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Players For The Lower Leagues

Players for teams in the BSN/BSS
Started on 27 October 2011 by Utaka
Latest Reply on 28 July 2013 by Moredhel
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Faisal Haimati is a decent young centre back and plays for Afghanistan and will definitely improve alot
Julio Cruz - Old but good striker for the next 2-3 years
Stuart Parnaby
Antonin Kinsky
FC Knudde's avatar Group FC Knudde
12 yearsEdited
Some talk about millions like its nothing.

Now here are some names that are interesting for the non top teams (these players ALL are willing to sign for a club like de Graafschap).

Emil Krafth (vr / mr) about €110k (approach to sign)
Victor Nils Lindeloff (vr / vc) about €100k (approach to sign)
Claudio Yacob (vm) about €400k (for the Dutch eredivisie a must have)
Carlos Marinelli (amc) less then €200k
Agustin Torassa (ac) about €40k
Leandro Gioda (vc) about €60k
Laurens de Bock (vc / vl) about €200k
Magnar Odegaard (vr / vc) €30k (approach to sign = cheaper then bidding on him ;) )
Arnaud Buhler (vl) transfer listed €210k
Victor Hugo (amc / ac) (club = ABC) hire him first then approach him to sign, saves you a few €100k
Magnum (aml / amc) same as with Victor Hugo, hire him first then sign him
Donny Gorter (ml) about €325k
Zezinho (aml / amc) (club = Bahia) same as with Magnum and Victor Hugo
Nill de Pauw (amc / ac) about €300k
Luigi Bruins (amc) free agent
Moises (amc) free agent
Salva Ruiz (vl)free agent
Mitja Lotric (amc) offer €100k

Ow and DO NOT trust the ratings given by the editor, Agustin Torassa has a low rating according to the editor, but he is a freeking scoring machine!
I've just finished my first season as Elgin manager in the Scottish third division. I won at a canter, with nothing but free signings. A couple are already mentioned (Cronesberry, who won player of the year, and Bouznakis who I got towards the end of the season).

I managed to get both Ben Thatcher and Frank Sinclair as my full backs. Both are very old, but still amazing at this level. Sinclair scored quite a few headers which was great.

Adam Nelson (CM) scored lots of goals and loads of assists playing in an attacking/supporting role.

The best of the lot, who I'm surprised no one has mentioned, is striker Jamil Adam. He finished top scorer by miles and is playing for Ireland U21s now.
loris karius - Man.City (Gk) - bright future of german, his skill is good as he still 19, and even you can get him for free
Marco Materazzi - ive been managing Huddersfield in league 2, and his influence & skill is still to good to turn down, free transfer
samba kanoute a top quality cb for my fleetwood team scores a few as well
my mate, tom thorley plays for a BSN team :P sign him, class center mid :P
I'm managing Poole Town in the Southern league 1st division S/W

So far im 5 games in 100% record, 27 goals scored, 2 against.

My team (all freebies)

GK: Nick Jones - Original Poole player
DL: Luke Buttery - Not paticulary great stats but will improve
DR: Carl Poore - Original Poole player
DCR: Jack Lampe - Limited Defender, stopper very gd for the lower levels
DCL: Connor Hayes - will imporve
MR: Josh Dutton-Black - Good Pacey winger
ML: Alex Whittle - scored 4 in 5 so far
MC: Robbie Siegel - Advanced Playmaker, Attack
AMC: Fabrice Otshudi - scored 3 in 4 so far
FC: Fergus Bell - Always purchase this guy for level 7 and below, A goal machine, 7 in 5 so far (poacher)
FC: Jamil Adam - Very to have got him (not sure how) But a Non-league star, 7 in 5 so far (Poacher)

FC:Alvaro Jalo: Good striker, but find it hard to leave the other 2 out lol

For a DL try signing Andre Blackman, but i missed out because he signed for Elgin

A fantastic team for this level, and should see you through to the BSQ Premier with a few additions then needed.
For Truro in the BSS (all free transfers);

Laurent Robert - Getting on a bit at 36, but still BY FAR the best winger in the division.

Only on 340 a week.

David Fernandez (Ex Kilmarnock) - Same as Robert, miles better than any AMC in the division and only on 320 p/w.

