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Opinions on Roy Hodgson?

Started on 6 January 2011 by rywilson
Latest Reply on 7 January 2011 by Evo
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For me Hodgson is still stuck in Fulham-land and getting results you'd expect Fulham to get. Yes people say he hasn't had much time and he has Benitez's team but the signings he has brought in have been absolutely terrible; Haven't even seen the two centre midfield players on the pitch much. Paul Konchesky is an absolute joke, if he is Liverpool standard something is wrong, i'd choose Aurelio over him any day. Also he says Cole hasn't been performing, in my opinion he hasn't even had a chance to play in HIS position, just behind the striker. You can't expect a right footed player to play on the left side and play well consistanly unless he's always played that position. Not saying Hodgson needs to go, just needs to dig himself and the club out of the hole they're in, otherwise he's gone.
Although a Spurs fan myself, i completely hate the fact that is see teams like man utd, man city and arsenal above us and NOT Liverpool.
If there is one guy out there who can get Liverpool out of this situation, not rapidly but steadily, that's not Hodgson nor Rafa. My bet would be Martin O'Neil.
Have to say good call on Martin O'Neil. As for Hodgson I have to say he's a genuinely good manager looking at his record and what he's accomplished at many different clubs. Liverpool need to stick with him in my opinion.
As a Utd fan, I'm finding Liverpool's position hilarious, but he has to go, I think Martin Jol could do a good job there.

@cefthym I think it's gone beyond the point of steady improvement now, they really do need rapid improvement, but I agree Martin O'Neill could would be a good appointment.
Sack the man!
he isnt't going to turn thing around

And for Martin Jol, please appoint him...
In that case Ajax doenst have to pay his loan untill the end of the season!
I support LFC. This man has to go. There are no more excuses left for Hodgson. Whether he had a difficult time, this, that, whatever; it is time to go.
imo roy has never been a "great" manager. he is a good manager though. I think if liverpool go on a decent run then i think it would be best to keep roy and make him build up the team.

Sacking managers too early can be bad as well, especially considering that its not often you will get a manager who will make the team magically much better. also liverpools current team is far from being a top team. they need a bit of time to re-build i think. also a lot can be blamed on the team, as it's the players who actually do the work on the pitch. and from what ive seen they have been below par.

but i hope they get relegated :)
# RedArmy20 : but i hope they get relegated :)
I also hope they get relogated but I think they too good team to get relogated no matter who manage them.

And I also agree with you that Roy Hodgson is good manager but not "great".
What is it with the two Martin's? As far as I'm aware, they have never got the likes of Hartlepool from league two status to the Prem in successive seasons, and within three years into the Champions league. What Liverpool need is a ruthless manager; someone who isn't afraid to gamble on a Macedonian striker with a dodgy face who appears out of nowhere on the June 7th and suddenly gets thrown into the first team. Liverpool need me. Equally, any of you sterling footy managers out there who have the sweet taste of success ripe on your tongue's. (Fourth season with Millwall, sixth in the prem?! Thank you very much!) I mean, how hard can a Football Manager be? ;)
# rywilson : Also he says Cole hasn't been performing, in my opinion he hasn't even had a chance to play in HIS position, just behind the striker. You can't expect a right footed player to play on the left side and play well consistanly unless he's always played that position.
err what are you talking about? Joe Cole could play on any wing for chelsea & England, left or right. Might I remind you that Joe Cole rarely started a game behind the striker(s) at Chelsea & England. Joe Cole just needs to be injury free and have time to gel at Liverpool.

As for Roy, He doesn't seem like the right man. I can see him being replaced by Martin O'Neil, who in my opinion would be the right man in-charge. Clearly Roy is having a laugh if he thinks N'Gog can partner/support Torres upfront. A good striker and a solid centre back will help out Liverpool massively (E.g. ST: Suarez, Adebayor, Santa Cruz or Aguero. DC: Zapata or David Luiz).
ps I thought Hodgson would revitalise Liverpool. He hasn't. However, he also hasn't been able to spend. If (and only if) the Liverpool board have money to throw at Hodgson to bring in a few good players (I've heard rumours about Elia from HSV. Future Dutch star, or next Ryan Babel? Looks good from what I've seen, but any german/dutch regular viewers out there got a diff/better opinion?) and at least one top calibre player, then they should keep him on so he can "stamp his authority on the team". But who's going to want to come to a team languishing in the mid-table of the prem with about as much hope of getting into the Champions League as MJ, Diana and Elvis busting outta the ground and doing a charity gig together?

As I said, that's only "if" they have money. No money, bye bye Hodgson.
gonzo89cb :

I regret my opinion your majesty.
I didn't know you had signed up in FM scout :P
You're getting sacked in the morning!
I feel for the bloke to be honest did so well at Fulham . . .

I think he's one of those managers that can perform miracles on a shoestring budget, and when money is being thrown at him he's pretty much clueless?

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