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Started on 8 March 2011 by Giorgos
Latest Reply on 17 March 2011 by Phenomenon
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I took on the helm of Athletic Bilbao! I got the team nearly 9 yrs now I got everything and even managed to increase the clubs rep points to 9000+ and I am into the top 5 clubs of Europe and the world in general but still... there are many referees who don't play fair in my games for example this son of a bitch called Undiano Mallenco (he is a fucking jerk really) and the rival has nothing to do with it when you got yellow cards and cancel clear goals against Levante is something to notice!
So, I think that the new FM must have a comment to the referees game which is I think essential!
I have always thought that there should be an option to interact with officials would be a good idea.
Sounds like a great idea, ive also found the new interaction system with other managers quite usless, as i can now only praise them or question them.

i cant be PC anymore and say something like " i look frward to the rival match and hopes the best team wins" .

Also responding to comments has no function, if someone critisizes my aproach to the game, i cant respond with something like i tactically outclassed him (if i won)
Or that he just got lucky.

Have a new game playing with 15! edited top leagues in europe, and after a freindly i had my defense critizised, and i had no response for it :@
I think by not adding it in, they're trying to say that managers shouldn't be making complaints about officials. (Not that any manager does ;) Wenger)

Though having said that I think it would be much better if you could, even if in the post-match interview if they asked you more about your thoughts on the officials decision making.

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