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Online Network Game
Started on 21 March 2021 by FILBY86
Latest Reply on 24 April 2021 by sonnywright1
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Looking for 5-10 committed online players that are willing to play a network game between the hours 7pm-10pm weeknights...

I'm thinking off the Championship, i would load a few nations up so we have a decent size pool off players to scout and buy from...

When i say committed i mean not those guys ive come across in the last few attempts that play one game and leave or say they need to leave cos the "Cats been sick"...

if possible would be nice to get a game set up today and continue later this evening when all players are online.

I say Championship but obvs that would be up for discussion depending on other players preference.

drop a comment below and add me on steam if you 100% intrested and committed ...

Steam Name is: mfilby1986
Did you get this started buddy?
hey, did this start already? i would like to play as well
hey can i join if there is any avaible team :)
This guys post complained about people playing and then leaving after a game. He posted this and did not even care to check back again. A true legend in my eyes
Hi can I join
hi can i join
can i join

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