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Players For The Lower Leagues

Players for teams in the BSN/BSS
Started on 27 October 2011 by Utaka
Latest Reply on 28 July 2013 by Moredhel
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Here is my list of players that I have found to ignite your Non-League Teams.
This is based on my Blyth Spartans Game so they are players that are willing to play in the BSN (These players should go to all BSN/BSS teams)

James Gilpin: Free Transfer - A good solid young 'keeper with a good build (6'3" & 14st 4lbs). Gilpin possesses very high 'One on One' Stats as well as good reflexes. 20 years old
Gregory Hartley: Free Transfer - A promising young ‘keeper who has good positioning, decision making and bravery. 21 years old.
Alan Fitzpatrick: Free Transfer - If you prefer the more experienced goalkeeper then this is your man. A bit of pace and bravery, could be used as a 'sweeper keeper'. 31 years old.


Centre Backs:
Oliver Nicholas : Free Transfer - A real old fashioned Centre Back, Good Height and with a little bit of pace. Fit as a butcher’s dog! 19 years old.
Brian Bell : Free Transfer - Another good centre back with good heading and tackling skills. 24 years old.
Matthew Pike : Free Transfer - Looks like a promising player and has very good stats. 21 years old.

Full Backs:
Nikki Ahamed : Free Transfer - Good technical and quick right back, if you play attacking full backs I'm sure he will cause trouble. 20 years old.
Curtis Wynter : Free Transfer - Another right back that will cause trouble going forward but also good defensively. 20 years old.
Mark Clare: Free Transfer - He can play left or right back which is always handy and better at just defending because he hasn’t got much pace. 20 years old.
Luke Rowe : Free Transfer - An attacking left full back/wing back that has good pace and good attacking traits but even better defensive ones. 19 years old.


Central/Defensive Midfielders:
Medi Abalimba : Free Transfer - African Holding Midfielder. Looks very promising! Especially if you play a defensive midfielder because he will do all them 'sitting' jobs well. 18 years old.
James Comley : Free Transfer - Another holder but just as good in central midfield and can play right back. Has very good mental attributes. 20 years old.
Andrew Giallombardo : Free Transfer - American holding midfielder that will offer security and a bit of passing talent. 22 years old.

James Cronesberry : Free Transfer - You have to sign this player, he is a proper left winger! It’s unbelievable that he will play at this level; he could be a League 2 player in my opinion. 20 years old.
Matthew Harris : Free Transfer - Can play in all of them attacking roles, right winger (best) left winger and attacking midfield. 17 years old.
Ray Putteril : Free Transfer - Left winger with a bit of pace and excellent dribbling skills. He could be trained as a very good Attacking Midfielder IMO. 22 years old.

Attacking Midfielders:
Michael Evans : Free Transfer - An experienced attacking midfielder with decent attributes. He can also play as a right winger. 35 years old.

Martin Reilly : Free Transfer - Goals, Goals, Goals! He will get you goals! A great finisher with pace - Perfect Poacher! 24 years old.

Please feel free to add to this list. There will be more to come but this is all I have had time to do :)
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
I noticed you were a little low on strikers so i went to find a few:

Pablo Counago: Really good striker, 10+ in most stats, Probably an Npower League 1-2 Key player, He signs for some low clubs though, but not all, Definately try to sign him if you can, (31 years old)Also, From what i know, Only you can get him, other clubs don't seem interested.

Phil Younghusband: Despite his name, He's one heck of a striker, His attributes are quite low, Apart from three attributes: Natural fitness (13)Pace (12) Finishing (11), Got 8 goals and 4 assists in 10 games for me.

And a defender right:
Trent McClenahan: Australian Right defender with just about 10 in 50% of his stats, 26 years old.

Dean Bouzanis (Well, called something like that, He's from australia, So you can always search for a name like that from A-Z,)
Thee best goalie you can get in the BSN/BSS/BSP/NPL2.

