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A Viking's Tale

He relinquished a career among football's elite to pave his own path in his home country. Can Kalle Koskinen guide FC Viikingit to glory?
Started on 15 May 2021 by Justice
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Kalle's year started with sheer optimism and a nervous excitement unparalleled by anything he had experienced in the previous thirty-five-and-a-bit years of his life. Kalle's New Year's Eve celebrations were restricted to a couple of beers with friends and an early night ahead of a life-changing day.

He woke at 7am in his house in Espoo, just a few miles to the west of Helsinki in Finland, and needed no encouragmenet to prepare himself as he began his morning ritual. One bagel, two cups of strong, dark coffee, a poop, a shave, a shower and a teeth-brush completed a well-formed routine as Kalle kept one eye on the gloom outdoors. By the time he had dressed into a dark-grey pair of chinos, a flannel shirt and suede shoes, the sun had still not risen.

Kalle opted against waiting at home until his apointment drew closer, instead donning a long, black coat and locating his keys and wallet. Cold, winter air slapped his face as he exited the front door and there was a crunch of a light dusting of snow as he stood out onto doorstep. He locked up behind him and made the short journey through the dark to his parked car. A click on his blipper was answered by a flash of lights from his car and the sound of the doors unlocking themselves. Kalle reached in through the driver-side door and across to the passenger seat where he picked up a small plastic scraper before using it to clear the night's frost from the windows on the car, and turning it over to use the brush-end to knock the snow off the roof and wipers.

When he sat into his car, Kalle's first action was to turn the heaters on full-blast. After engaging his seat belt, he turned the engine on via a button and set off away from his house. He cruised through a housing estate which showed no sign of life yet and turned through a number of likewise quiet streets before finding Karvasmäki and turning onto the E18 heading east.

Kalle set into a relaxed pace and felt the gentle rumble of his Mercedes E-Class turning through the gears, assisted by an automatic transmission. There was a small flurry of snow blowing through the air and the Merc's wipers went through the motions every few seconds to keep the windscreen clear. The media unit on the dashboard showed the temperature to be below freezing and it wasn't for another few kilometres until the heaters had filled the interior of the car with a warm air.

"Nyt, se on tarkene," Kalle said to himself as he lowered the intensity of warm air being unleashed by the heaters and settled on a temperature setting he was comfortable sitting in.

The kilometres quickly racked up as Kalle made his way clockwise around E18, which acted as a ring road encompassing the city and inner suburbs of Helsinki. The tarmac below him looked a cold, dark grey in the winter and he thanked his studded tyres every time he crossed over an iced patch of the road. He had seen enough road accidents in his life time to know the importance of properly maintaining a vehicle, and he followed that to the letter of the law.

Traffic picked up a little as he passed Helsinki's primary airport at Vantaa. Works vehicles, delivery trucks, lone workers and police cruisers went in either direction as those who didn't revel in last night's festivities, and those who were regretting festooning, started 2021 with necessities of their own.

As Kalle ventured further east on E18, and away from the airport, traffic numbers dimmed down again. Industrial vehicles remained in action, heading to and from Helsinki's easterly port at Vuosaari, but privately-owned vehicles became few and far between. A little before Vuosaari, Kalle turned off the E18 and south towards his own destination. His black Mercedes meandered streets and turns before settling in a car park in front of a cluster of buildings on a road sign-posted as Mustalahdentie (Black Bay Road). Among the buildings was an S-Market (supermarket), R-Kioski (newsagent), a pizza/kebab fast-food place and a cluster of offices that were leased out to several small companies.

Kalle settled into an empty parking space and turned off the car's engine. The clock on his dashboard read 08:51, which meant he had time for another coffee. He stepped out of the car and was greeted by the cold once more befor turning towards the buildings. The sun was beginning to rise and the darkness was turning into a gloomy light. Winter in Finland's capital wouldn't have too many hours of sunlight, and Kalle suspected he wouldn't be able to see too much of it on that day in any case. With a press on his blipper, the car locked up and a miniscule red light flashed to acknowledge the vehicle was alarmed, confirming to Kalle that he could leave and return to a safe environment when his work for the day was done.

