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Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi Or Kaka ?

Started on 29 February 2008 by torres
Latest Reply on 7 June 2011 by l3nnart
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Well I did, and there he did get the space he needs to shine, and there is no question about it, in space, he is the best player in the world, but he is NOT as complete as Ronaldo
# torres : Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi Or Kaka ?

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# l3nnart : Well I did, and there he did get the space he needs to shine, and there is no question about it, in space, he is the best player in the world, but he is NOT as complete as Ronaldo

cristiano would be complete if he had brains instead of meatloaf!!

i'm sorry to say my friend, but that boy is just a mule with some athletic capabilities and some technic! You should review the world cup to see what ronaldo played and pay special attention to his decisions when portugal needed him the most!!

The only time that I must agree with you that he was complete was back in Man Utd! There he was just godlike, since crosses to amazing dribbling, shots and delightful freeckicks! Now ... there is just to many nights downtown with Irina and Paris Hilton! The fame has spoiled him!
lol, because messi had a great world-cup?
# funny : i think you guys didn't see barca V MAN.UTD. that game was Messi all the way.
ronaldinho is fat doubt.(he PLAYED good when he played for Barca) Cristiano is a big head.kaka PLAYED good but he isn't that good anymore (maybe because he's getting old?)
i have to say:Messi all the way...
In case you didn't know, Kaka was injured for quite a while before playing again, any player would need time to adjust before playing the way they should. Just look at Rooney, although I'm not saying that piece of prostitude sh*t is on the same level as Kaka.
I hate CR7 and his cockyness, although I admit that he's a great player, not as good as before, but still great. I have nothing against Messi personally, but the older he gets, the more I think that he's average.
iiiioooque obviusly you are one of does portugueses wo dont like cristiano!!!

the question is wos the best player not wo is the smart or umble player that speeks to the TV

Ronaldo is the Best player of the world since is second season on MAN U.
the fact of is selfish thing is what made him the best player and is professionalism... althroght in FM SI dont put him with a higher reting of professinalism every club tha he plays all team mates and managers says is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave the trainnig ground

if messi is a better team player? yes it is but sometimes that leaves is teamplayer (Villa and others) with 2 opposite defenders so they must pass the ball to the back again.... Cristiano pass and is teamplayer(Benzema and others) have 90% chances of having no defender at all marking him!!!

iiiioooque if Cristiano is dumb? yes it is!!! if he is a show every one that "i'm the best"? yes is not umble!!! and if we shows to everyone wo we really is that is because he is a very confident pearson and he trust on is skills to win a mucht as possible of everything!!!!
# l3nnart : lol, because messi had a great world-cup?

LOL hell no! messi did as much as ronaldo in the WC, although I dont know if that's maradona's fault ...

Now to you, benfica supporter

I'm not one of "those portuguese" who hate cristiano, I simply don't think that he is playing the way he did back in Man Utd! Back then there was no argue that he was the best player in the world by far! But now he is to cocky and selfish, if that's what got him to the top ... fine, but that doesn't mean that he plays as well for the rest of his career. In my opinion he's game isn't enough to pass messi!

My only wish is that he plays as well for Portugal as he plays in RM, preferably scoring as much goals!

ps: I don't even watch press conferences so his TV speeches aren't the point here!
Nani is best dribbler.
Cristiano is selfish.
Messi is best in world.
Ronaldinho is fat.
And l like Robben!

I don't understand why everybody says Cristiano is selfish !? He may be a bit retarded, but he is not selfish
# l3nnart : I don't understand why everybody says Cristiano is selfish !? He may be a bit retarded, but he is not selfish

I understand you, he can't be selfish, he just hasn't the intelligence to think in himself only, he's just to dumb to be able to do that!!

My point is that in crucial plays he ins't able to think as a team and pass the ball, but only to fire his cannon like shots, that some times get in, but mostly are off the target!
I'd say he's more of a team-player then Messi... Sure he'll take some shots when he could have passed insted, but that's his job, he's supose to try and get past his defender when his team doesn't play well so that he can create something on his own. And I'll tell you what else, Messi didn't even want to go out and celebrate the La Liga win after the last leauge game, you know why? Because he didn't get to play and thus a chanse to beat Ronaldo as top-scorer... THAT is what you call selfish
So when has this turned into an argument between CR7 and Lionel Messi?
just now
It has become an arguement between the two, since ronaldinho became fat, and Kaka made his worst season ever!!

there's no point in discussing those last two since their quality has decayed since last two years!


you seem to know more than I do, I didn't know that Messi had done that! :X
well I didn't see it myself, but I've read about it in many diffrents newspapers and such with all of them pointing do diffrent sources (so it's not just one of those when everybody uses Marca as their source)... and if you think about how he acts on the field, you'll never see him encourage his teammates or such if things aren't going right, but he'll show some temper with some late elbows and such (not to say he's a gritty Gattuso-kind, but certianly not the saint everybody says he is)... The only diffrence between him and Ronaldpo is that he's been all about success the last couple of years, and who can't show class when your winning?

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