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MAN UTD 2011-2012.

Not to sure what to do..
Started on 1 May 2011 by cocogumbo
Latest Reply on 9 May 2011 by talerin
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Hi everyone!
I'm relatively new to all this so any help would be appreciated. I've been reading a few posts from here already about 'wonderkids' but I could really do with some expert advice.. not massively sure whether this is the right place to post this and if it isn't - really sorry! O:-)


GK: David De Gea - He's pretty solid for me, bought him for £32.5 but he's an investment for the future!
DR: Rafael - Also, going to be good in the future and he'd amazing for me now.
DC: Giorgio Chiellini - Using him as a 'cover' for Vidic, still settling in I think..
DC: Nemanja Vidic - Limited defender? Or a stopper? Was really good last season, now a bit poo.
DL: Gareth Bale - Sold Evra for £22m to Real Madrid so bought in Bale, could be performing better, averaging 7.10?
MR: Antonio Valencia - Not too sure how to use him but he hugs the touch line & scores a fair few times.
MC: Andrea Poli - Used in rotation, got him playing 'ball winning' with 'defend': is this right?
MC: Douglas Costa - The attacking flair, fans love him. Advanced playmaker?
ML: Jack Wilshere - Transfer listed from Arsenal, love him. Doesn't really score though?
FC: Wayne Rooney - Always does long shots, always misses. Would love to sell but fans would murder me. How can I make him great?
FC: Javier Hernadez - AMAZING. Places shots.

Sold: Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick, Bebe, Berbatov, Nani & Rio Ferdinand.

Other Players & Subs: Lukaku, Neymar, Wes Brown, Tom Cairney, Daniel Kofi Agynei, Anderson, Alex Chamberlain, Joe Mattock & Owen Hargreave.

Currently playing a 4-4-2 which is 'very fluid' & is 'attacking'.
What would YOU do to get the best out of this team?
Please help, would benefit me so much!
I say they would fit well into this tactic.
De gea, good replacement for van der Sar!

Chiellini one of the best defenders in the game, killer duo with vidic!
Not the fastest one do?
Think i would use them both is just central defenders.

The evra-bale i dont really understand, evra one of the best dl in my opinion.
Would understand if you kept evra and bought bale, for ml and rotate him there and a good backup for dl. i think bale doesnt meet his full potential at dl.

Wonderfull signing Wilshere, stupid Arsenal.
Don't think that ml is his best position?Did you train him at that position? or is he natural?what is his role?

Douglas costa, advanced playmaker seems fine.

Wayne rooney, difficult, frustrating if such good players don't meet there potential.
Try to set his long shots to rarely..
And maby also just like hernandez, try to train him to place his shots?
Dunno if that works/that he wants to, maby he has powerfull shots, then he doenst want to train on 'place shots'...
What role is he in? and hernandez?

As for tactic, that is difficult to say, maby you should try the one posted above.
I never tried it before.

Oohh, and cairney, let him play!great player!
And maby investment for the future and a good back up: Phil Jones best talent in England!
In my personal view i would have contain instead of attacking :) :D :D :)) :O O:-) X-( :( :P :-X >:) :-* I-) :/ ;)
I know selling Evra was a bit strange but I got offered over £20m for him and thought I could use Bale there until I had found a replacement: any ideas? My scouts keep telling me Ashley Cole.. LOL, there is no way I will sign him!

Jack Wilshere is natural at AML but I've set him up as a Winger with loads of creativity & attacking focus, so he should be alright really. Is this good for him? I want him to really succeed!

I rotate Douglas Costa & Tom Cairney depending on matches, fitness etc. Like them both! : )

Rooney is set as an 'Advanced Forward' & Hernandez is a 'Poacher'. Is this right?

How much could I sign Phil Jones for? I have about £10m left, trying to save some money just in case I need anyone in the January window.

I'll try that tatic & let you know how I get on. Thanks!
There is no way you culda got his team after a year unless you used the old, "add new manager" cheat !!!!
Except I've already explained that I sold a bunch of players to fund my new ones? Read the post. I sold Ferdinand to Man City for £30m, I also sold a few other players to build for the future. Don't accuse me of cheating when you know nothing. That's just rude. Also, don't forget about 'asking the board for funds' which is what I did with David De'Gea. Psssht.
1. Set both defenders to Central Defender, but set Chiellini as Cover, make sure he is at least 2 click lower mentality than Vidic, also set Vidic passing to short if he is making errors.

2. For the elft side, I would say set bale as wing back with support/attack duty and set Wilshere to cut inside, so you have on winger hugging line and one cutting inside, this will let bale go forward as well, but make a new trainng schedule for him and focus on defending.

3. For rooney, well you really need 1 of the strikers to come and get the ball, so it'd use him as a complete fwd with a mentality of 8 and make him target man, supply run onto ball, this will create loads of space for hernandez/wilshere, and dunno but poly seems better as a deep lying playmaker, however you need someone to defend, so dunno, both central midfielders seem good in attack, but you need balance.
If you are still in the same season or next, here is my suggestion. Don't waste Poli as Ball-winning; he is a great deep-lying play maker. You can still put him on defend duty.
Also, 442 doesn't utilize your talent source effectively. 4-2-3-1 might be better, with Chicarito/Lukaku upfront alternating, rooney and douglas costa as alternating trequartistas and Neymar AML. It's a sin to leave Neymar on the bench. You can play Poli as defending deep playmaker and Wilshere as box-to-box next to him.

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