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FM 2012: Battle of the titans

Legend database for FM 2012
Started on 10 October 2011 by Valoel
Latest Reply on 14 June 2012 by kellerz1992
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What I plan to do at this moment:

1. Make all players start at 18 years old
2. Make them start at their first professional club
3. Give them their realistic position, some uses old positions which I will give modern equivilants instead. (For instance centre half, outside right which isnt used anymore will be changed to the roughly position in modern football)
4. I aim to have a complete picture pack available to download with the pack.
5. Personal data like: height, prefered foot and so on will be added where I can find the data.
6. Any personal or club related info/ties will not be added since the premise in this pack is they start fresh.
7. The attributes will be somewhat scaled, how exactly I will do it is not determined yet.

For instance Lev Yashin CA/PA 160/195
Oliver Kahn CA/PA 150/180

I might even go as far as to Add some key attributes as they were renowned for in real life to make sure they are good at that in the game.

For now I concentrate on research and pictures.
positions updated
Goalkeeper details updated.
Remember to pass me an archive of some pictures to start working on them. I'll post a sample of how a finished picture will look like later on.
# kay6103 : and what about Hakan Sükür, Rüstü Reçber, Ümit Davala ?

hakan sukur scored against ALL the greatest goalkeepers from his time, rüstü was transferred to barcelona in the past, and also selected 3d best goalkeeper from world cup 2002, Ümit Davala also has a great career and was selected 2nd best wingback(right) on world cup 2002 ..

i think these players deserve a spot :) ...

i totally agree with these turkish player especially for Hakan Suker and Rustu they had an exceptional world cup at 2002
Here's an example in before and after fashion.

Some of the pictures are in color - Maybe you know how to "greyscale" them
Are you sure about the greyscale part? I mean a vintage/retro look doesn't have to be in greyscale. But if you are certain about it, I'll greyscale them.
I will let you decide what looks best - graphics is not my strong suit.

Research and data is more me - I just like pictures for aesthetic feel :-)
Made some updates :)
hi first time ive posted anything on here, i was just wondering if you could include paul gascoigne in your legends as he was a awesome talent in his time.
yidomonk - I am pretty sure he is already on the list :)
Updated some stuff again
Updated some players

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