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FM Assistant 11 Bug Reports

Simple rules when submitting a bug for FMA 11
Started on 13 November 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 8 December 2010 by nsammut
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(sorry, not english)

windows xp sp3
fm2011 dvd version
patch 11.1.0

are interrupted no-name searches



Anyone else having the problem excelsior reported? yes
90% of the bugs are bugs of the framework the program is using. There are known issues for player contracts and this is causing trouble (including seeing Messi as a free player).

I'm running FM 2011 on XP and have no CD cause i'm on STEAM.
So I think i have the patch 11.1.1.
I also installed netframework 4. So i think all conditions are OK.
I exracted the file on the desktop and lauched it from there.
FM 2011 is already running (game launched, already saved).

So I try to load the game in FM Assistant 11 it gives always 'Error loading FM 2011, Make sure you have a new or saved game up and running"

Can you help me?
# excelsior : i start a new save and the fm assistant tell me that messi is a free agent player x(

I have the same problem with Javier Hernandez!
@Morrice: It doesn't work for Steam and certainly not for patch 11.1.1 :(

@CrazyRach: We are aware of that. Let's hope there will be a new framework version that will fix those bugs. When it does, I'll personally try to repack FM Assistant to reflect those changes, even while Kostas will be away.
Hi! DrBernhard here; lead dev of the framework that is used by a couple of tools, including FMAssistant. This afternoon a new patch to the framework was published that added support for the latest patch (11.1.1) for both Steam and DVD. I guess Kostas will publish a new version within a day or two. If you want, you can grab the latest version of 'FMSE2011.Core.dll' from Google Code: And replace it with the same DLL in the folder of FM Assistant.

The contract issues and such will be fixed within a couple of days; both Kostas and I are working on that.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
13 yearsEdited
Hi DrBernard, good to see you here :)

Kostas joined the army today, so he won't be able to update anything at least for the next 40 days. However, I have repacked the download using the latest DLL.
so guys does anyone have the solution of assistant11...????
Is this some kind of trap question? :P

Anyway, make sure you read the instructions and comments on the download page. Whenever there's a new version you'll find it here first.
I couldn't find the FMSE2011.Core.dl. on the link Drbernhard gave.
Stam - did you repack the FMAssistant already or you are going to ?
I did repack mate, v0.96 includes the latest dll ;)
Haven't updated the changelog.txt though, and I can't update the about popup either.
oh so it means if my problem still exist(the contract one that i gave you an earlier log about it)i guess it will be fixed only when the creator of FMAssistant will come back ?
No, it means it could be fixed when a new framework version gets released, and thus an updated dll will become available.

The author of FM Assistant won't be coming back for the next 5 weeks or so, and it would be quite tough for him to update FMA for the next 8 months anyway due to his army duty.

I've been there done that, I know how much that sucks :)
That's great,will be waiting for the new framework release.
And I know the Army feeling aswell,been there over 3 years ;)
i ..i have one problem...
when i try to export shortists, when im in fm2011 it only shows a few players i`ve put in the shortlist, not all of them....7
anyone with the same problem?

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