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Started on 4 May 2020 by OneMoreGame
Latest Reply on 24 August 2020 by TheLFCFan
Nice to see you get a spot in the top mate, good luck further! I wonder if Nottingham H. is doing good
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A Swarm Of Bees - The Golden Mean (EP 22)

We enter April on the 9th place, just 2 points behind the 7th place which can eventually give European football. We managed to get out of the swamp with 2 nice wins and a draw against Leicester however our form is nothing close compared to the beautiful things we did in the autumn.

Flynn Downes is out until the end of the season with a unlucky injury. Christian Norgaard & Niclas Eliasson are also injured and will miss the whole month. Rico Henry still has some minor issues and often is out for 2-3 days.

Our strikes forget how to score and this is really bothering the team as we don't get full 3 points on too many occasions because of the misses.

Our schedule is not the easiest one as we face these teams: Crystal Palace (H), Tottenham (A), QPR, (A), Arsenal (H), Manchester City (A).

Brentford vs. Crystal Palace

Brentford FC started the month with really great win against Palace as we manage to avenge for our loss earlier in the league by the same result. All the team played superb and we smash our opponents. Baptiste gets his first goal for the campaign and it was a nice one. Pontus again shows his inner striker spirit and bangs one and finally a goal from one of our attackers as Benrahma ends Palace's hopes, he also provides one assist in the match. However the best man on the pitch was Mathias Jensen who assist two of the goals and wins POTM.

FUN FACT: Jensen just equalized the record for most assist in the top flight for a Brentford player, he needs only 1 to break it.

Tottenham vs. Brentford

Disgusting! One of those matches where every stats is even, the play is even but the score is absurd! Tough loss against one of our direct opponents for the EL spots (now it's the third tournament by UEFA). The whole team was pissed after the match because of the final score. I mean Spurs played well, but we did also. Not fair result and the spirits of getting our form back were hurt a lot. Again our attackers missed all that can be missed, absolute disaster!

QPR vs. Brentford

Derby day against the team that we tend to beat every time (3 out of 3) aaaand we fail to score again. We tried our new formation 4-2-3-1 that I will try to implement for the next season. Also made a lot of changes in the starting XI, however is crucial to win against the bottom of the table teams. We dominated the whole match and played really well but there is nobody to score the f`cking goal. Watkins is playing more and more poorly as he tries to catch up with the disastrous form of Isak. Absolute shit show! Needless to say that their GK won the POTM.

On top of that Baptiste who was one of our best players for the team in the last matches is out for the next 5 weeks which means he is out for the rest of the season.

Brentford vs. Manchester City

After the poor result in the last in the previous match we start the match awfully as we are down 2 goals by the 32 minute after both Jesus & Aguero put one in our net. This time we show what are we made of and comeback brilliantly! Chirivella puts up a show - scores a banger and leads our team (winning POTM). In the end Oskar Buur is brought down in the penalty area and we get a penalty! I stepped up and give instructions to the players to give the ball to the young Forss, who is getting more and more time because of the form of the other 2 strikers and he doesn't disappoint and seals the final score!

With this result we gift the Premier League title to Liverpool as they can't be reached by the two Manchester teams. First title for the reds for 31 years!

Brentford vs. Arsenal

Our final chance to close the gap to the 7th place but we fail short again because of the misses. Another even game against a really good team but they manage to steal the win with a goal. No one from our team didn't step up to lead the play and we remain in the unstable form, scoreless for a third time this month. We are now too away to attack the spots ahead of us as our opponents win their matches and should improve drastically in the next season if we want to stay alive for another year.

Player of the Month


Pedro played a great part of our revival this year with his playmakaing skills. This month he played in almost every match and showed his immense quality. The Spanish midfielder is establishing himself as vital part of our starting XI as he is getting more chances with Norgaard's injury. Just 1 goal and 1 POTM for him, but he is contributing with his play, not with goals & assist. He also is the player with the best average rating in our squad. In the final match of the month Pedro injured himself and will be out of the rest of the matches.

Other notable performance this month - Shandon Baptiste played great, but was injured and didn't finish the month properly.


With only 3 matches left we are comfortably sitting in the top half of the table, but rather away from the European spots which are unreachable now. Coming to the end of the season I'm happy with the good overall performance of the team but we could have been a lot better! Poor form in the spring combined with scoreless attackers are not enough for a better place in the league. We will try to retain our spot in the first half of the table in the next three matches. We finish the month with a lot of injuries, happily none of them is long term.

