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Started on 17 November 2023 by SamuraiHex
Latest Reply on 13 April 2024 by SamuraiHex
A FRESH NEW START HAS BEGUN! Taking our completely inexperienced manager we aim to conquer the world and become the greatest manager the world has ever seen! Starting unemployed who will be our first club?

Club 1 Episode 1
The Director Of Football has been busy in the transfer window. Three loanees have come in plus many players have left. Now we have to get down to business and win some games! Otherwise we are Destined For Relegation!

Club 1 Episode 2
We have to win every single remaining in the hopes of surviving and not getting ourselves sacked! We also have to hope the teams above us don't end up gaining points. If we don't win and the other teams do... I'm Getting Sacked In The Morning!

Club 1 Episode 3
Well, we got sacked after the last episode because we got relegated out of the playable leagues of Croatia. So now the job hunt begins! With England now being added as playable which of the 11 nations will be managing in this time?

Club 2 Episode 1
With only one player joining in the transfer window and no one leaving we had been doing well. However, with a major injury to our only decent goalie and then a subsequent injury to our young backup one we now have no fit goalkeepers! We instead have to play a 1 star greyed out goalie! It'll be tough to get results this episode.

Club 2 Episode 2
With the final two games of the season we have to win and win big and hope results go for us to get into the playoffs. Can we do it?

Club 2 Episode 3
It's the TRANSFER WINDOW SPECIAL! Can our Director of Football replace the loanees leaving as well as replace the retiring players? Or will it be a DISASTER OF A TRANSFER WINDOW?

Club 2 Episode 4
We are currently doing better than expected in the league! But now all thoughts go to cup day where we have a big cup game against a J1 League Side! Can we win?

Club 2 Episode 5
Games are coming thick and fast and because of that and the lack of depth in our squad, an injury in a game to one of our players means we only have one fit striker! Could this ruin our aims of promotion this season?

Club 2 Episode 6
It's the final two games of the season and just one win will seal our promotion as well as confirm us as champions of the J3 League! Can we go and do it? Or will we lose both games and be confined to the playoffs?

Club 2 Episode 7
It's transfer window special once again and we have to do well in it. Newly promoted and already looking relegation likely we now have to hope the Director of Football makes amazing signings to keep us up!

Club 2 Episode 8
We are halfway through the season now and we are currently in the top two! Today's game is against the other top two side Fukuoka who we have to win to keep up our unlikely promotion push!

Club 2 Episode 9
We have the final game of the season today. In today's final game are we champions? Are we promoted? Are we in the playoffs? Or have we fallen down the league and find ourselves mid-table?

Club 2 Episode 10
We are J1 bound! And because of that, we have a super crucial transfer window coming up! Will we get J1 League quality players in to help us stay up this upcoming season. Or will it be a window of failure?

Club 2 Episode 11
The J1 League is halfway through its season and we are inconsistent. With games coming fast, we need to prove ourselves as top-tier quality! Let's hope a turn in form will get us far away from the relegation zone!

Club 2 Episode 12


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