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First option on players

Started on 24 December 2010 by bl007
Latest Reply on 25 December 2010 by MysticZombie
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How do you get/suggest/offer first option for a player?
Tried everything, and can't find it as an option. Am sure it must be in there somewhere, right? :/
You get first option on players from your feeder clubs - If it is stipulated in the Feeder/Parent club agreement.

If your team is a feeder team, the parent club may get first option on your players if it is part of your agreement..
:) Would like this to be available without the need for feeder/parent club arrangement to be in place, e.g. paying the feeder an amount for first option on player.

Alternatively you could pay his transfer fee, but request his actual arrival to be only in say 2 or 3 years.

Currently, the only options available are to sign him during the next available window, or at end of the season.

I think this transfer delay is in place when you try to sign a 17 year old Brazilian. Just wondering why this has to change when he turns 18. :/
Maybe Brazilian league rules when he's 17, but surely the club gets to say who he goes to when he turns 18.
I think it has something to do with players under the age of 18, and that they are unable to move internationally until they are 18 or something like that...
Not an expert, however Ive come across it a couple of times when signing youngsters from South America/Europe - as I only really manage outside of europe.

Basically parent/feeder relationships come with different agreemenets, stay at your club long enough with enough success and your board will allow you to recommend a club for them to approach with a parent/feeder agreement of your choice..
Yh u can't get the first option witout aving a feeder club agreement in real life and on the game,also an example of having to wait United signed Rafael and Fabio when thy were like 15-16 but they had towait 2-3 years until the transfer due to te stipulation in that nation, his is also similar in other south american countries.
I believe this was in older versions of the game being able to pay for First Option on a player. They must have taken it out.

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