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Need some help please.. FM21 editor
Started on 13 October 2022 by degzy
Latest Reply on 20 February 2023 by EllisD6983
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I’ve taken Yugoslavia.
completely changed their name, added new cities, added new leagues, cups, teams, stadiums.
tested the league and cups (work fine).


1) winner of the league qualifies for the conference league, winner of the fa cup qualifies for the conference league = fa cup team overrides league winners and only one team now qualifies for Europe no team qualifies for champs league or europa league. - need help changing this as I can’t find it anywhere on forums.

2) international - appears my u19, u21 qualify for the euro qualifiers. My main squad qualifies for nothing no euros, no nations league, no World Cup (need help making this happen), and adding u18 and u20 international teams and allow them to play in their allocated tournaments (such as u20 World Cup) - if that is even possible with such a low ranked nation (currently the lowest ranked euro nation).

3) adding youth, player and manager of month awards… youth, player and manager of year awards.. and others?!

4) when I started a game, to test what failures are above.. noticed that the country is still using Serbian as the main language despite the fact that I have added a new language called “backslang”. Doesn’t appear to have removed or changed the old language.. how can I change this? (Not a massive thing, just feels incomplete if their still speaking Serbian and not the new countries language) doesn’t it? Haha

I can provide the editor file if this is easier? (If I do, please ignore the names of the teams and the stadium names as this is the very last thing I am going to edit once the errors above are ironed out.

international - u21 qualified for the euro qualifiers in 2020/21 and 21/22 but then stopped being involved after this.. so definitely a problem to just stop being included?

u19 and main squad qualify for nothing. Definitely need help getting this sorted.

The lack of help in these forums is awful, smh!

another update, managed to sort the language out. (No longer a problem).

sorted the qualification to Europe.. now have 1 champion path - champs league. And 2 europa conference (this to me is fine), maybe one day I’ll have a team in all 3 (champs, europa and conference). - this to me is sorted in my eyes.

the only problem I have left, which I need some serious assistance on (as I don’t believe it has anything to do with coen points) as my nation matches Gibraltar. And they are in every European international qualification.

why when I start a new game, is the international team not included in any qualification (euros or World Cup or nations league) but the u21s are in the u21 qualification for euro u21? U19s are also not included in anything…

any one have any idea?

I’d rather not have to do advance rules for international.. it surely can’t be that complicated? Because I feel.. especially with the World Cup it will be a head ache to sort out with the playoff section etc
Hi mate

I am having similar issues myself. Did you ever sort it out?

I am actually using someone else's database, where they have created their own nation from CIS. I have edited that to make it my own, created clubs, cities, players, etc, leagues, cups. Took me weeks of editing. Thought I had it all done, only to find the European Qualifiers never begin (the World Cup Qualifiers do).

So, no idea what has happened, and I can't work it out in the editor, because the Euros have not actually been re-worked.... FML!

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