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Can't access a page

Started on 7 October 2020 by Jabluvious
Latest Reply on 8 October 2020 by YAMS
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I can't access this page, it's the only one I can't go on

website glitch?
It's been removed.
Oh ok. Thank you
2020-10-07 13:17#278184 Jabluvious : Oh ok. Thank you

I don't officially know why but I can hazard a very good guess. Maybe Stam can advise.
I think I have the same guess than you. It would be a sad and petty reason, but not surprising!
a31632's avatar Group a31632
3 yearsEdited
Such a sign of weakness that FMScout would remove the page under pressure of SI (if that is what happened here).
Sports Interactive must realize that FM 2020 with a superior match engine versus Football Manager 2021 and later with only a “standard match engine” is an easy choice for the real fans.
If this saga continues I will seriously reconsider buying new versions of FM in the future.

If developers don’t listen to users and implement changes that greatly improve the game experience this is a logical reaction.
I’m on FM Korea and FMNation and both have the ME fixes on their site with multiple updates, luckily SI’s influence doesn’t reach that far.

Great work by the creators of this enhancement and hopefully this community will not “bow to the mighty powers” of SI.

SI: you should have patched and updated a “ridiculous” match engine instead of forcing everyone to keep using it.
It's happened, the mod can be attained elsewhere.

Let's just move on.
What happened was the author of the mod applying an edit which forced the page back to validation queue until an admin could see and approve.
There's no such thing as "pressure of SI" here.
YAMS's avatar Group YAMS
3 yearsEdited
& it's gone again. This time for good it seems.

Seems the best decision given today's content elsewhere.

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