Has alot of 10's in his stats. and he is only 20.
Benedict Akewuegbu - Good stats and scores a few at BSS level although he is 36
Damian Casalinuovo (ST)- what a goal machine! 31 goals from 19 games for Staines in BSS, 14 from 15 so far in BSP.
Martin Camano (DC)- a really solid CB who is great from corners to boot.
Nate Short (DC) and David Elebert (DC) - While Elebert lacks pace, they are both technically great for lower leagues
Gareth Williams (MC)- makes a great DLP, with creativity and flair.
Tresor Kandol (ST)- a great target man, strong and tall
Fergus Bell (ST)- another goal machine! Got 17 from 14 before being injured for 12 months.
Javan Vidal (D/MR)- a solid right back/mid with good pace and decent technically, formerly of Man City.
willie bruton- AMR very good player.

anthony tynan- striker who bangs them in for my dartford team!

david worrell- RB Who is very solid at the back.

carlos- angolan GK Has 9 clean sheets in 17 games for me.

charlie sheringham- FWD top goalscorer for me, loves the spectacular goals.
McCashin is a lovely young centre back for my Truro side. Got fans player of the year in my playoff winning season despite playing in only half the games. Stats aren't the greatest but he's developing and is a player who constantly performs.
Shane Williams
Matthew De Cae
Danny Jackson

Good Players
you people can also try out:

1. Sone Aluko
2. Richard Kingson
3. Derek Niven( transfer listed at gillingham, get him for 10k max)
What about players for Blue Square North and Premier?
Any good but very cheap players as LB or MR for the championship please? Around 100k
I would add some interesting players for Blue Square South/North leagues. I started playing with Thurrock in the BSS and now I am in the year 2018 and play since three seasons in the Blue Square Premier.

Mihai Gherasim.....he improves a lot and you can count on him.

Aaron Carter, a good centre back with good tackling and heading attributes.

John Considine as left back. Tie him with part time contract and you can get a nice fee for him after the sell.

James O 'Riordan a great centre back. Good marking, heading, positioning and tackling.


Nicholas Barret brings decent performances.

Ronnie Walker. The best from all!!! I found him during my player search database and there he was 16 years old born in Middlesbrough with fantastic attributes. He played a whole season for me but when he got 17 years old I couldn't tie him on part time contract because he accepted a higher offer from Chesterfield. But maybe you more luckier then me and can keep it at your club. Now he is a key player at a top League One team.

Attacking midfielders (centre)
Jordan Jones. In 2013 -2014 I think I have signed him. Great. He scores and gives many asissts.

I would add Hicham Abdellah. I coach him for 8 seasons now. Gets his finishing at 13 and dosen't let you down. All seasons he scores his number of goals. 1 goal at 2,7 matches which is good. Threaten him that you throw him out during private chats and he will become a goal machine in that period.

Younghusband did also well for me but after 4 seasons he declines and have to release him.
In my 3rd season at Tonbridge after a mid-table finish and a play-off defeat, I'm sat 2nd in the league this year. I'd have to recommend Iain Campbell at LB signed after 1 year, Mark Roberts upfront, and Loris Karius, a German keeper, only about 20 years old. He is easily league 1/league 2 standard and is getting better and better! I've just signed Nathan Byrne, RB, Lee Holmes, LM, Calvin Andrew, ST, Pat Clarke, ST and Izzy Iriekpen, CB and I don't think I can fail to win the league this year!
Great thread love these types of post's helps us non league gaffas out as we can get a good idea on how others have found players etc...
I currenty led FC Halifax to League 2 after successfully won the BSB North and BSB Premier.

BSB North Record:
FC Halifax 42 39W 2D 1L 144 18 +126 119PTS

BSB Premier Record:
FC Halifax 46 32W 8D 6L 135 58 +77 104PTS

Since I activated the French leagues, I completely overhauls and replaces the English squad (almost all) with numbers of promising French talents and experienced players.

Recommended players (for lower leagues, probably good up to League 1 standard):

GK Gregory Douard
DL Didier Caro, Laurent Montoya
DC Laurent Guthleber, Thomas Fullenwarth
AML Dylan (assist master,incredible speed)
AMR Steeve Gustan, Khaled Laaloudj (compareble to Dylan)
MC Randdy Taubira, Sofyan Dilmi, Fabrice Jau, Stephane Rivera (amazing players to help you control the game)
FW Pierre Aristouy (highly recommended, 36 and 32 goals,respectively), Toufik Guerabis, Serge Nyuiadji (23 goals from 26 apps during BSBP)
Conrad Balatoni From Hearts for me is a fantastic defender, young too!

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