We gifted the title to Liverpool with the result against City (just bragging, they would win it anyways), Everton is the only team to break into the top six in the end of the season and Leicester almost save themselves with a couple of nice result this month.

We still have €10M in the bank if something nice pops up, I wonder if we should get back Sergi Canos as he is listed for just €2M and Newcastle are almost relegated. Our first signings - Eliasson & Regett will probably exit the club as the first just doesn't fit the club (we play with inverted wingers/inside forwards and he is best as winger) and the second one just doesn't stand a chance against the other central defenders. Chris Willock won't be bought as he didn't contribute much with his stay here.

In the final month of the campaign we meet West Ham, Leeds & Brighton and will try to play only with my new tactics.

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.


Lion - Welcome on board, thanks! I've real fun playing with Brentford and if you didn't catch I try to play as close as their in real life strategy of not buying expensive players, neither players over 31 and also trying to find the best talents from Scandinavia. It's hard, but it's fun.

ScottT & TheLFCFan - I don't have words for that. I though that Isak will be the lead goalscorer but he just doesn't perform as I want. Hopefully next season will be a whole different story but I might bring another "big name" striker just in case.

Jack - Yeah, some better results but we're far from our form in the first half of the season.

Tango - With the season ending soon, my goals for next season will be better standing in the final league table and thus means - a spot in the european tournaments.

Wolf - Thanks! Nottingham are just another mediocre team in the Championship as the first year, lurking around the 10th place with not much chance for anything. They are another great team to pick up from Championship as trying to return the glory days.
If only you had a consistent goalscorer and things could be even better than they already are. It's important to remember that you are performing significantly better than one would have expected. Try to end the season on a high now.
Are there specific prizes for each position in EPL? In case not, that could be a good month to test new players and give youngsters full match experience
A tough month but it alwasy was going to be with those fixtures. The top half, whilst not European spots, would still be a great season overall. A pure finisher and this squad could be competing for the top six next season.

A Swarm Of Bees - Establishing In PL (EP 23)

Entering the final month of our first PL season we are playing for our pride and staying in the top half of the table, which will be great achievement for a newly promoted side. We had ups and downs but overall I'm delighted with the club performance.

Although we have good overall standing, our form is bothering me as we didn't have the best second part of the season and the final month will be the time to finally escape from the mediocrity. Hopefully our attackers will do that too. We will play with 4-2-3-1 our final matches as we start preparing for the next season.

We start the month with a lot of injuries - Flynn Downes, Christian Norgaard, Shandon Baptiste, Francisco Sierralta & Pedro Chirivella will miss all the matches this month.

West Ham vs. Brentford

Playing with another team in the middle of the table, playing only for pride (and some other million in the bank) the match was entertaining giving the fans some great football. We gave Niclas Eliasson last final chance to prove himself, but he didn't seize it and he will be transfer listed. The Hammers get in front with goal by Messi Lingard who is really not that bad in the game. Finally our attackers are playing well and great combination between Ayoze Perez and Alexander Isak is transformed into goal. The last one even won POTM even though he came in as a sub in the second half.

Another injury blow after the game - Josh Dasilva will be out for 2 months. Our players dropped like leaves one by one in the end of the season.

Also Leicester won their game which means that the relegated teams are Newcastle, QPR and Leeds.

Brentford vs. Leeds

Playing against already relegated team was the perfect thing for us. A goal by Benrahma in the first half showed our dominance and another by Isak (WHAT, HE SCORES TWO IN A ROW????) was enough for to sink down our opponents. Really unfortunate for Leeds as they have great squad but they had the same problem as us - didn't have the right player upfront to convert the chances into goals. Augustin finishes with just 5 goals. Again our front players have a great game and start scoring, however other player was the best on the pitch (POTM) - young Oskar Buur gave another 2 assists and is enjoying his football.


Just days before the end of the current season Brentford FC signs YOSSEF BENNASER (DM/MC) for just €3.2M! The Morrocan was not needed by Monaco and the Bees acted quickly to get his services. He joins already packed midfield which means the competition for a first team place will be even greater!

Brigthon vs. Brentford

The final day saw another great spectacle with a lot of goals and pressurefree football. Mbeumo gets his only third goal for the campaign in the second minute. After the equalizing goal by Brighton, they play a lot better than us and a silly foul by Jansson and they've got the lead. However we have our savior in the face of Benrahma who puts the ball in the net after a great run through the defenders in the last minute and  this is the final touch to our Premier League season.