There wasn't much for options when it came to a morning coffee in this part of the world. The fast-food place was still closed, with a sign indicating it wouldn't be open until 1 pm, and R-Kioski was closed all day for a public holiday. Kalle strode on into the S-Market, and welcomed the comfort of a warm environment once again. The store's general theme was a bright, hideous yellow and frames for shelves all bared the same colour. Kalle marched on beyond a fruit & vegetable display area and beyond a wall of fridges and freezers before arriving at a self-service coffee machine. Judging by the lack of stains and the emptiness of the drip tray, he figured he was its first user of the day. A minute later, he was walking back out of the store with a half-litre cup of black coffee in one hand and a liqourice bar in the other.

With just over half-an-hour until his appointment in the adjacent offices, Kalle decided to go for a stroll in the nearby vicinity. The block of buildings was set alongside a pond called Kangaslampi, which had a footpath wide enough for a pedestrian and a cyclist to pass each other, and Kalle set off in that direction. The pond was oval-shaped and was maybe 150 metres in length by 100 metres in width. On the north-east side of the pond, where Kalle approached from, was a playground with seesaws, climbing frames and rocking horses all covered in a dusting of snow. Kalle passed the time by walking one full lap around the pond in a long, slow stride, as he filled himself with liqourice and warm coffee.

Once he had completed his lap, he reverted back towards the buildings he had come from. There was one more vehicle parked beside the buildings - a battered, red sedan-style Volvo. The windows were still clear, suggesting the driver had just arrived, and a fresh set of footprints had appeared outside the entrance to the offices. Kalle approached the entrance door and knocked twice before waiting for a response. There were no windows looking into the offices but he heard a shuffle behind the door before it creeped upon and revealed a lean, withered fifty-something year old man with a beaming smile. His white-grey hair was pulled back tightly and he had red, puffy cheeks which gave him a somewhat uncanny resemblence to the actor Jon Voight.

"Kalle!" he beckoned with a booming, welcoming voice. "Tervetuloa, tule sisään!" The man stepped to one side to allow Kalle inside, before closing the door behind him. The door had led into a dimly-lit narrow corridor with opaque-windowed doors left and right. Each door was stenciled with the name of a company, details of that company's practice and a contact number. The man with greying hair led Kalle towards the end of the corridor where a door on the right was left halfway open. The man pushed through and into the room behind it and Kalle read the stenciling on the door as he followed.

FC Viikingit
Johtajan Toimisto
(Director's Office)

The room itself was a two-person office that was perhaps fifteen square metres. Two desks took up the centre space, back-to-back, with monitors, laptops, chairs and under-the-table cabinets equipped. One of the desks was relatively clear, with a landline phone set at right angles and a plethora of stationary sitting in a cup. There had been nobody sitting for a while, judging by how clean it was. Perhaps it was the club's one-and-only administrative staff member, aside from the greying man, and that staff member was on holiday until the new season.

The man sat at the other desk, which was a lot more busy. There were piles of paper lying about and scribbles on post-it notes stuck at every conceivable angle to the edge of the desk. A label reading "Mikael Forsman" was stuck to the side of a monitor, which was connected to a laptop that was humming away. A mug of warm coffee stood on the desk and the man, named Mikael, took a sip from it as he sat down. He gestured to the empty seat at the empty desk for Kalle to sit at, which Kalle obliged.

Kalle glanced around him to see a busy room. There were filing cabinets lining three walls, some floor-to-ceiling and others standing at waist height. Where the cabinets did not reach the ceiling, framed football jerseys hung proudly, all embroidered with the badge of FC Viikingit. The fourth wall had a stall with a kettle, a sink, a drying rack, kitchen towels, mugs, pots of coffee and a bin. A closed door stood adjacent to it, perhaps to a toilet facility.

Mikael sorted through a stack of papers and produced a dossier which had Kalle's full name on it - Kalle Koskinen - and had a number of markers throughout. Kalle was impressed, and a little embarrassed, by the depth of the dossier. He couldn't think of much that could have filled out any sort of report on him, but he was also impressed by the preparation Mikael had put in.

Alongside the dossier came a lined pad of paper and a pen, which twirled in Mikael's hand twice before settling at the top of the page to title it with today's date, time and the reason for the meeting. Mikael underlined Kalle's name twice before looking up and deep into Kalle's eyes, examining the man who sat in front of him. His lips carefully parted, and words were spoken for the first time since he welcomed Kalle into the building.

"So, why would a former Bayern Munich and Finland international want a job here at FC Viikingit?"

