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Football Manager 2020 Match Engine Patch

Modified the FM20 match engine physics file to make it more realistic. No more dumb playing, movement with added realism.

By Updated on Oct 08, 2020   87071 views   96 comments
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Downloads: 16826 / Size: 2.1 kB / Added: 2020-10-03
Football Manager 2020 Mods - Football Manager 2020 Match Engine Patch
This is the match engine physics file modified for reality and adding much more interest in fm.

It changes everything in match, such as passing, moving, attacking, defending, 1 on 1, kill passing, buildup, one two passing, pressing, attacking moving, attacking switching, defending switching and so on. You won't see dumb and stupid playing anymore that all of FM series always had. All of moving and playing will be realistic or understandable at least.

All tactics can be played much better in match as real football playing or as you have imagined what you wanna watch in matches, which you wanted to see from this game and didn't know even this could be done in FM.

If you are football fan, it’s wasting of life not using this. With this one, I assure you don’t need to buy next series of Football Manager before SI done for much far better AI and match engine.

You can watch some short clips of the match engine with this patch at FM Korea.

How to use this FM20 Match Engine patch

Keep a backup! Make a copy of the original json file, in case you'd want to come back to before applying this match engine patch.

1. Close football manager 2020.

2. Unzip and replace the json file in this location.

Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics
Epic games:
Program Files/Epic Games/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics
Mac steam:
Library/application support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics
Mac epic games:
Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2020/data/simatch/physics

3. Then open fm20 again.
No need to start new game. It applies on all save games.

Caution: Because this file affects the match engine, you might need to adjust your tactics. It is strongly recommended to modify your tactics.

Consider donating
While this is a free patch and will be more patches, if you wish to donate as way of thanking me for my time and my team you can do so by the link below.
PayPal Donate

In this discord channel that you can freely download all developer's test engine and complete engine patches, also can read and talk freely all over the world with translation bot, though you are not good at English. I wrote how to use and it has great quality of translation. Also if you are developer or who knows the coding, here are people who are analyzing the match engines, welcome to join us. After joining, give private message to manager in channel.
And PS. If someone is interested in retexture of graphic files, please let us know after joining discord channel.

Download Now
Downloads: 16826 / Size: 2.1 kB / Added: 2020-10-03
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Discussion: Football Manager 2020 Match Engine Patch

96 comments have been posted so far.

  • RellomQ's avatar
    @You de Mané

    Since physics indirectly influence player attributes, roles, instructions, yes even the tactics them self. However, do not change to much, the changes are very slim in the bigger scheme of thigs. A good tactic, is still a good tactic.
  • Ivoensousa's avatar
    Hi all. I'm using this patch and until now just wonders. Now it's more realistic play. I played 2 games with my FC Porto save on second season and 2 wons against Chaves (H) 6-1 and Celtic (H) 4-1 for Champions League. Great job with the patch, keep going with good work :)
  • You de Mané's avatar
    Why is there a need to ajust your tactics, as stated above?
  • Si49's avatar
    It's better no doubt at all, maybe worth waiting for the final version though which is being worked on.
  • dmcgrath82's avatar
    Wondering about installing, but have people found it to be worth while on the whole?
  • georgeshotone's avatar
    Hi guys, from the videos I have watched about the patch, it looks remarkable. However, when I download it, it seems my team is unable to score a single goal and it actually looks worse. This might be my problem. More specifically, it says the json file was last updated on Oct 1st? Is this correct? Also, am I correct that the mod basically reduces some of the numbers in the original json file?
  • polatfatihi's avatar
    disability problem increased.Taner sendeki sorun bende yok ama sakatlık sorunu arttı gibi
  • RellomQ's avatar
    @about fixtures.

    If you save, is made before the March update (in real,) will it show default ME. SI changed some stuff, that made old saves before that, impossible to change.

    Otherwise, should old fixtures be shown with the new ME, if your detail level was set to full competitive in that given League.
  • japiblack's avatar
    I tried it by watching your #[email protected] youtube channel. Thank you firstly. There are no previous goals of the champions league in the recorded game related to the fixture, but I installed this patch I played with Liverpool in CL and I stayed 1-1. There was no problem with goal replays when I tried it later. I understand there is a problem with the previous match engine recordings in the saved game
  •'s avatar
    Hi , Anyone have problems with the fixture?
  • DaniKZh's avatar
    Hey guys, my save has been crashing since I have replaced the original json file as soon as I click on the load button. Does anyone know the solution?
  • shafiz's avatar
    @lexd311 Graphics pack being vanished makes no sense bro. First time hearing stuff like that. You can check the setting and under that look for reload caching for faster loading something like that .
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @s8on not had any issues, as Stam says it is impossible, as the patch is in a steam structure.
    have you checked the basics in your graphics folder ‘ preference files, I.e the reload cache etc
  • s8on's avatar
    its the ONLY thing i have changed that caused them to dissapear
  • Stam's avatar
    Stam Staff1 week ago
    @s8on: I don't see how replacing a file which affects the match engine physics has anything to do with graphic packs vanishing. It has to be coincidental and you need to think of another potential cause.
  • Zomba's avatar
    Contact their discord if you face any problem.
  • s8on's avatar
  • Jabluvious's avatar
    saymynameurgoddamnright > wow that's weak. Criticizing other people's argument is the problem. Whatever, think what you want...
  • lexd311085's avatar
    FM crashes for me whenever i go to the advanced set up for new game after downloading this patch. Is there anything i need to do to sort it
  • saymynameurgoddamnright's avatar
    Jabluvious > people are allowed to have an opinion over another ones opinion, right?
  • Jabluvious's avatar
    saymynameurgoddamnright > people are allowed to have an opinion, right?
  • AlmX's avatar
    I've played just one game with this patch, but there are positives and a negative.
    The negative: I've scored a goal which looked kind of unrealistic - the opposition defenders cleared the ball, my defender with one touch sent the ball to the striker who beat their offside trap and scored. That pass looked a bit too much for L1 Burton Albion talent.
    Positives: more teamwork, less attempts to shoot through the defenders resulting in fewer bodyblocks which were really annoying, there was way too many of those. Less situations when the player takes the ball, moves into the penalty area from a flank, and instead of trying to find a teammate in a good position, shoots no matter what, even if there's literally zero chance of scoring.
  • saymynameurgoddamnright's avatar
    I cannot believe the amount of negative responses to this , this is truly amazing overhaul for the ones that have a keen eye to the games physics. Keep up your hard work.
    it is massively appreciated
    This is a good wake up call for SI to keep thriving to improve the beautiful game.
  • s8on's avatar
    has anyone else had their logos and face packs removed after downloading this?
  • RellomQ's avatar

    Should be all of them. The mod don't affect the game in stats, only in how it is represented by the visuals.

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