FUN FACT:  Just what?

Player of the Month


With only 2 games for him this month (he missed the one versus West Ham because of an injury) - he scored in both of them and is one of the few players that didn't loose so much from his form from last year. Also the ability to play on both wings is great for our squad. The Algerian Mahrez (could not escape from that) is one of the brightest talents in our squad!

Alexander Isak had a good month with 2 goals but after the disappointing season this hopefully is a start for a great next campaign. Oskar Buur gave 2 assist and was another notable player for our team.


We finish the league in the same position that we are in the last three months - 9th! Great for new team, not enough for me. It was a good thing that our attackers returned some kind of form in the final two months. Only Ollie Watkins is still far away from his best days, maybe it's the constant rotation of his position that is the problem. I even tried him playing behind Isak at the AMC position. I signed another 4 year extension to my contract which means the board is fully behind me and my vision.

The final table sees the same top 7 as the year before. Our duty will be to sneak into these places and get our first European games! QPR, Newcastle & Leeds are going down as the foxes escape and fully deserved to be in that place.

In the final episode for this season we will see the review of the season for us and for our players.

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.


ScottT - It would have been a lot easier with a goalscorer, you're right, however we were predicted to finish 18th and look at us now.

Tango - I did exactly that, however there were a lot of injuries, also none of our players can fight for any individual prize this year :D

TheLFCFan - That's your target next year, top 6.
ISAK SCORED TWICE IN A ROW :O Excellent stuff to see you got a new contract and to finish top half for your first season in the league is a great achievement. Well done. Time to build on it for next year now.
For a club whose relegation was promised by the pundits, you did quite a nice job there

Keep improving and continental competition will be certain next season
A great finish for a club fresh into life in the Premier League. It's refreshing to see that you want to push on and do better than that though. That drive for success will benefit you in the long-run.
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A Swarm Of Bees - Season 20/21 Review (EP 24)

Our first in the Premier League.

Our first season in the Premier League and now it's time for a deep review of it. We manage to finish in the top half of the table although we were predicted to be relegated before the season. Of course the biggest factor for this standing was the 9 match unbeaten streak from September to the end of November! Our form dropped a lot in the spring with a lot of injuries and not in form players we didn't what it takes to play in Europe. We also didn't make anything great in the cups, winning just one of our EFL Cup matches.

However - everyone in the club are delighted with the position in which the club is. We were among the only two clubs in PL which made profit from transfers last year. (Leicester were the other team) We also finished the year with €10M+ in our bank.

Also not buying pricey players while having the resource is really hard. We are trying to maintain our transfer policy, but also want to prosper and get higher in the table, which is immensely linked with buying better players.

Here are all the results through the year:


Season Awards:

In the PL records we were manage to get only in two of them. Ollie Watkins thunderous strike against Watford was the 3rd best goal and Mathias Jensen's 10 assist were enough to get him the 3rd place in the rankings.

We are taking a look at our squad and give them some final words after the season.


1. David Raya - Another great season for our first choice keeper as he finishes with 9 shutouts (far from 21 last year) and didn't make any mistakes. Always stable, perfect keeper! Won also the POTM for August!

21. Christian Fruchtl - Played 6 games through the year and was very good in all of them, 2 shutouts and very bright future for our second GK.

13. Patrick Gunnarsson - Yep, we had to use our 3rd keeper this year because of an injury crisis and he delivered! However he will be loaned out this year after spending the Spring at Wigan.


18. Pontus Jansson (c) - One of our best players. Really good at the back, made good partnership with Kehrer and also provided 3 goals & 3 assists for our team which is a lot for a CB. Although he was one of our top players - he made huge amount of mistakes which led to a goal or a chance for goal.

16. Thilo Kehrer - Our best signing for sure! Again made great work in defending our goal, we manage to surprise a lot of the big teams in the league exactly with the low proportion of goals that we allow. Also scored 4 goals! Kehrer & Jansson were the core of our defense. Won 1 POTM!

23. Julian Jeanvier & 5. Ethan Pinnock - After giving their place for Kehrer, both of them showed their quality when were used. We had some troubles with Jeanvier who wanted more playing time and will be no surprise if he leaves the club in the summer. Good season for both of them!