Already hooked!
"So, why would a former Bayern Munich and Finland international want a job here at FC Viikingit?"

Easy. The badge is gorgeous

FC Viikingit: Club Overview

Basic Info

Name: FC Viikingit
Location: Vuosaari, Helsinki (Finland)
Club Status: Semi-Professional
Nickname: Viikkarit, Idän punaiset
Founded: 1965
League: Ykkönen (2nd tier)

Chairman: Mikael Forsman
Manager: Kalle Koskinen

Club Facilities

Stadium: Vuosaaren urheilukenttä
Location: Vuosaari, Helsinki (Finland)
Owner: City Council of Helsinki
Capacity: 4,300 (1,500 seats)
Under Soil Heating: No
Roof: No
Surface Type: Grass
Stadium Condition: Poor
Pitch Condition: Perfect

Corporate Facilities: Adequate
Training Facilities: Average
Youth Facilities: Below Average
Data Analysis Facilities: None
Junior Coaching: Average
Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic

Club Rivals


Fierce Rivals

Other Rivals
Atlantis FC
FC Espoo
FC Honka Espoo
PK-35 Vantaa

Last Five Seasons:
2020: Kakkonen | 2nd (won playoff)
2019: Kakkonen | 4th
2018: Kakkonen | 8th
2017: Kakkonen | 1st (lost playoff)
2016: Kakkonen | 8th

Trophy Cabinet

Ykkönen x1 (2006)
Kakkonen x1 (2001)

Club Heroes


Joonas Sarelius
Luís Fernando

Fan Favourites

Club Records (based on FM)

Highest Attendance: N/A
Lowest Attendance: N/A

Biggest Win: N/A
Biggest Defeat: N/A

Most League Apps: N/A
Most League Goals: N/A

Le_Professeur, hopefully I can keep you hooked ;)
Tango, indeed!
Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic

if you want to offend someone but keep your class, I suggest calling them exactly that

The Iceman

"So, why would a former Bayern Munich and Finland international want a job here at FC Viikingit?"

It was a straight-forward question which perhaps commanded a far more complicated response. Mikael Forsman had done his homework on Kalle Koskinen, as evidenced by the report - which contained a biography of Kalle - laid out in front of him, and Kalle's mind generated a biography of its own at that moment. A series of flashbacks played through his mind as neurons fired through the memory depost held inside his brain. He remembered experiences, emotions, people, places, friends, family and football. It always lead back to football.

For Kalle, his journey in the world began on 25th December 1985. He was a Christmas Day baby born in Jorvi Hospital in Espoo, to the west of Helsinki. He was an only child of two loving parents - Joonas and Mia. He was born healthy and without concern and was raised by two incredible human beings.

Joonas, his father, was a Finnish industrial worker who put his family first in every aspect of life. He was tall, handsome and weathered by years of working with machinery and outdoors as a general operative. He had fine, blonde hair which cropped itself naturally and a square jaw which gave him a chiseled, boxer's look.

Mia, his mother, was a professional dancer. She was born in the north-east of Switzerland and toured Europe with a performing group during the early years of her adulthood. She eventually met Joonas, the love of her life, while performing in Helsinki and they married, giving birth to one child.

Growing up in Helsinki in the 80s and 90s, Kalle found that football was not among the most loved sports in the country. Kids were, instead, more excited about winter sports. Kalle tried his hand at ice hockey a few times but, being the odd one out in his class, opted for football. It turned out, fortunately for Kalle, that he was quite good at it too. He played for HJK's youth sides and made his breakthrough at a young age, becoming a key player almost immediately.

Kalle's true success as a player came after he moved to German giants Bayern Munich in January 2010 for a fee of €2,500,000. A number of league titles followed, as well as a UEFA Champions League title in 2013. Koskinen was a box-to-box midfielder for club and country, and partnered Bastian Schweinsteiger during his early years as a Bayern player. When Pep Guardiola came in, my midfield partners became Thiago Alcantara and Xabi Alonso. We were awesome, and we did things the world had never seen.

Bayern's Finnish midfielder wasn't an incredible passer or a goal scorer, or even an expert defender. What he was good at, however, was reading the game well and doing the right thing at the right time. It was a nack he always had - to be in the right place to snuff out danger and to pick the right pass time and time again. Pep used to call him 'The Iceman', because he always seemed to be calm and composed in intense moments in games. A player many compared Liverpool legendary midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum to.

