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Great Tactic with Milan but ...

Almada and Paqueta issue!
Started on 24 June 2020 by ThomasHK1979
Latest Reply on 4 July 2020 by ThomasHK1979
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I currently playing Knaps 4231 with Milan. Inverted wingbacks(Sup), DLP(Sup),BBM(Sup),Wingers(Att), AF(Att) and switching between CAM and AP (Sup/Att).
I am winning everything! Just beaten FC Bayern 4-0 in the CL final. BUT my AMC/AP simply dosnt perform. Paqueta or Almada play with an Avr. around 6.90 to 7.00.
How the hell do I get Almada or Paqueta to perform???
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The no.10 position is known to be very hard to make successful in FM20. The very best performance in my opinion is to play him as a AMA or T if he's a very very good player.

AP's either S or A drop far too deep as do Enganche's.

You could try a SS actually as you have the perfect set up for this - Two wingers and a AF.

I'd change a few other things as well but calm that tactic down a little but with it being one of Knap's tactics it is designed to overwhelm the ME with attacking intent. Just don't expect to win away from home against the very best with this tactic.
Number 10 is the killer position.

Phil Foden as a AMA (for England) and Ruben Loftus-cheek as a SS (for Man United) have performed the best in that position for me .....all others have been terrible.

Its almost like you sacrifice the player to the FM gods in order for the team to win.

Also a little side-note ..CL final and you win 4-0 against B.Munich .....very nice mate.
What Knap 4231 tactic are you using specifically? Have a good set of players to fit into that formation but don't quite have a tactic to use them in yet.
Just to add to the number 10 discussion. If you are in a 4-2-3-1 then play the no.10 on attack role with the wide players on support roles.

This limits your no.10 to APA, AMA, SS or T. If you have no playmaker in your midfield two then play the APA. Otherwise pick one of the others.

You need the wide players on support roles in the att mid strata to help your flank defence & midfield two. Wide players are naturally more attacking in FM20 than central players. Even in a 4-4-1-1 I would have my wide midfielders on support duty rather than attack.
I’m playing the one with IWB and Wingers. BTW did any of you had any success with playing with IF or IW instead of pure wingers? The CPU wingers Salah, Mané in Liverpool. Gnabry in Bayern or Sancho in Dortmund always play with a season average from 7.80 to 8.00. My wingers play 7.30-7.40 per season if it’s a really good season. What’s their secret?

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