4. Francisco Sierralta & 30. Sean Reggett - Both of them didn't played much. Francisco played 4 matches and will be in our team again, but Reggett who was brought because of another injury crisis an year before will be leaving after he could not compare to the other defenders.


3. Rico Henry - Nothing near his previous year, he was chased by an injuries after November and never really recovered his form to play regularly. After he returned, Dominik was playing really well and he stood mostly on the bench. Also a couple of minor injuries (6 total through the season). He finishes the year with just 2 assist.

22. Henrik Dalsgaard - Another disappointment. After playing really well in the start of the season and even winning POTM award, scoring 1 goal & assisting 2 Dalsgaard didn't want to sign another contract as his was expiring in the summer. Awful news for the team and he played the rest of the season for our U23 team. He will be joining Nordsjaelland for free.

27. Adam Andersson - My high expectations towards him were not right. After joining for just €1M he doesn't brought the needed quality that we needed after the departure of Mads Roerslev last year. Playing in just 12 games he manage to get only 1 assist. Poor season, maybe I should not give him another chance, it depends if there is interested team in buying him.

2. Dominic Thompson - Saved our left wing after the Henrys injury. Brilliant stuff from the 20 years old Englishman who was one of our inform players when nobody else in the team played well. The battle for the next season starting left wingback will be severe! With his play he manage to convince me that we don't need another player there. 2 goals, 2 assists and won our POTM award!

35. Oskar Buur - Bought in the winter for €1M, he started delivering in the moment he stepped on the pitch. Played almost every match since then, Oskar is now vital part of our team, delighted with his play. 4 assist for just 13 matches.

37. David Titov - Our youngster played 3 matches in the league when we didn't have anyone there and was more than good! However will be loaned for the next season.


8. Mathias Jensen - For me our best player for a second year in a row! Our team relies on his play and when he has a good day we win almost every time. Great player, happy to have him! 3 goals & 10 assists (as he еqualized the record for most assist by Brentford player in PL), 1 POTM. Again as last year - our maestro in the midfield.

14. Josh Dasilva - It wasn't the best year for him as the matches in the PL are tougher than Championship. Also he had a lot more competition for his place and played in 22 matches - 2 goals, a lot of yellow cards and promising start of his PL career, but nothing more. He injured himself in the final month and will miss the summer camp.

6. Christian Norgaard - Just a few matches for him and was in the shadow of the better performing players in his position. Injured for a month and a half. He got only 1 assist, poor season for him, maybe it's time to let him go.

7. Pedro Chirivella - Our young player of the year! He didn't provide much assists & goals (just 1 goal) but was helping the team a lot with his playmaking from deep positions. He finishes the campaign with the best average rating for our team and was one of the reason for Norgaard less minutes in the squad.

26. Shandon Baptiste - He got the promised more playing time and was really good! He and Dasilva are very similar players, so it's nice the have a good player twice. 1 goal & 2 assist for him.

17. Ben Pearson - Another playmaker who had a good season, played in a couple of positions in the center of the field and overall can be trusted every time when used. He got 2 goals & 1 assist.

88. Flynn Downes - After his transfer in the winter, he made only 2 appearances before an injury put him down for the rest of the season.

12. Alfa Semedo - Played really good for us before loaning him out in Portugal because he wasn't happy with his play time. I want him in my squad, but he needs to respect my decisions.

28. Simon Tibbling - I like him a lot, but there is no chance for him to play because of Jensen form. That's way he left for AEK in the winter, to play regularly. Maybe he will get more chances next year.


19. Bryan Mbeumo - Okay season for him, troubled with an injuries (he got one just days after winning POTM), after that had some unconvincing games. At the end of the season he returned to his good days. 3 goals & 3 assists for him.

10. Said Benrahma - One of the few players that played as strongly as the last season! Providing thread after thread for the opponents goalkeepers, Benrahma had good season. Again can't near his stats to last year because of the difference in the teams quality. 5 goals, 5 assist and winner of POTM for our final month.

77. Jeong Woo-Yeong - After coming in the winter he played mostly as a sub, but scored 1 & assisted 1 in important matches. Will give him the opportunity next year as he looks really good for the future.

24. Ayoze Perez - Expected much more from him. He is used in a couple of positions and that's way his play is struggling. With the new 4-2-3-1 formation he will get more chances at his best position - the attacking midfielder. 1 goal & 1 assist after 8 matches for him.

20. Niclas Eliasson - Started his career really well with a goal in his debut, but he is always injured, always. Also he doesn't fit our style of play so he will leave Brentford in the summer for sure.

