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Let's Play! (My QPR Career)

Me taking on a career with QPR.
Started on 2 November 2011 by Kronos
Latest Reply on 13 July 2012 by Ikillathug
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Omg! Nice win for the com shield over ManU :D.

You ought to be winning the title in no time!
And also over FC bayern and FC barcelona, Your like... (thinking..) Manchester United and Barcelona combined B)
Wow, great job with underdogs QPR!

Hazard, Neymar, Bale, Gotze... did QPR find oil in their backyard? :))
Thank you :)

Mid September Update:

Q.P.R have made a great start to the year, making it into the Euro Group Stage and taking the lead in the Premier League.

Koeris and Neymar have proven to be a deadly combination, with Wright Phillips taking the wing yet again this season. Alaba, Gotze and Adriano fitting in perfectly and having some great games. With the season definitely under way, Q.P.R are yet again on form, let's hope it can hold and at least try and get into the Champions League next year.
# mr_hughes : Wow, great job with underdogs QPR!

Hazard, Neymar, Bale, Gotze... did QPR find oil in their backyard? :))

You could say that, the oil being Klasnic. He had a fantastic season and Barca, Real Madrid and Man U all put offers in for him before going to Real for 37Mil. Other than that, they're pretty rich starting off, i adjusted the budget and requested more funds and got it both seasons so far, the chairman also gave us a starting budget of over £40,000,000 this season.
Ohhh I missed an important factor too, once you win against teams like Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham and Chelsea, you get a lot of money for Televised matches, sponsors and this season a lot more for televised European matches. All are important factors.
Lol don't worry, with that team, its got Champions league WINNERS all over it.



Chrisopher Samba - Blackburn - £1,300,000
Gareth Bale - Tottenham - £7,000,000+Alessandro Nosseli
Mario Gotze - Dortmund - £3,000,000 + £5,000,000 After 50 Games+£7,500,000 after 50 Goals
Jack Bonham - Watford - $1,250,000
David Alaba - Bayern M - £8,000,000 (Around that I think, not in history)
Neymar - Santos - £5,000,000 + £25,000,000 over 48 Months
Eden Hazard - £11,500,000
Yaya Sanogo - Free
Adriano - Barcelona - £5,600,000+£7,500,000 after 50 games
Mid October Update:

This month I concentrated my efforts on my European games, resting my good players for my league games. As a result I lost one before making a comeback and winning 4-0.

I'm dominating in my Euro Group, which is a relief as I had my doubts whether my team could make it, seeing as it's their first season together.

Hazard will be back in 10 days to 2 weeks which is another relief and Koeris just returned from a 3 match ban.


Tottenham 0-4 Q.P.R (PL)
Rapid Buc. 0-4 Q.P.R (Euro Cup Group A)
Q.P.R 2-1 Birmingham (League Cup 3rd Round)
Everton 2-1 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 4-1 PSV (Euro Cup Group A)
Q.P.R 4-0 Stoke (PL)

Koeris has now scored 7 goals in 8 games, Neymar is up to 5 goals in 8 games and Wright Phillips has scored 5 in 10 games.
Hopefully next month will show us some better results.

We have currently dropped down into 6th place which I'm hoping to fix in the upcoming months.
The last two months have been good to us, in the most part.

Our only defeats were a 3-1 loss against Blackpool in the League Cup and a 1-0 loss to Man U in the Premier League.
After those I've won games against Fulham, drew with Wolfsburg, beat Blackburn 3-1 in another of Koeris's
superb hat-tricks, 2-1 against West Brom as Neymar took the helm. After that Koeris's scored a 4 goals romp against Wolfsburg then another four goal romp against Sunderland before going on to score 5 goals against Bolton in a 6-1 win.

After those wins we've risen up into second place behind the legends Manchester United.

An update on my career:

Wages: £62,000 p/w
Reputation: National
Description: Popular Manager

Job Offers Recieved:

Man City
Athletico Madrid
Birmingham City
And some more.
What tactics did you use, when I used QPR I finished 16th then got sacked
Huh, I am looking for a Cardozo replacement in the short-mid term, so I had a look at that goal machine Koeries... turns out he's a dreadfully bad QPR under 18. How come he's so good in your game? :/
# mr_hughes : Huh, I am looking for a Cardozo replacement in the short-mid term, so I had a look at that goal machine Koeries... turns out he's a dreadfully bad QPR under 18. How come he's so good in your game? :/

You must have terrible Youth Facilities, go request for them to be upgraded.
Start Of Transfer Window:

December was a good month for the players and staff alike over at Loftus Park, as they were announced Group A winners in the Euro Cup, 6 points clear of PSV who qualified in second place. With our first year in European Football under way, the team looks better than ever, grabbing 4-2 wns against Chelsea and Aston Villa, as well as a 4-0 win over Liverpool, 3-0 win over Portsmouth and 2-1 victory over Burnley.

