also overperforming and are in the 7th place. They made really good squad that is ready for something more than mid-table finish. Dull match with not many opportunities ends up without any goals. Both defenses were excellent stopping the oppositions attack. Unfortunately we didn't win and Said Benrahma was added to the injury list and he will miss more than a month out from the pitch. 3 of our top players are not available, things start to look like our last season poor from at the end.

Next we play for the 4th time this season against Everton, two wins for us in the league, they got the penalty win in the EFL Cup.

Brentford vs. Everton

Yet again we give opportunity for the players not so involved in the league matches to impress, also it was debut for our new keeper - Dean Henderson. He didn't play for more than a year in a competitive match and we see that as he makes huge mistake from one of their crosses and let Richarlison to score. I don't judge him, know that he is great keeper. The away team plays better as they have their full power on the pitch. However we have our chances and we keep the distance to just one goal. After we made a couple of changes we equaled the score after another goal by Alexander Isak. However it's written in the stars that Everton will eliminate us from all cups this season as Tom Davies scores insane goal to put them back infront. We tried everything to equal again but opened up too many spaces at the back and in the end we receive another goal.

I don't mind winning two matches against them in the league, loosing 2 for the cups. We could have achieved more but I preferred to go with a weak squad as we were playing Manchester City & Tottenham in our next 2 games, rivals for the top 4 spot. Before this round we were 5th just a point behind Manchester City.

Brentford vs. Manchester City

Fucking hate these kid of stuff. 3 crosses from Kevin De Bruyne free kick's - 3 goals, the ugliest thing is that the smallest players scored 3 headers. Of course the Citizens were the better team, playing more with the ball and have more opportunities but we had our chances. I was pissed at this result. We start to fall in the positions and the next match against Tottenham will be vital for our hopes. We fail to win for the third straight time and this starts to look like a crisis more and more.

Meanwhile guess who won the EFL Cup for third straight year - Chelsea smashing Manchester City 3-0 at Wembley. Dominant blues.

Tottenham vs. Brentford

Things got worse after we take a beating from Spurs and we fall even further in the table. This time I can't say anything as we are totally outplayed by them. Pedro Chirivella is not in his best form from his returning and made terrible tackle, they got the lead by penalty and play without pressure from this point forward. In the middle of the second half they got their second goal and we are powerless, had just a couple of nice opportunities but again we are unable to score. Poor result and the poor form continue, we need to win a football match somehow to boost our confidence and gain our position better in the league.

Brentford vs. Southampton

The match starts really well as we score in 3' as Felix Beijmo makes beautiful run through the defenders and surprised the Saints. They got the goal back after again we receive a set piece goal. However we end the half ahead in the result after Ollie Watkins bangs his 14th goal of the campaign! Until the end they had a couple of chances but our defense was perfect, not letting spaces for their forwards. Our Swedish right back Beijmo gets the POTM and we win this important game to stay in the picture.

However the damage is done and we are trailing instead of running ahead.

More bad news as the POTM Felix Bijmo is ALSO injured. We had no injuries, now we have 4 of the main players in the medical center.

Player of the Month


It's hard to decide who should win this award after two bad months. However the young Croatian performed really well when he was on the pitch. Although he ends these 7 matches with just 1 goal, 1 assist & 1 POTM - he played in just half of them. Majer is showing his great potential. No doubt that we will have a great playmaker in his face.

Felix Beijmo was the other player that stood out from the rest as he occupied the right back position and doesn't give Oskar Buur a lot of appearances.


After great January for our team we went on the slide and after just two wins in February & March we are on the bottom of top 6 (which if we exclude our position in January is still great achievement). We lost against 3 of the 5 direct opponents in these months (Liverpool, Manchester City & Tottenham) and now we are not in the best position to attack CL football. 4 points behind 4th but with 1 more game. I though that something like this can happen and we can fall in position, but it's important to shift to next gear and take the points from the next matches. Arsenal & Norwich can really put pressure on us if they get their matches.

All teams in the top half are performing too well and the ones in the bottom are terrible. We finished last year with 53 points and were 9th, now 7 matches before the end the 9th team already has these 52 points. So basically we are better, but all teams are also performing better than last year.