SOLD. Tarique Fosu - Poor season for him in the first half, however we manage to get almost €10M which is incredible. Not manage to provide a single goal nor assist.


11. Ollie Watkins - He started the season really well and was one of our top players, however as the team overall form was dropping, his was free falling. He has't scored since January! Again I use him either on the top of the attack or on the left wing as an inside forward. Although this drop of form he finishes with 8 goals (tied top), 2 assist & 1 POTM. He also is the man with the most player of the match awards in our team and won us very important matches singlehandedly (3 goals in 3-2 win against Watford), but we just expected much more from him. Not bad season, but could have been a lot better.

9. Alexander Isak - The biggest disappointment this year of our team. Our expectations were that we got a top goalscorer who will bang 15+ goals every year. He had a dry period from September to February, ugly thing. However 8 goals and tied top goalscorer for the team in his first season. Also he got back on track in the final weeks of the campaign which is a good sign for the next one!

15. Marcus Forrs - 3 goals for him and helped us when the other 2 attackers were in knockout. Giving him a lot more minutes that the previous season.

Overall - the thing that helped us the most was the unity in the team. There is no big stars, no record salaries, just boys that love the game and are giving their best of the team. We could have attack the 7th spot, but we are happy with where we are and now will need to focus on the next season.

As you can see there are too many players on the roster and we have 10+ players from the U23 team which are ready to play for the first team but there is no place for them. I always get in this position that will have to loan a lot of players again to keep the harmony in the club. Our midfield is packed and the players will start a riot for not playing. Tough decision to make in the upcoming weeks. We start to look like Chelsea with 20+ loanees every season but this is the structure of the club.


After securing the services of Jesus Vallejo & Youssef Bennasser before the end of the season, Brentford FC are happy to announce that they achieved to get another set of high class talents from bigger clubs without spending any money! The biggest name that arrives is ANDREW GRAVILLON (DC) from Inter. Powerfull centre back that will help strengthen our defense! Other nice pull ups are Hussayn Touati (AML) from PSG who looks really great, Nabil Touaizi (ST) & James Trafford (GK) from Man City, Alexandre Jankewitz (MC) from Southampton. Just Andrew will stay at the club, the other new boys will be loaned so we don't pay their salaries and get first team experience.

Around The World

England - Liverpool (1) won the league for the first time in 31 years as the top 7 team are the same as the year before. Newcastle was relegated alongside the new sides QPR & Leeds and on their places we will see Blackburn, Southampton & Sheffield Utd. Chelsea (1) won both FA & Carabao Cup and are establishing them as one of the top English teams after my managerial arrival, winning the league and 4 domestic cups.

Spain - Barcelona (1) dethroned Real Madrid (1) as champions of Spain. Getafe got in the Champions League and Sevilla missed Europe for the first time in many years. Also Barcelona won their 2 straight Copa del Ray. Celta fail to return in the LaLiga.

Italy - Juventus (1) get their title back from Inter (1), but they fail to retain the TIM Cup as they loose in the final against Lazio.

Germany - Bayern Munich (2) retain the title and the domestic cup! Hertha are relegated to 2nd Bundesliga!

France - PSG (2) wins their second title in a row, however Nice lift the Coupe de France, after beating Montpellier in the final!

Champions League - Barcelona (1) do the treble! They win the most wanted trophy after beating PSG in the final! Second year in a row that a team makes a treble after Bayern (1) last year. Really easy road to the final for Barcelona beating Zenit, Marseille & RB Leipzig before the final.

Europa League - Lyon (1) are the big champions after perfect tournament! They beat Inter, Roma, Man City to reach the final, where they beat another great team in the face of Atletico Madrid.

Thanks for reading once again & hope you enjoy it.



TheLFCFan, Tango, ScottT - Thanks, we will try to do even better next year.
The second-half of the season was a bit of a bumpy ride in contrast to the first. Things to ponder upon perhaps.
A mixed season but overall a good one is how i'd describe it. You started out very strong and it kind of caught up with you in the second half, especially with the scoring troubles highlighted by Watkins goalless run. It's good to see Isak had a good end to the season, hopefully a year of getting used to the league is enough and now he will kick on to be a key man.
Nice to see the Around the world feature spreading around the world xD
Enjoyable read!
It's great to see much of the same squad from the Championship days still making frequent appearances. Lovely to see Pontus still tearing it up in the top-flight too :P

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