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Your favorite tactic?

Started on 26 January 2011 by Liapos13
Latest Reply on 31 March 2011 by macdab55
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I play Fm for 6 years now and i always have the same tactic.4-4-2 diamond.I only change the positions and the team instructions. It's a complicated tactic cause u must have very good passers with excellent creativity.And this is the easiest way to score with this tactic...lots of passes and maybe some crosses from the backs if they have good attacking attributes.It's very useful especially with the weak teams but u have to defend very well and to be very aggresive.The good with this tactic is that i make many chances to score but the bad is that many times i can't score even though i have very good strikers!Βut this is sometimes a cost!Maybe its time to change my tactic eh? (but i don't want to do that) :P
I want to see ur suggestions,your favorite tactics and ur opinions! :)
And i apologize to your english is very bad :P
My favourite tactic is 4-4-2 but somtimes I am using 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-1-2.
4-3-3 flat or with wingers.
I play 4-4-2 diamond with a playmaker and anchor man and flat wingers .
I always use 4-2-4 with 2 very wide wingers. My wingers are always out and out wingers who are very quick, excellent crossing, dribbling and have good flair with an eye for goal.

My first CM is always a defensively minded one with good passing and technique as well as putting a tackle in. My second CM is always more attack minded with good passing technique creativity and an eye for goal :D and has a good first touch and teamwork.

My team settings are Focus passing down both flanks and and set very wide. I like man marking with more direct passing and pressing more. :D
I'm playing with Sunderland in the EPL. Obviously, I cannot play sexy football with this team and I need some defensive solidity, so my focus has been to have a solid defense and to primarily play counter-attack.

I play a 4-1-3-2 (wide):


2 FB - Automatic
2 DC - Defend

DMC - Anchorman (Defend)
MC - Either Playmaker (Support) or Ball-Winning Midfielder (Support)
ML, MR - Winger (sometimes Support, sometimes Attack)

ST: Targetman (Attack) or Advanced Forward (Attack)
ST: Poacher (Attack) or Advanced Forward (Attack)

I have set my passing style as Direct, generally with high tempo. From touchline instructions, I say "Get ball forward", "Pump ball in the box", "Hassle Opponents". I'm not sure how much effect hassling opponents has or whether or not I should use it, though. Any ideas? My defenders are good, but not world-class. In fact, apart from ONE striker (Edin Dzeko), I don't have any World-class players. I had to make do with players that I could afford to buy.

Using this tactic, I have had the following results in Premier League:

Season 1: Finished 11th in league. Managed to get some good players cheaply and others on free transfers

Season 2:
League: Won the Premier League!!
English Cup: 1st
FA Cup: Finalist

Season 3:
League: 5th
Champs League: 3rd in Group Stage
EURO Cup: Second knock-out round

Season 4 (Currently on-going):
League: 1st (24 games played)
EURO Cup: Reached first knock-out round
English Cup: Finalist (finals yet to be played)
FA Cup: Not yet knoecked out ... 5th round, I think.

(PS: You don't need to apologise for your English. It's perfectly understandable)
Cruz's avatar Group Cruz
13 yearsEdited
My favourite tactic is 4-2-3-1 (conrol, balanced, counter, slow tempo, wide, normal def. line, and short passing game, possesion is the key for success, but also score many goals from counters)

my AMC is mostly a high profiled trequartista (I recommend Pastore, €12.75mil. release clause), and the wingers are either attacking minded wingers or inside forwards with a tendency to cut inside (left footed winger plays always on the right side, noumsayin.. ;) ) and of course they switch positions all the time...

because I play with one forward, I'm always playing with a "complete striker", which means a striker that can play everything needed, depending on the situation... (must be strong, fast, tall, composed and have great heading ability)

(I can only recommend Edin Džeko or Khouma Babacar... Džeko scored four seasons in a row more then 40 goals, and Babacar scores at least 15 as a reserve player... unbelievable) :)

