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Started on 9 December 2010 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 12 December 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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i've seen many post where people have complained about a lack of disceplin, not suprising... what ever does suprise me is that many users give the advice to give a 2 weeksal. fine every 4th red or someting like that and so... i just give 2 weeks for any straight up red and a official warning for every regular red (two yellow in a game)...
also notecing that many of the more expreienced players who usually knows best (or maby you're just good at making it seem so ? ;)), use this more advanced, number-based punishment system to maintain diceplin... so I guess I'm wondering if there is someting you know that i don't about the effekts off the punishments or if you are just abit scared of pissing your players of ?
I like to play my game on a 'my way or highway' principle. I give a 2 weeks fine on a straight red if it's for a 'vicious fouling'. If it's a technical red (last man of defense foul) I give a warning. One week fine for a double yellow. It left me with a squad that is very professional and motivated. I remember my first season in FM11, in the first 6 games I finished them all with 10 players on the pitch. I thought it was a bug, in FM10 I saw a red card very rarely. I noticed that those red cards were always given to a same bunch of players. After fining them, they got unhappy, I sold them. Haven't seen a red card in while now, I'm in season three.
I like to be the boss of the squad, if the players don't like it, they ought to suck it up.
My methods include well fine wise taking into consideration the yellows, reds e.t.c if he is fluid in those it means a fine, if it is his first I usually warn him. But contract wise if a player becomes unhappy and wants to leave I drop him immediatly to the reserves, and depending on how I feel acept or decline the transfer request. As it would be what I would do in real life to be fair, the whole 'rot in my reserves you selfish f$&@!!!' approach.

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