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Freezing/Not Responding

Started on 3 November 2021 by SteveHMFC
Latest Reply on 8 August 2022 by AndoKvasir
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Hi guys

Been using Genie Scout G for years on the same laptop and come across a problem all of a sudden.

I can open GS21 no problem but soon as I open FM it starts crashing GS, with oddly loading the top searching fields multiple times before saying Not Responding. Apologies i dont have more info than that at this stage but any chance this is a problem others have experienced and know how to get round it?

I've tried uninstalling and re-installed the non-G version but still getting the same issue
Came to forum to report same issue. I'm finding the 22 edition to be extremely slow at the moment. Seems to constantly freeze (and go into window not responding) when clicking menus or loading player profiles. If left idle it will return, but it's a massive backwards step from 21 edition in terms of responsiveness and UX.

Any details I can provide please let me know. Below ive put some info from genie (just as I was typing this post it started to hang again)

Same issue going on here, every 1 to 2 minutes while browsing players it freezes for about 5 to 15 seconds, either opening profiles, setting the list order, copying the names or just scrolling down the list. It's quite a bother \o/
Same problem here! Freezing en Not Responding.
I unchecked the "ingame scout" at the options. You can try that! It did helped me.
2021-11-30 19:43#285610 aukemeinema : I unchecked the "ingame scout" at the options. You can try that! It did helped me.

It worked!! Thank you!

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