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Don't know where I'm going, but I'll get there!

Started on 31 October 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by The FM Rookie
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You're a big boy now

The first third of the virginride with the big boys has been pretty successful. We've managed to bring some of the biggest players on their knees beating Zilina and Trnanva 3-0 and 2-0 in back to back games along with some other upsets.

The table is tight as hell in the middle with only 9p separating nine teams (with no more than 12 teams total in the leauge), we find ourselves in the middle of this pack currently holding sixth place.

In case you're wondering why I never posted a summer-update it's because not much happened at all. I signed some of the top youth-players who were let go by other teams in the leauge along with a couple of free-transfers, none of which have been stars. To be fair though, just like last year, no one has really stepped up above the others, it's been a team effort all the way! Also, as always when you get promoted, I got rid of some dead wood. Here a summary of all my transfers last summer:

My only big concern for now is the financial situation. I'm used to it being bad while pushing for a promotion, but even after reaching that promotion things aren't looking much brighter, despite the fact that the expenses barley grew (the wagebudet was raised from €8k/w to €10k/w and the transferbuget 0, just as last year) from last season. This means that I'll need to reach Europe without funds in order to get this team to grow, a monumental challange!

I'll get back to you when the second third of the season is complete, unless I find something particullar to write about, for now, sayonara, fare well and whatever other phrase comes to mind!

PS, don't forget the sidenote!!! I'm still in the cup, the next game is the quaterfinals, an awaygame against another top division-team.
Curtain Call?

I know I promised to get back to you when I completed the second third of the season, but passion, fustration amongst other feelings saw me through the rest of the season in a flash, so ya'll are goning to have to settle for an 'end of season'-update.

The standings remained even in the leauge for positions 2-7. In the top Slovan Bratislava ran away with it and the teams below seventh place were hung off pretty earliy on. However we were once again drawn in to a firce battle, this time for the EURO-qualifierspots (with the last one being third place). The battle left us bruised and scarred, to be honest I feel really defeated for the first time since Argentia. In the last 5 games we had 4 losses and 1 draw, what's even more frustrating is that I can't for the life of me figure out why!

Here's the final table:

ATM I'm not sure weather I wan't to stay and get me revenge or leave looking for new challanges... I've got som decent bosmen coming in but the budget is already stretched and I'm not sure I'll be able to make the moves I desire in the pre-season.

Anyway I'll let you guys decide, should I stay or go? You've got until tomorrownigt!
Well done this season! you were a bit unlucky missing out on EURO cup qualifiers place but i think you took your team to a new height with the resources you had available. I think that you should move on to another club now looking for a new challenge since you have turned that former second division team in to a top club in it's highest tier. I do think however that you should decide more than us because only you know if you would feel better to do another season and get euro or even a champions league spot or if you would rather go and enhance your career elsewhere.
I would like to hear more voices on this people!
Great story mate. Really enjoyed reading it through.
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
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hitting 'refresh'

After some soulsearching I decided it was time to go separate ways with Dunjaska. We still had potential to grow but I was falling out of love with them as a project and decided that both sides would be better off this way.

This time around I had no plans of staying unemployed for years, so when a bit of an unusual chanse came up I decided to take it. My new destination? Slovakia once again!

Kosice approached me only weeks after my depature from Dunjaska. At first I was sceptical, but when I saw the players, the wagebudget and most of all the EURO-qualifer, I decided to give it a go!

In the spirit of getting myself a fresh start I've decided to leave my basic 4-4-2 and try a more skilldemanding 4-2-3-1, with a fluid gameplay. I lack the superstars atm, but I've got a solid squad and around €2.5k/w left of my transferbudget, so I'll be on the lookout for quality thorugh out the season. This is what the squad looks like atm:

Despite being pretty pleased with the players at my disposal I couldn't keep myself from making a few signings anyway. The most notable once are my mexican goalie Alan Cruz, serbian DMC/MC Vladimir Veselinov and ecuadrian playmaker Christian Cordero whom I hope will be the enigine of the team.

My first test this year was the super-cup final against last year's supreme Slovan Bratislava. We played a pretty good game but in the end the speed of their dong Tsambe proved to be the diffrence as they clinched a 3-2 victory.