Kalle hung up his boots at a comparitavely young age in 2018. At just 32 years of age, he went on to link up with former manager Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, where he worked under the Spaniard as a co-assistant manager alongside Mikel Arteta. It was under Guardiola's tutelage that Kalle grew most as a person. He learned a valuable lesson from his mentor - 'As human beings, we have to accept that we sometimes make mistakes. It is important that, when you make those mistakes, you learn from the difficult moments."

Guardiola has been regarded by many as the greatest ever manager of all time, and he inspired Kalle to pursue a career of his own as one. He gave Kalle, and Mikel, plenty of his own time to help them learn about what is involved in the role and how to perform at a high level. The Premier League title win in 2018/2019 season was Koskinen's first trophy win as a non-playing staff, albeit as an assistant manager, and he wanted the taste for more.

Mikel had departed from his role to take the reigns at his former club Arsenal in December 2019. In a season that was held up by the Covid-19 pandemic, he earned himself the love of the Gunners fans with an FA Cup title win that season. As things stand, going into 2021, Arteta has his Arsenal side in a very respectable 6th place in the league, just two points off the top four with two games in hand, as well as an EFL Cup semi final and the latter stages of the Europa League to look forward to. Definitely a successful mentee of Pep.

For Kalle, he left his role as assistant manager for Manchester City at the end of the delayed 2019/2020 season. A disappointing second place finish in the league was followed up by a Champions League quarter final collapse, and it was the right time for Kalle to move on to use what he'd learned from Pep. The Iceman packed his bags and wished his manager well before departing back to Finland, where he settled down in Espoo, ready to start the next phase of his career in football.

A few months later, Kalle was sat in a small office in Helsinki, rented by FC Viikingit, with the the intention of filling the recently-vacated managerial position at an ambitious second-tier football club. In front of him was an excited club owner who was understandably confused as to why a former Bayern Munich and Finland star, and a mentee of the great Pep Guardiola, wanted to take charge of his club's senior team. It would be an appointment that would see eyebrows raised, and perhaps below Koskinen's pay grade, despite a lack of management experience. There were plenty of question marks over Kalle's desire but Kalle's reasons were simple.

"Because I love football."

Tango, I prefer just 'very basic' ;)

Task At Hand


Signing the contract was a formality. Kalle put pen to paper on a deal lasting until 30/11/2022 to earn a fairly modest €32,500 per annum (€625 per week). He had earned more in a single week at Bayern Munich and Manchester City, as an assistant manager at the latter, than he would at Viikingit but he didn't go into the New Year expecting to earn a sizeable amount of money. He was flush for money earned in his previous positions, and his new salary was more than enough for a comfortable life for most people anyway.

Kalle didn't have too much of an initiation process at Manchester City - a photo alongside Pep (Guardiola) and Mikel (Arteta) at the Etihad Stadium and a news post on the club's website and social media platforms, including a very generic interview. Mikael indicated something similar would be done for Kalle in his new job.

The intention was for Mikael and Kalle to begin discussing the way forward for the club the following day but excitement caught hold an they began discussing the future of the club immediately after the contract was signed. Mikael gave a brief history lesson of the origins of the club and what had been achieved. There wasn't much silverware to show for the club's history since 1965 - a Ykkönen (2nd tier) league title in 2006 and a Kakkonen (3rd tier) league title in 2001. The club had played just one season in the Veikkausliga (top flight), in 2007, and have been yo-yoing between the second and third tiers ever since. The club had earned promotion from Kakkonen last season and were hoping to stay in Ykkönen, with avoiding relegation the objective for the coming year.

The club was in safe hands financially, that was for sure. While the club paid rent for their stadium, which was owned by the City Council of Helsinki, FC Viikingit had a Balance of €465,863. Much of this was attributed to a kit sponsorship deal with Elisa, a Finnish telephone service provider, that was signed recently. In a sponsorship deal that would last until the end of 2023, Viikingit were to earn €235,000 per year from the deal. Their logo would be emblazened on Viikingit's kits for the next three years, and Mikael was proud of the club's kits for next season. The red and blue kits of FC Viikingit would be manufactured by Adidas for the next three seasons, and a sneak peak of next season's kits demonstrated fashionable designs.