Q.P.R remain in the FA Cup with the hope of becoming the 5th team to win the cup twice consecutively in over 100 years, taking a place among Newcastle, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. The upcoming week pits my young lads against Notts County in the 3rd round.

Our European campaign continues on the 26th of February as we travel to Malaga for an away first leg, before that the fixtures have thrown us in with Newcastle, Manchester City, Tottenham and Stoke as we fight to keep our place at second in the league, we've closed the gap from 1 point behind Man U with them having 3 games in hand, to two points behind with just one game in hand.

The competition is heating up the Euro Cup, FA Cup and EPL all up for grabs as the top teams fight for the trophy's, can Q.P.R stay there? Do they have what it takes? We'll soon see, as the team predicted to finish mid-table continues their onslaught of Europe and England alike.


Q.P.R 4-0 Liverpool (PL)
Portsmouth 0-3 Q.P.R (PL)
PSV 1-1 Q.P.R (Euro)
Birmingham 0-0 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 4-2 Chelsea (PL)
Aston Villa 2-4 Q.P.R (PL)
Burnley 1-2 Q.P.R (PL)


Notts County (FA)
Newcastle (PL)
Man City (PL)
Tottenham (PL)

January updates coming soon.
January Update:

January ended with Q.P.R just One point behind leaders Manchester United, who have used up their games in hand. With 1 point and 1 goal difference between the two sides, the fight for the league hots up as the leaders prepare for their European Competition late next month.

Neymar and Bonham have picked up injuries with both Estimated at being out for 2-3 Months.

With Neymar out of the Attacking Midfield area, Bale resumes his place on the left, while Gotze and Alaba move forward from Midfield to fill the gap left by the Brazillian. Shawn Wright Phillips again takes his place on the wing as Hazard comes up behind him. The defensive line are as strong as ever with Samba and Dede in the center line with Adriao and Anyukov on both wings as sweepers.


Notts Co 0-2 Q.P.R (FA)
Q.P.R 3-1 Newcastle (PL)
Man City 0-1 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 3-3 Tottenham (PL)

After a month of high profile games, Q.P.R get a break with Sheff Wed, Bolton, Everton and Stoke leading up to their Euro Cup Knockout Round, without Neymar providing superb play for Koeris, will the attacking midfield be able to dominate as before? Or has the decline already started with our last two games ending in 1-0 win against Man City, before getting worse with a 3-3 draw home to Tottenham.


Sheff Wed (FA 4th Rnd)
Bolton (PL)
Everton (PL)
Stoke (PL)

Malaga (Euro Knockout First Leg)
Malaga (Euro Knockout Second Leg)

At the end of February all will be decided, if we can win our games back to back we can take poll position in the league before our game to Manchester United in 2 months time, our Euro career will also be decided as we travel to sunny Spain to take on home side Malaga in our first leg of the Knockout round.

Adiós por ahora!
As another month of football passes, Q.P.R and Manchester United remain fluid in their race for the number one spot in England, after a hard month for Q.P.R, things are starting to look up.

After the 6-1 mauling of Bolton, Koeris was injured for two weeks, Neymar and Bonham are still out, Wright Phillips got sent off and Mo Shariff got injured in his time with Charlton.

Injuries and bans aside, we had a great month of football, with our defense keeping a solid line at the back while our attacking force decimate the opponents every move, as the news said "Q.P.R Goal Glut" as goals popped in every few minutes with 6-1, 4-1, 3-0, 4-0 wins all over the board.

After a long and hard travel to sunny Spain, the players rested after their jetlag, on the eve of the game I held a team talk which fortunately got the morale of the whole team up. When the day came, the jet lag hit hard as Q.P.R failed to really get started. As they withstood the Malaga domination Bale and Gotze came off the bench to replace Alaba and Connolly, as the final minutes of the game dawned, Malaga got their late goal. Everyone thought it was over, until 92:00 when Gotze played the ball out to the left wing in front of Bale, who took his chance immediately and slotted the ball into the top right corner from outside the box, with a late equaliser Q.P.R made their way home.
When the second leg arrived and we were at home, attitudes were calmer, this was our turf. Q.P.R played fantasticly, they dominated the entire game, smashing Malaga 4-0 before having a few late parties.

With our European hopes alive and stronger than ever, our attentions return to the FA Cup and Premier League as we ready ourselves for Milwall and West Brom before Girondins Bordeaux travels from France to meet us in the Euro Cup 2nd Knockout Round First Leg.

In this cold and wintery February, Q.P.R lead the premier league by two points and 11 goals as Manchester United chase us into the last quarter of the season. With some serious surprise, Manchester City have closed the gap from 13 points to 5 behind Man U.

The Premier League has become a focus point for all teams as Q.P.R ready themselves for the upcoming European games.

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