With winning their third straight EFL Cup Chelsea had also perfect two months gaining 5 wins and now are in the lead with 2 games in hand, incredible, as I said the best team for me right now with a mile in PL. At the bottom this time I'm sure that nobody can escape from this. Two of the teams that got up are going back down (Sheffield & Blackburn) and Leicester. I'll look to steal some players from them if I have the opportunity for a reasonable price of course.

We are without Amine Gouiri, Josh Dasilva & Said Benrahma this month but all of them will recover at some point next month, so the only player for now that will miss the whole month will be Felix Beijmo.

Next month we have to return in the right path and we have perfect opportunity for that as we face: Watford (A), Blackburn (H), Crystal Palace (A), Wolves (A).

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.



Connorc14 - Welcome on board, really fun career if you have some rules to apply, because once you enter the PL you get ridiculous transfer budget. In my first season I played 4-3-3 mostly with Watkins or Mbeumo as strikers. Both were perfect, we ended winning the league almost breaking the record for most points ever.

TheLFCFan - Yes, both Watkins & Isak are phenomenal this year, now standing as 3rd & 4th best goalscorers in the league. Gouiri also scores fair amount of goals.

ScottT - The January signings are not making any impact in these two months and somehow I almost never succeed with these winter transfers, don't know why.

Jack - With months like these two we are still far away from CL, for a second straight year we have a crisis in the spring, hopefully this time doesn't effect so much our position in the league.
I’ve nearly completed my first season using a vertical tiki taka style 433 tactic. What tactical changes would you recommend going into to the prem? I want to carry on same style and formation. I’ve dominated the league but concerned I may be overwhelmed using the same tactic. Did you make any changes at all?
Not ideal and it's certainly not ideal that your recent additions aren't performing to the standard you need them to be. I hope this is just a blip and form can be restored quickly. Regardless, you're still in a great position. Don't let that deter you from wanting to kick-on and improve again though. I'm sure you won't!

A Swarm Of Bees - Losing Ground (EP 35)

After two really bad months we are still in the top six, however the distance to top 4 is growing and Arsenal & Norwich are close to us so we need to improve drastically in April. As in the last season - our Spring form is awful, we don't pick up the wins against the weak teams and also loose the direct matches. The new signings in the face of Harit & Eze are not impacting the club as I wanted, however they show some good signs. We are out from FA Cup so our attention is only to the PL and securing European football which will be DREAM for all bee's fans!

We will miss only Felix Beijmo for the month after all other players recovered. Oskar Buur will get his chance at right back.

Brentford FC is playing only teams below us so we need to win these games and try to push Manchester City for the 4th place.

Watford vs. Brentford

Playing against the side that we have most wins in the Premier League didn't help us. We were the better team in the match, but failed to score, also the hosts were confident that they can brake the curse of loosing every time they face us. Even in the final minutes of the game - we were the team that needed to defend to secure the 1 point. Dominck Thompson (POTM) & co. retained their concentration and gave us the draw. I was pretty unhappy because I saw this month as opportunity to catch up with the teams above us and we failed at the first attempt.

Manchester City won their game, so the dream of CL football is getting unreachable.

Brentford vs. Blackburn

I take the blame for this one. Even though we were not in the best of form recently I thought that even weaker starting XI will be enough to take this match but I was wrong. After just 24' we were two goals down to already relegated Blackburn! Flashbacks from the first match in the season against them didn't gave me choice and we made 3 changes at half time. One of them was Alexander Isak who was injured. The boys just destroyed the away team in the second half but we only manage to score 2 goals - penalty by Majer (Rico Henry was brought down) and in the final minutes Amine Gouiri once again was the substitute savior to give us the point after great pass by Jensen. We missed 3-4 clear chances to beat the opposition and with Manchester City winning once again, the CL dream is over.

Awful news from the club doctor as Alexander Isak will miss the rest of the season because of the injury. He is scoreless in the league from January, however big blow for our team.

Crystal Palace vs Brentford

Easily worst performance of the year. Even though the scoreline doesn't represent the game fairly enough, we were TERRIBLE! All of the players! Just Baptiste was okay, not only for scoring but for trying to do something. Palace got like 6 shots - 4 of them went in, but that doesn't matter, we didn't provide adequate fight and the lads understood how I felt after the match. We took such a beating from a team that is a few points above the relegation zone. Dom Thompson with an assist.

