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Agent Fees

buying Sergio Aguero
Started on 3 December 2010 by FunkyFlirt
Latest Reply on 18 December 2010 by ztrexx
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i am managing liverpool and i have sold a few players to have enough money to pay for sergio agueros 52 million release clause, once the club agrees i have to deal with the agent. the problem is he wants 10 million for himself and 10 million signing on fee for aguero, although i have enough money i can only offer 6 million for each. because i have tryed to sign aguero a few times now with no success the agent hates me and is requesting more and more money. is there anything i can do?
If Sergio Aguero is interested isn't there a way to encourage him to sack his agent
i dont think there is ive looked, some of my friends that play fm have requested the board to negotiate and buy a player but i cant find that option...
I think the option of the Board appears only when you don't have the necessary money to buy a player. I'm playing with C.At. Osasuna (very low budget) and I've haved that option some times.

For what I could see, when an agent hate you, you cannot buy his player for some time, or until the player you want to buy became e free agent.
Frustrating his agent is not a good idea. You are gonna have trouble, coz he has many more Argentina players. Buy another of his cheap client and pay him over the odds for it. That way he might become your friend, which might help the cause
iv finally given up and bought gonzalo higuain instead, the stats are practically the same now but i know aguero gets better, what a shame...
I have never really had problems with agents so far in the game and most of the time I think they make it easier to sign a player with simply giving them a bit more money than they want. Things seem to go a lot smoother that way lol. I think there needs to be some improvements to the whole agents aspect of the game though as they seem to be untouchable :s
i like the whole agent idea aswell but the problem is when u cant offer fees to the agent although you have the money, and i have 100% control of finances...
I also like agent idea.
i hate agents.
I about agents I don't like that sometime they want too much.
Yeah some of the agents are money grabbing bastards, I swear that sometimes if you negotiate to lower their agent fee they will actually increase their demands!!!
# Evo : If Sergio Aguero is interested isn't there a way to encourage him to sack his agent

how ? ive realised with liverpool who im currently manageing evry half decent player wants over 100 k a week and massive fee sign on fee i had to give pastore a 145 k week plus 6 mil to agent and 7 mil to him brings my p1ss to a boil
I think that if Aguero is really interested in joining Liverpool and after lots of negotiations his agent still can't work out a deal then eventually he will sack him.
i'll keep trying to buy him because after i got higuain, torres keeps on getting injured. i hate this game so much, i love it...

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