I play with two central midfielders, one is ALWAYS a deep-lying playmaker; and the other one is mostly a box-to-box power-guy, who finishes often, especially in counter-attacks! (no matter what role in the midfield, I recommend two players: Andrea Poli, and of course THE MAN Luka Modrić, both ain't that expensive)

my midfielders are hard to mark, but mostly play thru the middle, that's why my full-backs are always busy runnin with the ball on the touchline, and delivering crosses or back passes for mid-range shots (very useful if you have pacey full backs, but if they're slow, don't let them go forward, cuz you'll lose your nerves when your opposition team score like 3 goals from counter attacks in a game :) , I recommend Coentrao, the smartest LB on FM11...)

my CB's must have some technical abilities because I play with two "ball-playing" CB's (this is very useful if you struggle to produce chances; in this situation I let the team play extreamly wide, normal tempo, and the CB's become playmakers... Pique is perfect, but if you cannot sign him, I recommend Demichelis) :D

My Bayern München team for the 2014/2015 season was like this:


Reserves: Kusczack, Demichelis, Contento, Poli, Müller, Kroos & Bubacar

thanx for reading my post! I hope it can be useful to somebody :)

Your post is useful...I've not thought about playing Dzeko as a complete striker...I'll try it out.
# Gurdit : Your post is useful...I've not thought about playing Dzeko as a complete striker...I'll try it out.
Definitelly try it out, you won't regret it :)
people usually think Džeko is a typical target-man, I agree but he's got so much more to offer, as a complete striker he's able to get back to receive the ball, and if you let him to "do his own thing" he'll have a lot more assists then you actually expect from him...

you wrote that you play 4-1-3-2, fast and wide, I guess on counter.. you don't have to listen to me, but I recommend you to play with džeko as a complete striker and sign chicharito as poacher... and the champions league is yours ;)

I played also a few times 4-1-3-2, but my intructions were: short pass game, slow & narrow :-) which worked out pretty well, cuz then you control the game. completelly
Same team and formation as Gurdit.

Ben Saada/Elmohammady-----Defour/Cattermole-----Fleck/Alba

GK: Goalkeeper (Defend)
FB: Full Backs (Support)
CB: Ball Playing Defenders (Defend)
DM: Defensive Midfielder (Defend)
WM: Wingers (Support)
CM: Box to Box Midfielder (Support) [Playmaker]
ST: Complete Forwards (Attack) [Gyan is the Target Man]

Won a domestic treble in one season.
Hi for FM2011 I've been using a tactic called Ghost (which I downloaded so not tacking credit for it) It's a 4-1-3-2 formation, takes a couple of games for your team to get used to it (there's attacking version and control) but when they do it's awesome, it got me to the prem with Hereford, Forest in to Europe, Arsenal prem and FA in first season! waiting for update then I'm taking Brighton to the Prem! mind i think Gus P will do that anyway!
im using 4-2-4 for liverpool
my first season i became premiership champions and EURO cup Champions
try it by your team, it effective for many teams as man city, inter, ac milan, etc
adamahc's avatar Group adamahc
13 yearsEdited
I tend to have 3, though the one I use most is from the sounds of it similar to Poma's as the game recognises it as a 4-3-3 but I have it saved as 4-5-1

I also, now thinking on it, think it looks like Manchester United's formation....(shown below is my formation with United players slotted in.)

-------------------Van Der Sar--------------

basically 4-5-1/4-3-3


FB-Full Back(support)
CML-Advanced Playmaker(attack)
CM-Ball Winning Midfielder(defend)

Settings: Everything to default but playing style is either control when favorites and evens, standard when underdogs (not very often after a couple seasons)

Now I know it may not be the best technically, but it works wonders for whichever team I play with even if the players aren't best at playing the positions...they somehow still perform at a good level.
Ghost tactic is amazing. I just started playing with BV Veendam (second division Dutch team with media prediction 8th) and was disappointed to see that I had to play Ajax in an early round of the Dutch cup. But with this tactic I managed to dominate the game and win with 3-2 :D (I haven't signed any new players yet - so I won with the original team). I will surely continue with this tactic to see where it brings me :) Who knows, I might even win the cup B)

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