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The Mercenary

A "hit and run" style save on Football Manager, with short-term managerial contracts, bespoke targets and strict limits on how I play.
Started on 29 November 2021 by Harleygator
Latest Reply on 23 September 2022 by Harleygator
I'll be curious to see how you are going to deal with working abroad, as you mention it is something you just never do. Hope you don't get homesick so soon!

@Tango: Well, technically my manager is already a foreign manager (his nationality is Seychellois), so he was probably already homesick! I set it as that as I understand that managers are more likely to attract talent from their home nation (English players more likely to move overseas for an English manager than for a foreign manager, for example), and I don't like having that bias in game. Seychelles, aside from being my real second nation, only has a very small and very poor selection of players, so there's no temptation to game the system for slightly better odds in transfers.
look where Tatarusanu ended up Jesus

@Tango: Under the best lower-league manager this side of Madrid? Ha! But yes, it's an extremely ignominious turn for the big man's career. None of his technical attributes are above 11 now, and I think, although it's early doors, it's likely he'll be eclipsed by newbie Joel Ruiz at some point this year... the directions of travel are just too fast to expect he'll hold down that first spot.
It is allowed for Betis B to get promoted? So fucked up if it is

@Tango: Up to a point, yes. As far as I can tell, the B teams can be promoted only as high as the league below their parent club, so for example, it looks like Barcelona B have won most of the Segunda Division titles in the save, however they can't be promoted to La Liga because Barcelona are in there.
Regardless of how the league ends, it's already a pretty impressive first season abroad.
it's never easy adapting to a new Country and language. And hopefully you can land that Federation Cup and have another trophy to show off in you cabinet.
It's not bad, in fact. It's just that other clubs are doing even better

@Maxporto: Well, we did it, with a thumping 3-0 victory which did feel somewhat anticlimactic. Now to turn my focus onto moving up the table as much as we can.

@Tango: True, that's one way of looking at it. But with the club having finished top last season, and with there being very narrow margins to promotion, I think we should be a bit strict about what defines "good" and "bad" form.
What you say makes sense. Being that the case, despite making it into the top 3, you had a rather poor couple of months

@Tango: Yes, there always seem to be some frustration, especially as we're now coming to the business end of things with a very slight but substantive decline in position. There's 4 games in it, and very little room for error. Even getting 9 points out of 12 could see us drop again. Tense.
The squad may be weak for the level where you're playing, but with the right organization I'm positive you can beat some sides in worse shape and avoid undoing your work from last season

@Tango: We'll have to see how that goes this season. I'm really happy with the transfer of Eduardo Pedro, while Larrosa and Olaizola add good depth out wide. But we're not notably different from last season, though our squad and many starting players are young and developing well.

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