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How important?

Started on 17 November 2010 by jvc9
Latest Reply on 23 November 2010 by MKAddick
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How important is trainning to your success on the game? Tbh i have always had sucessful careers such as winning the champions league with Larrisa (Greece) and AFC Wimbledon but i never bother with trainning what so ever?

Also whats the best way to start getting good youngster through your own acadamey? I tend to steal others!
well for me training is a big part of my managing game.

as i tend to be as realistic as possible and not make many signings. i like to make sure to get the best out of the players i got and try to raise youngsters.

But i never raise up too many youngsters as i don't tend to play the game for so long.

But to be able to make youngsters reach a good potential and your current players to reach a slightly higher level you will need a good training setup. and good coaches.

Often i go after to fix good staff and training when i start a new game.
I dont make a new training schedule, i usually have a basic schedule which i use. but having 4+ stars in training coaches is always good.

Here is a basic schedule i made for first team: basic_3765.rar

i suggest that if your squad finds the schedule a bit too tough or getting too much injuries then overall lower the workload by 1-2 clicks.

but players can train more and better with good coaches and "light workload" on the coaches setup.
I really like doing the training because I want to increase my players attributes and maybe later sold them for more than I bought them for so for me training is very important to success.
For me, training is a vital area of my game. When I begin a new game I always undertake a complete overhaul of my backroom staff, because they just don't have the credentials I require to train my team. I begin the pre-season with intensive training then reduce it to medium the day before the first league fixture. That way, I don't suffer the morale- sapping and disruptive injuries later in the season. I get a few yes, but they're caused by the players themselves, not through too harsh a training programme.

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