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National and Team Youth Ratings for Generated Players

Which rating does my team use?
Started on 12 August 2023 by Gruff66
Latest Reply on 23 August 2023 by Gruff66
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My current save is Cardiff City. I have been asked to make the most of the team's youth setup. Having done some research I understand that national youth rating is pretty important in determining the order in which newgens are distributed among teams. My question is this: does Cardiff City use Wales' youth setting, as this is its home country, or England's, as this is the league City plays in?

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you.
I believe your club will use the Youth rating of Wales since that is where the club is based out of. Since you are in the English League system, most of the top Welsh youngsters will want to join your club. Club reputation plays a large rule in Youth Development. Be sure your Head of Youth Development staff member is a highly rated as possible. This will help with your youth intakes. FM Scout has a video about how to get the best Youth intakes possible for more information.
Thanks very much for this. I thought this was the case but I'm glad you've confirmed it. It's a pity, as Wales' national youth rating is only about half that of England. Still, I might find one or two jewels.
National Youth Rating, isn't the only factor for newgens. Take a look here:
Thank you. This is helpful.

After receiving the first response to my question, I did some more research and found a series of videos by very helpful as well.

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