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Let's Play! (My QPR Career)

Me taking on a career with QPR.
Started on 2 November 2011 by Kronos
Latest Reply on 13 July 2012 by Ikillathug
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The race for the title hots up as another month of football passes by. After a 2-1 defeat at the hands of West Brom, Q.P.R find themselves in second place, four points behind their now-title-competitors Manchester United, and just one point ahead of their now-chasers Manchester City.

It is not all bad however as Q.P.R have a game in hand that could potentially put them behind Manchester United by one point, as well as game against Manchester coming up in just 5 days, tensions are high however, everything comes down to this one game against new rivals as the leaders of the league meet their matches.

With everything lying in this game, a win for either side is vital a loss results in a loss of hope as Manchester City waits to pounce on a mistake from either side.

Justin Koeries has upped his tally to 20 goals in 25 league appearances with a total of 29 in 35 appearances, as Neymar hits 13 in 20.

Q.P.R make no changes as they eagerly await the arrival of Manchester United before clashing with Sporting in the next round of the Euro Cup Knockouts. With Justin Koeries and Neymar both back from injury, things are looking up as the final months reach out.

The race is on as Manchester City catch Q.P.R and Manchester United at the top of the league, how will it go? Who will win? Wait and see.

Q.P.R: 4-2-3-1 Adriano, Dede, Samba, Anyukov, Alaba, Hazard, Andrade, Gotze, Wright Phillips, Koeries. Subs: Bonham, Muniain, Taore, Conolly, Anton Ferdinand, Neymar, Sanogo.

Man U: 4-4-2 Evra, Evans, Vidic, Srna, Macheda, Walker, Fletcher, Nani, Hernandex, Rooney.
Subs: Lindegaard, Rio Ferdinand, Phil Jones, Cleverley, Smalling, Rafael.

Adriano plays the ball behind him to Dede who lobs the ball over Macheda down onto the wing in front of Adriano, Adriano plays the ball through to Koeries, who takes the shot! Saved by De Gea, Q.P.R corner.

Nani plays the ball into a box, Robinson gets a hand to it but the ball bounces off a Q.P.R defender and Hernandez plots it into the corner, Man U take the lead.

Hazard plays the ball over the defenders head to the far corner, Dede jumps to meet the ball and knocks it into the top right hand corner before running over to the corner flag to meet Hazard, Q.P.R equalise.

Koeries plays the ball to the far edge of the box, which is met by Wright-Phillips as he makes his way up the wing, at the corner of the box he sends the ball rocketing into the top right hand corner, celebrations continue as the scoreboard puts Q.P.R 2-1 up.

Nani plays a superb through ball straight through the defensive line, Rooney comes in from the right and slams the ball into the keeper, great save from Robinson, the score remains 2-1.

Koeries makes a run straight through the central midfield as the whistle blows for half-time.

Tensions are high as the sides make their way into the dressing rooms, both teams knowing that this game could decide the Premier League this season. The teams shake hands as they enter their changing rooms to wait for their manager’s half time speech.
The players make their way back onto the pitch for the second half, Hernandez and Rooney wait for the whistle at the centre half. Kronos and his staff makes their way to the managers shelter, he shakes Sir Alex’s hand and takes his place by the sideline as the second half kicks off.

Anyukov plays a 1-2 with Alaba that opens up the wing, he knocks the ball into the box, Vidic headers it out. Corner to Q.P.R

Andrade plays the corner into the near post, Wright-Phillips gets his head to the ball and knocks it into the bottom right. With Wright-Phillips’s second goal of the game comes Q.P.R’s 3rd. Surely that’s it?

Hernandez makes a run from the wing, coming into the box from the left, he dribbles past two Q.P.R defenders before Samba gets his foot to the ball and knocks it out for a corner.

Gotze plays a tremendous ball down the left wing in front of Koeries, who goes past three Man U defenders before smacking the ball across the mouth of the goal.

Man Unites make a desperate play down the right wing, Nani takes the ball past 2 Q.P.R midfielders and 3 defenders before Robinson clears it, Smalling picks the ball up at the centre half, playing it down the left wing to Cleverley who smacks the ball at goal, Robinson gets to it and clears it.

Sanogo replaces Koeries, Wright-Phillips moved up to the right attack as Alaba takes centre attacking midfield. Hazard is moved to the left wing then replaced with Neymar, game get’s back underway.

Neymar skins three Man U defenders, plays the ball backwards to Alaba, who knocks the ball over the head of Rafael, Neymar knocks the ball to the far post which is met yet again by Wright-Phillips, who knocks the ball wide.

Full Time at Loftus Road, Q.P.R take home the win as the close the gap to just one point with one game in hand, could this match have decided Man U’s fate? Who knows, but Q.P.R will be proud at ending Manchester United’s 7 game winning streak.

Man U Game:

My 100th game in management came shortly after our 5-1 aggregate defeat to Sporting when we took on Blackburn at Loftus Road, it was a great day for myself and The R’S as we dominated Blackburn with a 6 goal romp, before going out to celebrate my successful managerial campaign.

My 101st game went well also as we rose to the challenge of Liverpool, it was a hard game for The R’S, being knocked out of the Euro Cup was a real downer on events, but after a long hard game we managed to take the win home 3-1.

Our next game was even harder as Arsenal dominated us throughout the first half, before Wonderkid Koeries managed a late winner that sent us home with our 7th win in a row in the league.

I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to hear we’ve won our place in the Champions League next season as we go four points ahead of Manchester United, and retain our game in hand over them.