The expectations for the 2021 season were very simple - avoid last place in the Ykkönen league season and make a good showing in the Suomen (Finnish) Cup. The bottom three teams in the league would be relegated, which Mikael uncomfortably accepted may be a reality, but he didn't want the club to go out of the league without a proper fight for survival. Mikael admitted it was difficult for any club in Finnish football to finish well above where they were expected to and all he could ask for from his own manager was a perfrormance across the season which would see the club not finish bottom of the pecking order in Finland's second tier. How it would be done - that was left entirely to Kalle.

Playing resources were limited at senior level - the club only had 14 players involved in the senior squad at the time. The star players in the team were Brazilian defender Diego, Nigerian midfielder Simon Chongyal and Finnish striker Max Ehrnrooth. It was evident the club needed to bring in new players to improve the quality of some positions and to provide much-needed depth for what was expected to be a tough season. The total wage spend at present was approximately €1,020 per week, and the budget allowed for that to be doubled under Kalle. There was room to maneouvre in the transfer window, but it would require players to be willing to join a struggling second tier club.

There was a shortage in backroom football staff for the club too. There was no footballing or technical director in charge of football - it was just Mikael Forsman. Kalle would be in charge of the senior team while Tuomo Kivimäki was in charge of the U20s. Kalle was to be supported by Denys Pervov, who was a player / goalkeeping coach. However, he knew he had to add to his staff and was prepared to bring in a host of new bodies to the club.

Finnish football didn't run in lign with the European football calendar - it started in January with Suomen (Finnish) Cup games. FC Viikingit were drawn into a group with GIFK Kauniainen, FF Jaro, SalPa Salo, KTP and Gnistan Helsinki in the group stage of the competition, with the top two achieving qualification to the next round. League action was set to start in April and end in October / November.

The Ykkönen league structure was a complicated one. Twelve teams would play each other twice for a total of 22 games in the initial phase. The league would then be split in two - top six in their own 'Promotion Phase' and bottom six in their own 'Relegation Phase'. All teams carry their points from the initial phase into this phase.

The Relegation Phase was simple - each of the six teams played each other once and the bottom three (including points from initial phase) would be relegated.

The Promotion Phase was a little more complicated - each of the six play each other once with the top team after that being crowned champions and earning promotion Veikkausliga. Third and fourth place would play a one-legged playoff, with the winner then facing the second placed team in another one-legged playoff. The winner of that would play against the second-last team in the Veikkausliga table in a two-legged fixture. The winner would play the next season in the Veikkausliga, and the loser in the Ykkönen.

Viikingit were just hoping to not come last. That was Kalle's objective as a manager. He had some leftover wage budget to spend on a few players and he needed to bring in more backroom staff. Could he do the business?

Season 2021: January - March

Kalle Koskinen's first three months in charge of Helsinki-based FC Viikingit were busy ones as the former Bayern Munich midfielder kicked off his managerial career with wholescale changes at the Ykkönen side. The first port of call, in terms of competitive fixtures, was a tough set of Suomen (Finnish) Cup group games against some of their fellow Ykkönen rivals. Below is a summary of the changes made to the playing staff and results from the three months.


FC Viikingit had brought in 10 new players since the turn of the year, with new manager Kalle Koskinen bolstering his squad ahead of the upcoming season. The signings came in on fairly low part-time wages, without a single transfer fee spent, with a mix of youth and experience added to the squad. Player profiles to come in the next update.


There were a number of Suomen Cup group stage games played throughout the first quarter of 2021, as well as several friendlies dotted around them. FC Viikingit got off to a winning start under Koskinen, winning each of their first three Suomen Cup group games, against GIFK Kauniainen, FF Jaro and SalPa Salo. The three wins had guaranteed progression to the next round and Viikingit certainly took the foot off the gas for the final two games of the group, losing both against KTP and local rivals Gnistan Helsinki. With qualification for the knockout rounds secured, however, nobody cared.

Upcoming Fixtures

Ykkönen league action will begin midway through April and Viikingit will, for the most part, be playing twice a week throughout the summer months. Koskinen will be hoping to lay down a marker and get as many points on the board as possible in an effort to avoid relegation this season.
FC Viikingit will also be continuing their Suomen Cup campaign with a Second Round tie against Veikkausliga (top tier) side SJK. The game will be played at Viikingit's home stadium, Vuosaaren urheilukenttä, where Koskinen's side will be hoping the power of their fans can help them in an uphill battle.

