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Poll: G.O.T.W - Part 2

Started on 5 December 2010 by Seph
Latest Reply on 4 January 2011 by SHADOW28
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Goal Of The Week - Vote For The Best (139 votes)
1)Anderson 26.6% (37 votes)
2)Lamp 5.8% (8 votes)
3)Bostwick 19.4% (27 votes)
4)Sissoko 25.9% (36 votes)
5)Neymar 22.3% (31 votes)
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Seph's avatar Group Seph
13 yearsEdited
The best 5 goals nominated for our second contest in the Goal Of The Week series.
They will automatically play at 720p (if available), please watch them at full screen.
Once, you've seen them all please vote using the form above.

One by Adrian510

Two by Tom_BcFC

Three by Adrian510

Four by Paul1576

Five by Schnopsnosn

The vote poll has closed. Winner is Adrian510 - congratulations mate!
You have earned your first goal icon which will appear on all of your forum posts. Profile changes to reflect this will be coming soon!

Meanwhile, don't stop sending Seph your goals and fight for next week's "Goal Of The Week" award!! (Read the rules first)
Oh Come on.... My Anderson goal takes skills. That Neymar goal was just pure luck!
I agree that Neymar's was just some kind of luck. But Sissoko really showed pure skills, way better than Anderson, deserved to be best among 5.
bostwick and lamb goals looked nicest, looked like they took aim and shot, the other 3 were hit and hope with neymars being a cross turned bad good.

Would like to see bostwicks on zoomed vertical scrolling view
I'm not sure if I sound unreasonable but I don't have high opinion of goals scored in lower leagues. Great goals at top level seem more to me.
Anderson's just looked sweet. He gets my vote.
Neymar's goal is a past memory for sure and does not happen every day! :)
I think we should support goals of lower league players which lack skill and creativity..
The lower leagues can produce some brilliant goals (FM and real life). Bostwick comes a close second for me.
I agree lower league players cna also score awsome goals.
goal five was just a cross gone wrong really had them type before lol goal one was best for me but of course after Bosticks(have to support my own player)
For me the best goal was number three
All goals i get everyday are amazing, i find it very hard to choose 5 of them! This week's vote battle is very tough indeed! :O

Keep uploading and voting!
I think goal 3 was the best, it takes incredible skill to score from that range without trapping the ball.
how do I post a contender for goal of the week? can someone pm me pls ;) would be grateful as i've scored a screamer and I think it could win!
Great goals! Sissoko got one vote from me. I must say... Sports Interactive should invest heavily on the 3D play. Scoring beautiful goals would be almost like an added feature. Better 3D quality would mean more interest from the player to review goals.

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