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Fresh FM 2012 ideas

Started on 20 March 2011 by raydenvm
Latest Reply on 23 June 2011 by benkane44
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I believe it's time time to think about FM 12 and its future astonishing features we'd like to see:

- Facebook integration
- History of changes of player attributes since the very beginning of the game
- Talks with staff members
- Better 3D match mode
- Option to disable generated players
- Interior blogging
- Spending manager's salary
- More diversity in player talks

You can also read and take a part in an interesting disputation regarding new possible FM 2012 features at this page:
FM 2012 new features
I would love one of the new features to be "players position when you dont have the ball". example- The way you set your formation on the tactic's screen well have a
similar screen whereby you can drag and drop your players position when not in possesion i would love that. :P
dont need fb integration
Not fussed about changes of player attributes since start of the game only current season changes is needed.
All talks need improving and more integration with staff is needed and it has to be far better then the player chats we have now which appear to do very little and not make much sense.
Better 3d match engine - more realistic the better with a wider veriety of moves and game events is needed.
generated players are needed as football does not stand still and is constantly evolving and new players come in and play - can not predict future players so generation needed.
blogging pointless - its a football managment sim not blogger.
Need a way to make your salary worth something - yes perhaps add a new section all about personolazion and let you spend your cash on a veriety of things such as houses, hobbies etc and then integrate it all in the media etc.
I would love if you as manager could add personal favourites and see it and maybe more than one team as favourite.
thats a great idea ben. me personally would love to have far more tactical control in the game and a tactics editor along the lines of the old player manager series of games would be ace! where you can ask the players to move with or without the ball and ask them to pass the ball into areas you want and not just what the game says.
Should be able to build a manager profile purly by doing media and activities in the game. Everything you do as a manager should come out in the game - even if you give a angry team talk or slag off your rivals or get a younger girlfriend say or buy a helicompter - need more rpg elements to improve the realism to me.
Agree with the whole staff conversations feature it would be nice maybe to have some slighty in-depth talk with staff on your next match and tactics that could be used to expose you opposition and not just one sentence from the backroom advice screen.
Oh yes greater tactical control i fully agree with cause after all thats what is the difference between a draw and a win sometimes. But the whole salary and buying things kinda comes across as it would be The Sims-Football manager but yes more realism is need somehow.
Backroom advice though seems to mainly be bad advice so i ignore most of it. I wanna say to my staff hay guys we aint looking great and need to pick up points now or we are gonna get relagated so lets get working harder and we can do it - But you can not in the game have these kind of chats which needs to happen.
yes greater interaction with staff is a must! I hate reading the backroom advice for my next champions leauge game which is crucial and just getting the danger man statement lol ohhhh and also paul what about scout reports any suggestions for improvement?
I pretty much ignore scouts, staff and most reports given too me to be honest. They all need changing!! I aways get advised by scouts/staff to buy players that I aint gonna be able to afford in a million years with my current club. I think the whole staff thing needs to be more personal so that they become part of you and your managment and maybe even have it so you cant just ignore them and have to use them - perhaps put a limit to what jobs you yourself can do in one day like in the real world?
I also ignore scouts because they offer me players who I don't need and like paul said for money that I don't even have but sometimes they find quite good players.
Us FM players will never be satisfied LOL. But yes i select very carefully what to listen to and some of my scouts have brought me reports on playes who have turned out to be as good djimi traore! worse liverpool player ever! and he has a champions leauge medal! :O
We have to be more involved us managers.
1) Better chat with players,
2) Instructions to the coaches,
3) Facilities (views of buildings, academies in other countries, even construction of new stadium )
The old timers ( as my self ) miss that. ;)
I play this game since CM 97/98 and if they add this option to spend manager's money on houses and cars, it will be the end of this game for me.

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