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Rant: Heavilly dominating games, still suffering

Started on 11 February 2023 by Jinx
Latest Reply on 11 February 2023 by Nerazzurri
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Hello my fellow trainers,

today I wan't to discuss a topic you are most probably familiar with: heavily dominating games but still struggling to win. Making 30 shots vs 2 and still drawing is something exceptional and can happen every now and then, but when this kind of situation keeps repeating it's hard not to suspect on the game simulation being rigged.

Devs claim the game is based on a fair simulation that doesn't treat the player any special, however it's also logical to think devs might not always be sincere because their primary objective is to sell games. For example, if the game was to easy, people would quit playing; it's better to keep the player struggling and addicted, which is fine but then the simulation wouldn't be as fair as they claim.

I'm no expert in this matter, my only interest is to share my experience and shake off some of my frustration, at the same time I would like to here about your experience or knowledge in this matter.

I'm playing Europa, a random team that started in the 4th spanish division and I have grown it to first division and right know i'm battling for winning my first La Liga title (last season i ended 2nd drawing in points with Barsa >.<).

Here's my current season starting games:

As you can see I'm doing pretty fine. But my last result agains Vigo really bogged me:

As you can see I heavily dominated the game but still only got a draw. BTW "only" 11 shots on target, but 4 shots wen't to the crossbar.

Anyways, before playing this match I already had the sensation I was having very bad luck, so I decided to check my previous match results and this is how they went:

Again heavily dominating Gijon but still only winning 1-0.

This time dominating Pamplona and again suffering the whole match.

1-1 vs Shaktar again dominating the game.

Loosing 3-4 vs Valencia on a game where again I played better. They did 5 shots on target, 4 goals.

Heavily dominating Ajax but ended up only 2-1

Here I won 2-1 almeria, and the result was fair.

So as you can see, I struggle to score goals per chances made as the other teams do to me. The situation is starting to become a bit unrealistic. My forwards have some of the best shooting, composture.. on the liga. Also my goalkeeper is Unai Simon in his late years which is a solid goalkeeper but still the other teams goalkeepers just perform like superman every match. My chances are solid, I have "go to the box" activated to prevent shoots from afar and crosses

I play a really offensive football so sure I sometimes suffer a dangerous counterattack, but still I have a lot more clear occasions than the other team has.

And sure this are just some matches and it could be just bad luck, but this happens almost every season and I'm positive that the tendency is for me to need much more effort to score per chance created than IA teams.

Well if you read till here i really appreciate it. My only intention was to share my experience, get out some of my frustration, give some proof that this happens in the game and I will be hapy to listen to your opinions to this matter.

Have a nice day!
Could be something to do with your instructions for your stirking role/s.

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