We went on discussing for a long time our recent form and I told them nothing more than the truth - we have 4 matches left - if we play like this - we will be out of Europe and probably will finish at worse position than the last year.

I can't believe that this is happening at exact same moment as last year, we didn't learn the lesson. Something has to change NOW!

Wolves vs. Brentford

The boys heard me and responded immediately! We had tough away match against Wolves however our team were in high spirits after the team talk and didn't gave them a chance! Said Benrahma returned to play with a beautiful assist to Ollie Watkins' 15th goal! After the break our defense were great providing the needed security at the back. With one of his traditional runs, Thompson (POTM) received a ball from Josh Dasilva (who also returned for this match) and scored a thunder in the far corner. Superb performance to end this disappointing month!

Player of the Month


One of the best left backs in the league even though most of us didn't know his name 3 years ago! Dom Thompson got 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 POTM and 2 clean sheets this month! The young lad is one of the hidden gems in the team as his colleague Rico Henry lives in his shadow although he was one of the best players in Championship. Really happy about him providing constant threats with his crosses!


We didn't have the best month, however our rivals for the top 6 spot also were not at their best and we should be thankful for that. We move up to 5th. With the end of April our dreams of CL football are gone as the top 4 is just outperforming us. Now we have to battle for EL place and finishing 5th will be massive achievement. There are 3 matches left which are going to decide our future and all of them are tricky! Tottenham on the other hand have 2 matches in hand but they are against Liverpool & Chelsea. It will be interesting end of the season. Norwich also should not be excluded from the picture.

Mixed emotions as we are playing great, having some absolute unbelievable results trough the year and still there is a chance that we even miss the Europe spots.

At the top is now clear - Chelsea probably will win the league if something really special doesn't happen and United steal their trophy in the final 3 games. The battle for the 5th-7th place is the most exciting thing now in the league. At the bottom everything is clear (it was the same all year).

Alexander Isak will miss all 3 matches until the end and finishes the campaign with 13 goal in the league, 1 assist & 1 goal in the FA cup, far better than last year.

Our final 3 matches are tricky as hell: Leicester (H), Arsenal (A), Chelsea (H)

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.



Connorc14 - You should be a lot more careful against the big teams as they will smash you if you play as offensively as against Luton for example. For most matches I retained the same 4-3-3 line up but used different roles as you need a good ball winning midfielder and use defensive roles in matches you are not sure that you are the better team.

ScottT - It's too early for the new signings, they will get their chance next season, we are in good position and need a little bit of luck in the final 3 matches to do the trick.
It's been a tough few months there and you will do well to get top five come the end of the season now with Spurs having two games in hand. Still Europa League would be great and an improvement on last years points tally.
A massively important victory against Wolves could be the difference in you qualifying for the Europa League or missing out.

A Swarm Of Bees - A Path To Glory (EP 36)

Even though our Spring form is a lot worse than the one in the start of the season and we got some bad results we're at the 5th place just 3 matches before the end of the campaign. Tottenham are just behind us and have 2 matches in hand but still we have the chance to end up with a continental football next season if we continue our good display from the last match of April against Wolves.

We are going to be without one of our biggest stars Alexander Isak who is injured. Just before the start of the month our biggest transfer - Amine Harit also got injured and will miss the rest of the matches.

The program is tricky as we have the dead last Leicester at home for an easy opening match, but then we play direct rivals Arsenal away and in the final round we will meet the most likely champion of England.

Brentford vs. Leicester

Must win match and we beat them easily! I don't know how but the Foxes are unbelievable shitty for the past two season even though they got some really nice signings (Cristante, Poulsen, Szoboszlai). They escaped last year, but now are dead last. We start the match perfectly as Lovro Majer scores again from free kick to continue his good form (one of the few people playing great in the Spring) and then Ollie Watkins bangs two more to finish the opposition and win the Player of the Match award! Our striker is absolute beast scoring his 17th goal of the season. Also he scored most of these goals from the wing, top striker!