As ours and Man U’s race ends, another one begins, after Man City’s 3 months of wins, they’ve caught us and are now just one point behind Man U.

Anything can happen, it’s not over yet, Q.P.R are to face Stoke in the FA Cup Final as they try and take it home for the second time in a row, as they pace themselves for their first ever season in the Champions Cup.

As the season ends, I’ve made some hard choices. First up is my decision to loan out all of my youth squad, it was a hard choice to make because they’re getting better every year, and my Assistant Manager believes that half of this youth squad has the potential to be key players for my team.

Another choice was to re-loan Mo Sharif as soon as I can, he’s had a fantastic season on loan wit Man City, but with our current squad we just can’t make room for him until he’s at his best.

My third and final decision is to not buy any new players for the new season, I’m going to play with what I have. No loans, no free transfers, no money transfers. My squad has some quality players who are growing up more and more everyday and who deserve a chance at first team football.

Our last game of the season is Aston Villa, who we have at home on the 26th of this month, May. Before that however, we have Stoke in the FA Cup Final and Chelsea in the league. 5 games left of the season, 4 points in it, it’s all for the taking.
May had it’s ups and downs as all looked lost after losing to Pompey, with Bale, Munian, Koeries and Alaba all injured things looked truly over as we marched slowly towards Chelsea.

The message was clear, beat Chelsea, win the league. And boy did we play. Chelsea went 2-0 up within the first half. Our spirits were down as we trawled on, almost giving up. As Sanogo replaced Neymar things looked up once more as Sanogo ripped apart Chelsea’s defence again and again.

As stoppage time came it was 2-2, a goal from Sanogo and a goal from Wright-Phillips, it was in the 3rd and final minute of stoppage time when Hazard scored a goal from 30 yards or more, as he beat the keeper with speed and power behind the ball.

Defenders and Goalkeeper alike just watched as the ball made It’s way into the top corner and assured Q.P.R of their first premier league win.

All that’s left is Stoke in the FA Cup Final.
The premier league came to a close tonight as old rivalries came to an all new height as Chelsea battled for the Champions cup against Arsenal, before losing out by one point after a 3-2 defeat to Q.P.R. Man U lost to Tottenham as Man City failed to act and lost out to 2nd place, finishing in a not so close 3rd as Q.P.R takes home the Premier League after a 4-0 win over Aston Villa.

On another note, Q.P.R take home the double this season as they celebrate their 2nd consecutive win of the FA Cup and their first ever win of the Premiership in their long history.

Stoke, Burnley and Portsmouth lead the other end of the table as all three get relegated.

The Npower Championship comes to a close in a few short hours as Middlesbrough and West Ham both make epic comebacks in the 2nd legs of the semi final, West Ham came from 3 behind to win 4-3 on Agg as Middlesbrough also come from 3 behind and win on penalties after a 3-3 draw.

News Update: The Hammers Hammer Middlesbrough 3-0 to clear their way to the Premier League next season.

And what a season it will be.
Goal Montage for the upcoming season coming soon.
We are 6 games into the new season, and what a year it's turning out to be! After 6 games we keep our form at the top end of the table as we sit in a nice 3rd position behind Chelsea and Manchester United, in 4th sites Tottenham.

Coming in 7th is Manchester City who were predicted to win the league this year, but it's still early days.

As Q.P.R ready themselves for the Champions League, we're thrown into a hard group with Feyenoord, SLB and Inter.

After our 6 games we've won 3 out of 6 with just one loss, a 1-0 loss to Man U, who are now 5 points clear of us.

The season's kicked off, the race is already on, Europe calls, what a season!
It’s been a hard few months for Q.P.R as they head into a cold December placed 7th in the league.
After losing to Inter and then drawing with SLB in the Champions League, their Europe dream looked like it had been squashed out before it started.
Coming into December Q.P.R have managed to climb from last into first after beating SLB 3-2 before going onto hammer Feyenoord 3-0 just a week later.

After losing to Man U then drawing with Newcastle, their league run looked all but over, proven only after losing to Aston Villa and drawing with Bolton, but grabbing a nice 2-0 win over Chelsea.

December could be the month that ends those European Dreams and League dreams as Q.P.R face Inter in their last group match and as they prepare to face Tottenham, 2nd in the league and Man City, 4th in the league. With a clean bit of health and morale high, Q.P.R look to Koeries and Gotze to lead them back to the top they so desperately want.
The New Year comes as Q.P.R remain undefeated in the League for 7 games, winning all but one. After losing out in the League Cup to Stoke, Q.P.R went on to beat Man City 3-1, Tottenham 3-1 before drawing to Sunderland 0-0.

In Europe Q.P.R managed to qualify past the group stages with a 0-0 draw away to Inter, before being drew up to play Real Madrid in the Knock-out round. With a bitter taste in their mouths, Q.P.R ready themselves for another month of hardship as they face Stoke in the FA Cup and then Arsenal near the end of the month in the league.

With January looming Q.P.R are awaiting the month of hell that brings them Man U in the league, Liverpool in the league, before travelling to Madrid to face legends Real Madrid in the Champions Cup.

After their run of late Q.P.R have rose from 7th to 3rd in the league, equal points with 2nd place Man City.
Good luck!
Awesome job mate, really doing a fine job with QPR!! hope you get yourself in top 4 this year for the champions league, will aprove your budget allot!
#34358 Kronos : Lineup:

First of all - nice blog.

It a funny tactic you got, can you show us the teamintruction?

Take care
i just wanna know. how u got neymar , hazard and gotze to play for QPR . have you used FMRTE at all ? /

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