I'm not going to lie, it did hurt to once again miss out the opportunity of obtaining my first real scalp, but solace is never further away than around the corner. Soon we'll be entering the EURO-cup with the first obsictle being Ankaragücü from Turkey, I guarantee you'll hear more about it as soon as the game has been played.
lights out

So much for my adventure on the continent...

The utter disapointment won't leave for a long time, but I do wish to stay omboard anyway to see what we can produce domesticly...
On fire!

We've bounced back from the huage dissapointment that was our EURO-adventure, I'll let the press tell the story of our run so far:
Popping The Campagne

I wish I was talking about celebrating a leaugetriumph, but for now this will do:

It felt great to be on the winning side of the final this time, I know it wasn't even with the same club last year, but it still feels like I've found solace.

The leauge is unfortunatly more or less setteled. We had a great run until the moster-break following christmas-time. At our highest point we were 5p ahead of Slovan Bratislava, but as soon as we had a little slip up they were there to show their supremacy. With three games to go they are enjoying a 9p gap down to us at second place while we have a sound 8p separating us from third placed Zilina, which makes the rest of the season more or less pointless from my point of view.

Despite the disapointment of not being able to hold on to the top spot of the leauge I've seen enough positives this year to stay on for another shot at the title. Two of my reasons are some great signings whom I look forward to see develop under my supervision

I'm already exticed about this summer's transferwindow as I hope to make som big moves!
I have next to no knowledge of the slovakian league or how it works. Will you be getting Euro Cup qaulifier for 2nd?

You could look at some great young talent to take in on loan from top English and Scottish clubs :)

Lovin' the story

ps; are you the one who did droyslden? That story was a heck of a epic.
#37234 CantGetEnoughOfJelavic : I have next to no knowledge of the slovakian league or how it works. Will you be getting Euro Cup qaulifier for 2nd?

You could look at some great young talent to take in on loan from top English and Scottish clubs :)

Lovin' the story

ps; are you the one who did droyslden? That story was a heck of a epic.

Only the winners of the leauge get a CL-spot, we're looking att qualifyers for EURO-cup. As far as loaning talent goes I'm not so much for it. I prefer owing all of my players when I have financial trouble, this might sound strange considering the wage-benefits of loans, but as far as I'm concerned having loans on the field means that I'm increasing the value of players I won't be benefitting from selling, which is my main income in teams with low stature.

And yes, the Droylsden-story is my masterpiece ;)
Stepping up or stepping out

It has been a busy pre-season with alot of departures and alot of arrivals around the team. I've made a few key signings what I really hope will step up and help me to my first ever championship:

Unfortunatly for me most of my signings didn't arrive in time for the Super Cup-final against Slovan, so with a very youthful side we had to see ourselves defeated in an odd-goal encounter in which we managed no less than three shots in the woodwork... wellwell, better luck next time I guess.

Looking onto this season I have high hopes. The defence is still a bit shaky, but it's been based upon youth during my regin here, so for every year that passes by they all take a few steps forward. Given this and the new exotic offensive forces we now posses we should be able to overpower Slovan this year. HOWEVER, if this isn't the case (which most importantly would lead to a CL-spot) I'll probably pack my bags as I'm becoming sick of they grey winters and rutten houses of this country... we'll see what happens!
Yeh! That Droylsden story was sweet!

This story of yours is really inspiring me to do a story like this but at the moment I am really excited about my LFC story.

I like the look of your 3 key signings. They look very good and as if they could really help you push to the top of the table. If you don't finish at the top I think you should definitely leave.

Good luck! I am really exited for some more news!
Being close is never enough

7 minutes away...

Closing another chapter

I've been VERY bad at keeping you updated these last couple of days, I do apologize for that. However I've felt this season to be more or less a question of going through the motions, so I haven't been to motivated sharing either. The leauge-race, as always, has been between Slovan and us, even if Zilina tried to keep a foot in the game longer than usual. Sadly the race has already been settled...

At least I managed to give the fans something to cheer for:

If you've been following this story or at least have read the last couple of posts you might remember what I promised you and myself: no Champions Leauge, no next season! So as soon as the two remaining games of the season are played I'll be packing my bags and moving on, to where? I've got no idea!

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