I'm always so tempted to start a save in Scandinavia, but never get around to it. Looking forward to reading about Kalle's adventures, as well as his future dominance of Finnish football.
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Squad Overview: FC Viikingit 2021


No. Name | Age | Position | Nationality | CA/PA
25. Craig Hill | American | 33 y/o (27/12/1987) | GK | /
Wage: €120 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €33,000

1. Denys Pervov | Ukranian | 37 y/o (26/11/1983) | GK | /
Wage: €150 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €0

22. Jussi Sipilä | Finnish | 16 y/o (03/07/2004) | GK | /
Wage: €10 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €275

2. Dmitro Platonenko | Finnish | 24 y/o (10/07/1996) | DR | /
Wage: €0 p/w | Expiry Date: N/A | Value: €0

17. Ville Sevón | Finnish | 26 y/o (03/04/1994) | DR | /
Wage: €150 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €500

5. Diego | Brazilian | 34 y.o (04/02/1987) | DC | /
Wage: €275 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €1,500

23. Sami Ekmark | Finnish | 27 y/o (29/12/1983) | DC | /
Wage: €60 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €14,250

4. Tatu Mäkelä | Finnish | 32 y/o (14/06/1988) | DC | /
Wage: €55 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €1,000

13. Ari Salonen | Finnish | 31 y/o (27/02/1990) | DC | /
Wage: €50 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €150

3. Heikki Huhtamäki | Finnish | 19 y/o (01/01/2002) | DL | /
Wage: €55 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €325

24. Vesa Tuovinen | Finnish | 22 y/o (21/09/1998) | DL | /
Wage: €0 | Expiry Date: N/A | Value: €0

26. Simon Chongyal | Nigerian | 25 y/o (01/11/1985) | MC | /
Wage: €85 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €8,000

6. Petteri Heikkilä | Finnish | 29 y/o (17/11/1991) | MC | /
Wage: €55 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €1,400

18. Antton Koskinen | Finnish | 29 y/o (27/03/1992) | MC | /
Wage: €55 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €3,100

8. Konsta Siivonen | Finnish | 21 y/o (29/07/1999) | MC | /
Wage: €55 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €350

20. Samuel Lindström | Finnish | 16 y/o (25/06/2004) | AMR | /
Wage: €10 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €575

14. Linus Sandell | Finnish | 23 y/o (13/09/1997) | AMR | /
Wage: €25 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €200

11. Olli Tynkkynen | Finnish | 27 y/o (04/02/1994) | AMR | /
Wage: €90 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €700

7. Fortuna Namputu | Congolese | 24 y/o (11/12/1996) | AMC | /
Wage: €0 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €275

16. Jesper Laine | Finnish | 19 y/o (11/06/2001) | AML | /
Wage: €0 p/w | Expiry Date: N/A | Value: €0

12. Joakim Latonen | Finnish | 23 y/o (24/02/1998) | AML | /
Wage: €90 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €1,500

10. Matias Ailio | Finnish | 27 y/o (14/06/1993) | ST | /
Wage: €0 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €220

9. Max Ehrnrooth | Finnish | 25 y/o (20/09/1995) | ST | /
Wage: €130 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €14,750

15. Maxime Nzeza | Finnish | 18 y/o (21/10/2002) | ST | /
Wage: €130 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €6,500

J_ames, hopefully the dominance comes in the near future! ;)
Without knowing the standard of the league, it's hard to draw conclusions, but I'm reasonably confident that you'll have a team that's capable of winning the league. Hill is a tremendous goalkeeper, Diego looks like he should be a rock at the back, whilst Max and Maxime both look like 20+ goal goalscorers to me. I was initially a bit unsure of the midfield, but Petteri and Antton should have things under control tbh. Also: only you would have a left-footed RB in the lower league of Finland :D

Season 2021: April - June

After a very promising start to his tenure as FC Viikingit manager, Kalle Koskinen was looking to go from strength-to-strength with the start of the Ykkönen league campaign. FC Viikingit were expected to be one of the three teams to be relegated but their new manager was looking to prove the critics wrong and defy all expectations.


Viikingit kicked off their Ykkönen campaign at home to KTP in mid-April and a win set the tone for a very promising beginning to the league season. A strong run of form in the league lasted until mid-May but, however, all form dropped drastically off a cliff. No wins in five games, including three defeats, left Viikingit wanting for better performances. Back-to-back wins in June helped to settle the ship, however, as Viikingit regained their balance.

