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4-1-3-2 Control

Effective balanced control tactic

By Updated on Feb 07, 2011   69448 views   13 comments
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FM 2011 Tactics - 4-1-3-2 Control
Having previously been a big fan of the good old 4-4-2 I was leaking far too many goals in my 3rd season with Sunderland. I pulled 1 centre mid back to the defensive mid position, changed some roles and walla, my problems were solved! Less goals conceded, much better passing, possession and also more goals! In my first season with this tactic I went from previously finishing just inside the top-half to being serious title challengers and finishing 2nd. I was most impressed with how well this tactic worked against the bigger teams who I use to take a good hard thrashing from.

This tactic is generally an attacking tactic with a control mentality, but there is excellent balance between defense and attack. Very rarely do I find myself being punished by a counter attack and theres always plenty of options going forward, the given roles create good angles between the players and results in some very nice attacking football. Also expect goals galore from your defender that attacks the far post! ;)

Key roles and player types
DMC - Deep-Lying Playmaker - Support - perhaps the key position in this formation and I can't believe the difference just moving this one player back from MC makes, controls the passing in the game and is always there to stop that opposition midfielder who roams forward. Key attributes: Passing, Tackling, Creativity, Positioning, Teamwork.
MC -Box-to-Box Midfielder - Support - supports in midfield and key in getting forward and supporting the strikers, scores plenty of goals for a midfielder. Key attributes: Acceleration, Passing, Anticipation, Decisions, Off the Ball, Work rate.
ST - Complete Forward - Support - In a support role often finds space between the defense and midfield and links well with everyone, gets lots of assists and goals. Ideal would be a very well rounded player with good attributes all over. Key attributes: All Physical attributes, Teamwork, Passing, Finishing.
ST - Advanced Forward - Attack - The spearhead of your attack, chases down defenders and puts pressure on them and as long as he has good speed will find himself in countless one on one situations. Key attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Anticipation, Off the Ball, Finishing.

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Downloads: 17512 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2011-02-07
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Discussion: 4-1-3-2 Control

13 comments have been posted so far.

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    For all those having trouble downloading tactics (such as this one), it was a browser related issue that is now fixed with some extra coding we did to force any browser to download certain file types instead of trying to read them in-browser. The download would still work even with that issue, but you had to right-click on the download link and select "save link/target as".
    Now it's fixed though and should start the download anyway! Give it a try.
  • kewellisthebest's avatar
    click on the download and just reloads the page?!?!
  • vedor's avatar
    I can´t download it
  • kerembanker's avatar
    thanks dude.
  • kerembanker's avatar
  • ttukacs's avatar
    It is a good tactic. usually i also tested to play with a central midfielder and a ball winning midfielder right behind him, but my problem was that they are positioning very close to each other. Sometimes exactly in the same position when opposition is attacking and holding up the ball. That is why I use this tactic as usually push the CM to the right position to be CMR and push the DM to the left position to be DML. With this solution for me it is working more properly.
  • grobbo1234's avatar
    i dont see how this can work for others unless you give details of your defensive line, opposition intructions, how you tweek tactics for harder games, these details are needed or tactic is useless
  • l3nnart's avatar
    loving it dudeee !
  • Lucas3's avatar
    Tried it twice so far in 2 hard away games. Won both of them, with score 0:2 and 0:4. Its perfect but it seems too defensive to be used all season, or I am wrong? I am playing with Napoli and I am in the first season. It seems its important to have really good and fast strikers.
  • Stam's avatar
    The downloadable is .tac file and perhaps your browser is trying to open it instead of downloading. Try right clicking on the download button and select 'save link as' or something similar for your browser of choice.
  • miklhejhej's avatar
    can't download.
  • arsenaladam's avatar
    This is awesome, thanks dude.
  • mustangs rsa fc's avatar
    it looks interesting i will start this formation in today practice so we can used next game

    mustangs trainer
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