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Alain Pavard - Dear Diary

Diary entries spanning the career of one Dr Alain Pavard, a renowned football manager. (FM23 Career)
Started on 31 October 2022 by Harleygator
Latest Reply on 12 January 2023 by NTBgaming
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Such a nice intro to immediately pull us into the story of Alain Pavard! I'll be sure to follow this story and follow along his road in management. Excited to see if he gets a club and if so, what club it will be!
Great start and looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us. Good luck!

@NTBgaming: Dank je wel, friend! I hope I can earn your continued interest :) [ps. I understand you're Dutch; I've recently started learning the language, though I can't say I'm very good at it yet!]

@TheLFCFan, thank you for the comment. Unlike in past stories, I'll pretty much be writing and posting every update as soon as I get to a point in the save when it feels right (rather than planning it and scheduling updates for stuff done days or weeks before in the save), so you'll be seeing the journey in as close to real time as I will be. So that'll be interesting, hopefully, to see any feedback I get and consider it as I write the next bit and play the next matches.
Oh the frustrations of being a mid table club, on the one hand it's nice to overperform, but on the other hand you'd love to do just that little better and be in the fight for something. Interested to see how the season ends and if you'll get a contract extention (and if you'll accept it) or not!

P.S. I was really surprised to suddenly see you thanking me in Dutch so thanks for that haha! I know Dutch is particularly hard to learn (especially gramatically i think), so good luck on learning ;)

@NTBgaming, I'm certainly struggling with that aspect, yes. It's quite confusing that you have basic structural words that change (the = de/het) which really slows me down with constructing sentences, especially with how it affects the form of words (sterk meisje/sterke jongen). And obviously word order can be hugely different to what you'd expect in English (ze eten rijst / na de soep, eten ze rijst.... WHY DOES IT CHANGE?!). I'm not good with languages generally, never have been, so it's a big challenge. But I'm determined to get there, in the end.

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