After the match we receive another bad news as Bryan Mbeumo torn a muscle and will miss 2 month! After we got promoted Mbeumo is almost constantly injured or having troubles finding his form, really unfortunately for the part of the BMW trio.

Superb news from the other stadiums as all Tottenham, Arsenal & Norwich lost their matches. A few days later Tottenham lost and one of the extra games that they've got. That means we CAN'T be passed by Arsenal which are 8 points behind us now! So we either end 5th or 6th and the match with Arsenal will be almost without any importance.

Arsenal vs Brentford

The boys didn't gave the best performance after clinching European football, while Arsenal was still fighting for that 7th spot. They gave us hard time from the start of the game and beat us fair and square. We had almost no chances up until the very end. They scored in the middle of both halves to get the win. However I wanted to finish 5th so we make a statement for the future!

Tottenham also fought well and won his game, then a couple of days later won his game in hand and thus we were sixth, two points behind Spurs before the final game.

Meanwhile Chelsea won the league which meant that we are going to close the Premier League season with a home match against the new champions! Tottenham will play away at Turf Moore against Burnely.

Brentford vs. Chelsea

Tremendous! Ending the campaign in style with win over the champions! We surprised the away team with playing with 3 at the back and the first half was not very entertaining, our defenders making great job of making their attackers useless. However the second half didn't start good as Lautaro scored to give them the lead (5th goal in 4 app. against us...) In the middle of the second half after a bad challenge from Rico Henry - they get a penalty, Lautaro steps up and I was sure that this will be the end of our dreams for the 5th place, but RAYA SAVES IT! (He saves almost every penalty, wow) and after that the football gods turned the things upside down. Our ball winning midfielder Alfa Semedo scores his first ever goal for the club and wins POTM after just not giving chance to opponents creative players to do something and in the final minutes with one of our few chances Gouiri heads up the ball to Lovro Majer who bangs it home for the comeback! WHAT A WIN TO END THE SEASON!

The final whistle blows and we receive the information that Burnley have made a comeback against Tottenham so we are finishing at 5th place!!!

Player of the Month


Winning the award twice in the space of 3 months! He had great second part of the season establishing himself as one of our most important players. Also Majer is one of the fan favorites as his shirt is the best selling one among the supporters! He finishes the month with 2 goals and 1 POTM, also his goal against Leicester this month was chosen for our best goal for the campaign! Great work by the young Croatian, next season he will have more and more impact on our game.

Ollie Watkins once again performed greatly in the month scoring 2 goals and reaching 17 goals for the season!


Our second season in the top flight of English football ends and we are going to play in the Europa League next year! Our two wins in the final three matches were enough to guarantee us the 5th place. We finish the season with 72 points - just 8 points behind the 4th place which gives CL football and which is our main target in the next season! Perfect win against the new champions Chelsea in the last day of the season was the ultimate gift we can give to the fans.

We did our aim for the season - get into the top 6. Now we have to establish there for a long period of time. We are building our legacy one step of a time, with clear purpose, also finishing the season with €50M in the bank. Brentford will be one of the top teams in England, that's what sure, we just need time! We carve our path to the glory and everybody will remember this team!

Chelsea won a domestic treble after winning the league and the FA Cup and they are the current powerhouse in the country, no doubt about that - winning almost every cup for the past 3 years.

Brentford & Norwich were the teams that surprised everyone and took out Arsenal & Everton out of the European scene for the next season. Massive results for both clubs, no wonder why we struggle so much against the Canaries.

At the bottom - awful season for all 3 clubs, absurdly low points tally for them. Bournemouth save themselves with just 30 points.

In the next episode we will get a review for the season and get ready with some interesting transfer business from us.

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.



TheLFCFan - We did it, EL here we come, also 19 points more than last year is a massive upgrade.

ScottT - Wolves did awful job this year and start to look like Leicester, I don't know how but both teams have great players yet they struggle so much.
A great finish to the season. Congratulations on securing European football next season. You have been ambitious throughout and it comes as no surprise that you're instantly targeting a top four finish next season.

Hopefully Europa League football won't provide too much of a distraction.
Mammoth effort with the bees so far and a strong end to the season. Europe awaits!

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