Suomen Cup
Viikingit's Suomen Cup journey was very nearly a fairytale. An unexpected win over Veikkausliga side SJK in the Second Round set up a massive clash away to HJK in the Quarter Finals. Viikingit stunned the much-fancied hosts. Four first-half goals in an attacking blitz shocked Finland's top club as Viikingit marched to the semi finals. Unfortunately, the semi final ended in heartbreak as Honka edged the game to knock Viikingit out.


After 13 games, Viikingit were sitting pretty in 13th place, a fair way away from the bottom teams. With 9 games remaining before the league splits in two, Viikingit will be hoping they can edge their way into the top half and into the Promotion Group. However, they will be wary that a slip in form could be disastrous to their bid for survival.

Upcoming Fixtures

A big two months ahead for FC Viikingit. With 9 league games remaining before the league itself splits into a Promotion Group and a Relegation Group, Viikingit are on the brink of making the top half. If they can achieve that, it'll be considered a special first season for Kalle Koskinen. If they do finish in the bottom half, they'll need to make sure they have as many points as possible to avoid the drop. Three teams will be relegated - will Viikingit be one of them?

J_ames, I wouldn't be too confident about us winning the league any time soon, to be honest :)
If there's anything that I've learnt from a Justice story, it's that nothing is impossible! The league is still so tight with 9 games to go before the split, and with just 6-points separating you from 1st... I fully believe you can nudge your way into the top-3, and then roll the rest of the teams after the split happens! In Kalle we trust ;)
Kalle is back :O A great start of course, from you with this one and the results are certainly matching the story so far. The cup run was excellent with a massive win there over HJK. In the league, overperforming and as James said, a push for that promotion spots isn't out of the question just yet. Great stuff!

Season 2021: July - August

It has been a season of ups and downs for FC Viikingit in Ykkönen league action so far. After a blistering start to the campaign, a major drop off in form saw Viikingit slip down the table and back towards a relegation battle. With 9 league games to play, Viikingit would have to put the heroics of their run to the Suomen Cup Semi Finals behind them and focus on getting as many points on the board as possible to avoid a last-gasp relegation quarrel.


Kalle Koskinen blostered his squad with two very impressive signings, on free transfers.

First in the door was Finnish attacker Joona Järvistö. At 24 years of age, Järvistö was brought in to add goals to a team that was not taking their chances. Born in Lieto, Järvistö enjoyed success with KaaPo Kaarina in the Kakkonen (third tier) league. He had scored 5 goals in 11 league games for his old side prior to his move to Viikingit and is an exciting signing for Koskinen's team. With pace, an eye for goal and good dribbling ability, Järvistö can occupy a central striker's position as well as an Inside Forward role on either flank. He was brought into play on the right flank for Viikingit.

Shortly after came the signing of Icelandic veteran attacker Haukur Baldvinsson.The 31 year old was plying his trade in the fourth tier of Icelandic football for Augnablik but offered himself up to Viikingit earlier on in the summer. Intrigured by the offerm Koskinen brought Baldvinsson in on trial and was impressed enough to offer him a contract. A technically competent attacker with an eye for being creative, Baldvinsson was brought in to start as an attacking midfielder in a new-look attack for Viikingit.


It was a period of games that started off with a lot of hope for Viikingit. A win at home to VPS put Viikingit into a position where they could really push for the top half. However, it all went to absolute shit after that. Four back-to-back losses put a top half finish more or less out of reach for Koskinen's side. A win over Kauniainen straddled that run of losses with another two losses in a row in August before a (shock) win to end the regular part of the league season. Overall - the two months were not good enough.


A shocking run of form towards the end of the season left Viikingit in Arsenal 8th in the league. The top six teams moved into a Promotion Group and the bottom six teams moved into a Relegation Group. Viikingit, being in the bottom six, qualified for the Relegation Group, and will have to battle it out to avoid one of the three relegation places.

Upcoming Fixtures

Five big games for FC Viikingit. There was a five point cushion between Viikingit and the relegation spots, meaning two wins from the five games would probably be enough. The target, however, can only be five wins. That's the expectation at any ambitious football club - to win every game.

J_ames & TheLFCFan, unfortunately we couldn't secure a top-half spot but we've got a good chance of avoiding the drop, which is all we wanted!

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