Ian Wexler - Irish/American AML, 27 or 28...

Billy Tsovolos - Aussie/Greek D LC/DM
Hi guys i'm really interested in managing at lower than blue square north/south , i know about using the editor but how do i add lower leagues e.g down to Ryman leagues or Evostik.
#53629 jwills61 : Hi guys i'm really interested in managing at lower than blue square north/south , i know about using the editor but how do i add lower leagues e.g down to Ryman leagues or Evostik.

download and copy to mydocuments/sportsinteractive/footballmanager 2012/editor data

(you might need to create "editor data" folder)

Load game:
PREFERENCES, display & sound tab, tick "always reload skin on confirm"

When starting a new game make sure you tick level 10, when asked what data file you want to use.

Ive used this file and most of it works perfectly fine, BUT the FA Cup is messed up.
All teams including Premier league team enter into the 1st round, which wolud anger fergie lol.
However being a manger of Poole town it's a great opportunity :)
What databases do you guys use?
Edinho Pattinama and Wesley Schors can be great signings and are capable of playing championship level football. I'm still using Pattinama in my Garforth squad in premiership.
#33820 Utaka : Here is my list of players that I have found to ignite your Non-League Teams.
This is based on my Blyth Spartans Game so they are players that are willing to play in the BSN (These players should go to all BSN/BSS teams)

James Gilpin: Free Transfer - A good solid young 'keeper with a good build (6'3" & 14st 4lbs). Gilpin possesses very high 'One on One' Stats as well as good reflexes. 20 years old
Gregory Hartley: Free Transfer - A promising young ‘keeper who has good positioning, decision making and bravery. 21 years old.
Alan Fitzpatrick: Free Transfer - If you prefer the more experienced goalkeeper then this is your man. A bit of pace and bravery, could be used as a 'sweeper keeper'. 31 years old.


Centre Backs:
Oliver Nicholas : Free Transfer - A real old fashioned Centre Back, Good Height and with a little bit of pace. Fit as a butcher’s dog! 19 years old.
Brian Bell : Free Transfer - Another good centre back with good heading and tackling skills. 24 years old.
Matthew Pike : Free Transfer - Looks like a promising player and has very good stats. 21 years old.

Full Backs:
Nikki Ahamed : Free Transfer - Good technical and quick right back, if you play attacking full backs I'm sure he will cause trouble. 20 years old.
Curtis Wynter : Free Transfer - Another right back that will cause trouble going forward but also good defensively. 20 years old.
Mark Clare: Free Transfer - He can play left or right back which is always handy and better at just defending because he hasn’t got much pace. 20 years old.
Luke Rowe : Free Transfer - An attacking left full back/wing back that has good pace and good attacking traits but even better defensive ones. 19 years old.


Central/Defensive Midfielders:
Medi Abalimba : Free Transfer - African Holding Midfielder. Looks very promising! Especially if you play a defensive midfielder because he will do all them 'sitting' jobs well. 18 years old.
James Comley : Free Transfer - Another holder but just as good in central midfield and can play right back. Has very good mental attributes. 20 years old.
Andrew Giallombardo : Free Transfer - American holding midfielder that will offer security and a bit of passing talent. 22 years old.

James Cronesberry : Free Transfer - You have to sign this player, he is a proper left winger! It’s unbelievable that he will play at this level; he could be a League 2 player in my opinion. 20 years old.
Matthew Harris : Free Transfer - Can play in all of them attacking roles, right winger (best) left winger and attacking midfield. 17 years old.
Ray Putteril : Free Transfer - Left winger with a bit of pace and excellent dribbling skills. He could be trained as a very good Attacking Midfielder IMO. 22 years old.

Attacking Midfielders:
Michael Evans : Free Transfer - An experienced attacking midfielder with decent attributes. He can also play as a right winger. 35 years old.

Martin Reilly : Free Transfer - Goals, Goals, Goals! He will get you goals! A great finisher with pace - Perfect Poacher! 24 years old.

Please feel free to add to this list. There will be more to come but this is all I have had time to do :)
Rhys Ewagnignon is a good striker he is only 16, i had him at gateshead he played 23 and scored 14 in the league.

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