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The Mercenary

A "hit and run" style save on Football Manager, with short-term managerial contracts, bespoke targets and strict limits on how I play.
Started on 29 November 2021 by Harleygator
Latest Reply on 23 September 2022 by Harleygator

@Tango: My concern about lucky results is that the switch can easily flip, so we can start to succumb to defeats without any kind of performance advantage which can act as a buffer. At least if we were recording more shots or had more possession, there’s a base to work from to tinker, but we weren’t… so if things did start to go wrong, it’d be a back-to-the drawing-board situation. Fortunately, it seems to have clicked.

@Jack: Thanks a lot; the pattern of my seasons is usually a slow start, tinker, improve, flourish, so I’ll hope that tradition continues here to the end of the season.

@TheLFCFan: I echo what I just said to Jack; I’d add that getting performances up is a minimum expectation at this level, as most of my seasons ever on FM have been LLM saves, so I should know how to do this by now!

@mgriffin2012: That’s the plan; I just hope they have the legs for it in these final couple of months.

@J_ames: It was an incredible burst of form from Jude, and he’s well suited to the role and will probably have a bright future. I think, from the results in the last two months, he’s certainly not as prolific at all times, more in bursts… 9 games without scoring in this update… and if we had the opportunity to bring him back, I think I’d like more evidence that he could deliver more consistently.
If Parker thought he had even the slightest of chances in getting a game, that run of form will certainly shut him up. Much improved and continuing to march forwards. Great to see!

@TheLFCFan: He's still benched and, even the 2 or 3 appearances he's made has been uneventful. So if he's not willing to make a go of it, then I do hope he continues to put up and shut up and no disrupt the team going into the run in.
A huge leap made by leapfrogging Fylde and York to take top spot by a decent margin. Morale must be sky-high in the camp after all of those wins and now is the time to keep your heads and not let anything slip (as a certain Scouse midfielder might say)

@Jack: That's my favourite Premier League moment in history!
Shame you lost the Trophy, but at least you got yourself the league title, avoiding the funnel of the play-offs

@Tango: The league title is a good achievement, but I've made a focus of this save about winning more cups than I normally do, even if that means sacrificing league points, so every dropout, especially in a final is extra annoying!
Incredible first season, you will not struggle to get that next step up in your career in a season or two. Wish you the very best of luck in your second season, and fingers cross you land that first cup!

@Maxporto: Thanks a lot; that's the plan. It's been a weird pre-season, but I'm reasonably happy with what I have now... too many loanees, but that won't necessarily affect our performances.
Well done on your first title! A shame to lose out on another trophy in the FA Trophy in the manner that you did, but I think that the league takes priority. Seems like you had a panicky transfer window which surely isn't ideal. Will be interesting to see what you make of this squad in a new, better division.

@Jack: In a normal playthrough, the league would definitely take priority for me, but in this save I'm content to drop points in the league for a bigger chance in the cups. I would've happily taken second place to get that cup here, honestly... although both would've been nice!
A great start to life in the VNL. Impressed at your performances on the road as it is sometimes the case that moving from regionalised divisions into a national league can have a negative impact which makes your step up even more impressive!
As you have been recently promoted to this league, I think your defensive record is something worth of being dearly held, even if it means a weaker goalscoring prowess

@Jack: Thanks a lot, I'm happy with the start, and it does seems to be snowballing a bit now we've tinkered ourselves into a comfortable tactical arrangement.

@Tango: I've always considered myself to be philosophically an "attack minded" footballista, but recent saves (and also, incidentally, the way I now play FIFA, and also how I've adapted my game playing in real life) has shown me how much more defensive minded I am. And so I think it's something that I may need to look at and focus on going forward in this save, whether that's the identity I want to now foster given how successful it has been in these 18 months.
It's only natural that good performances lead to interest in your players, and it's one of the annoying [but also satisfying] things of being a smaller club. £400k for a club like Leamington is a HUGE deal, and if you can replace him with someone of a relatively similar ability: it'll be fantastic. I had great success on FM21 with Tom Clifford and Sam Hart of Southend, but I've no idea if they're any good on FM22, nor if they're at the level you're seeking!

Top of the table and plenty of goals already scored: it's been a great opening few months of the season.

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