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Poll: Goal Of The Week 6

Vote For The Best
Started on 14 January 2011 by Seph
Latest Reply on 22 January 2011 by Liapos13
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Goal Of The Week - Vote For The Best (217 votes)
Seph's avatar Group Seph
13 yearsEdited

Happy new year people! GOTW is back again with 5 entries for you to choose! Your participation was outstanding and competition is high so please, understand my situation in case you feel treated unfairly! I am trying to be 100% here, trust me.

However i have a small doubt; men please read the rules before sending me anything!! I get soooo many unappropriate videos every week but they are so crapy that i can't consider them for the contest.. :(

This week there are no teamplay goals, simply because you didn't send me enough to be jugded, but i will keep all teamplay goals you send me and put them in the polls when i have at least 3..

Here are the 5 best goals nominated for our sixth contest in the Goal Of The Week series.

One by doda

Two by SHADOW28

Three by rywilson

Four by I_Love_LLM

Five by macdab55

Except from the vote, i want to hear your thoughts about your choise! Every such goal is not easy to be scored so i would like to understand what's in your mind! Good luck, let's see who's gonna be the first winner of 2011!

Score super-duper goals??Send Seph your goals and fight for next week's "Goal Of The Week" award!! (Read the rules first)
I voted for 3rd goal but in my opinion number 1 will win this week. 2nd goal was also kinda good. I think the worst was probably mine.
Picked number 3, love a good v2nd attempt in a game. Especially one like that! ha :)
No. 3 is a great goal in my opinion, i think it deserves to win.
voted n. 3 but n. 1 is also very good!!

i dont like the most voted till now (n.2)
it occasionaly happens in real life when a player intends to make a cross and then he ends up scoring, just seemed like that to me!

congrats on all the competitors who made it to the top 5! i sent 3 videos but my video quality wasn't enough!! :( maybe next time!

keep scoring, and keep up the good work seph!
SHADOW28's avatar Group SHADOW28
13 yearsEdited
first of all i like all 5 goals and gratz to all.bro iiioooque i disagree with you but its just my personal opinion :)

Com on people i ll vote for sure the second.Tell me have u ever see a goal like that?and by whom dalapera?Is this a real person or generated from the game ?

christos ntalaperas profile.he play for iliakos lechainon in greek amature division of ileia.and for all who don't know about greek league is:
1)greek super league
2)football league
3)national c division
4)delta ethiki
5)amature division

bro thrall21 iam not 100% sure that is real person
No.1 only has 2 votes !!!!!!!!!???????????????
Voted No.3...No.2 is total fluke, cant belive it has so many votes :O
its your opinion bro Mikac and i respect it :)
How can people rate messed up crosses so high?
i agree with you Evo and mikac, thats simply a lucky mistake that looked pretty! :P
Agreed. I think no.1 takes much more skill to do!
No 3 for me. Some good technique. No 2 was lucky which is why it didn't get my vote

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