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FM 2012: Battle of the titans

Legend database for FM 2012
Started on 10 October 2011 by Valoel
Latest Reply on 14 June 2012 by kellerz1992
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A fantastic database Valoel, really enjoying it

Was just wondering if when you do another update could you please include Paul Gascoigne as this fella was superb. Cheers mate.
Gascoigne and Cantona will be in beta 3
Duncan is scheduled for beta 4 but I will see if I can sqeeze him in :)
Great effort out there this db made my day, plenty of young talent waiting me to sign them :)

Altough it made my day, I'd like to see more accurate attributes, for example Van Basten's composure was funny. 8 is not the correct number if you think what he was capable of doing in front of goal. Or Zinedine Zidane's dribbling and flair attribute, he invented half marseille roulette come on :)

Just had a thought, are you making up the footballers completely random or using a pattern to decide. I know you are not a SI games developer, but i think i can help you with some obvious players :)
Some of the values I fix on the players if I feel they signifies the player.

These are the attrubuttes I thought was most significant to the two:

Van Basten: Jumping, Finishing, Heading, Technique

Zinedine: Stamina, Strength, Passing, Technique

I could give them more preset values but that would simply take too long.

This way the "main" attributes (in my opnion) will be there and there is some randomness each time in who will be most complete.

Impressive work!

Can you include Ole Gunnar Solskjær in the next update?
What about José Luis Chilavert
In FM 2012 we can search and sign youth player and give them training to be wonderfull player....
But, how about legendary player like maradona, pele, Van Basten, Gullit etc??
Can we get them in FM 2012???
Hy Valoel, Did you consider some of the Croatian legends like Davor Šuker and Zvonimir Boban?
Robert Prosinečki, played for Real Madrid, Barcelona, Portsmouth, of the best central midfielders in Croatia history
afeter the news today, can we please add Gary Speed to this list?
i am loving this but cannot get the facepack to work. Also maybe add a few more Irish players, Liam Brady Paul McGrath Johnny Giles

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