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Patch 22.2 Any 3d match improvements so far?

Thread about 3d match improvements after patch 22.2 so far
Started on 7 December 2021 by dirkhochheim
Latest Reply on 8 December 2021 by fc.cadoni
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Hello my FM-friends,

for me the most important point was a improvment in the 3d match engine and my personal wish from the new patch. I was on work today and I can not play the next days too. So I want to open this thread to speak about your expereince so far with the new Patch 22.2.

What do you guys think? Can you see or feel any improvement in the 3d match yet?

Any pros and cons so far?

Thank you!
Nah, if you wait for any 3D Graphics related update; you will wait a very long time mate.
Hello mate,

I think it is my fault and my lack of english that I didnt spoke clear enough about.

I wanted to speak about the changes from the patch:

Match Engine
- Near post corners made less effective
- Various fixes in different areas to defending teams keeping possession too well and inflating possession stats to unrealistic levels
- Fixed goalkeepers not being marked during attacking set pieces
- Tweaks to throw-ins
- Number of other improvements to overall engine balance

Not graphic improvments.

Cheers my friend
In overall, I don't like it so much. Some areas have been receive an improvement, some still remains the same or not improve it at all. There is a whole lot of tweaks happened, mostly a completely new ME which the bars for certain styles & mentalities has been changed. Now from default you have Attacking Team Mentality with Standard passing; in previous we had Attacking with Slightly More Direct as default.

I don't give so much attention to SP, especially Near Post thing, because I like to use multiple SP routines. One sure is completely nerfed, is Long Throw In.

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