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Poll: Goal Of The Week 5

Started on 24 December 2010 by Seph
Latest Reply on 29 December 2010 by MLR
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Goal Of The Week / Teamplay Goal (156 votes)
1) Nelson 37.2% (58 votes)
2) Smith 3.8% (6 votes)
3) Kakuta 7.7% (12 votes)
4) Cole 14.1% (22 votes)
5) Van De Velde 5.8% (9 votes)
1) Fernandinho (Teamplay) Goal 10.3% (16 votes)
2) Djeko (Teamplay) Goal 5.1% (8 votes)
3) Smallwood (Teamplay) Goal 16% (25 votes)
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Seph's avatar Group Seph
12 yearsEdited

Step by step we have made it to Week 5! I am really glad that this contest is getting into our lives and every time i try to do my best being 100% objective.. Competition is every time high so please, understand my situation in case you feel treated unfairly!
The truth is there's a "thing" with teamplay goals, and understand the dissadvantage they face.. This week i will experiment by providing an extra poll with 3 teamplay goals! Let's see what happens..

Merry Xmas to you and your families! Wish all best! :)

Here are the 5 best goals nominated for our forth contest in the Goal Of The Week series.

One by kleoz

Two by joannes3000

Three by msyaukat

Four by MLR

Five by zebow2002

Teamplay Goals

One by padvarken

Two by Turkish_Boy83

Three by Seph

The vote poll has closed. Winner is Kleoz and Seph - Congratulations mate!
You have earned your first goal icon which will appear on all of your forum posts. Profile changes to reflect this will be coming soon! (I won't insist on getting any reward)
According to the new rules the winner will choose the photo (favourite squad, player, logo) of the Hall of Fame section!

Till the next GOTW contest, i wish everyone a happy new year! Sincerely, wish all best!

Score super-duper goals??Send Seph your goals and fight for next week's "Goal Of The Week" award!! (Read the rules first)
Number 5 and Number 2 from teamplay are best for me.
Well, being biased I voted for no4 :P but I thought no1 was quite good too.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Can i vote the goal i sended :)
# Turkish_Boy83 : Can i vote the goal i sended :)
Yeah you can vote.
You can if it's necessary! :)
Didn't make the 5 but i didn't expect to tbh. I dont play much as i dont have time. Number 1 is a great goal imo.
No 1 is a very rare and impressive goal indeed! I think it deserves to win the contest..
Yay!Thanks for the support guys. :D
No. 1 was amazing...But no. 4 was amazing and Chelsea...So I voted for 4 :D
Its just typical my goal is in a week with a goal like no1 in it.

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