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Let's Play! (My QPR Career)

Me taking on a career with QPR.
Started on 2 November 2011 by Kronos
Latest Reply on 13 July 2012 by Ikillathug
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Kronos's avatar Group Kronos
12 yearsEdited

This is my story, I've started a career as the manager of Queens Park Rangers. This is a career, I will take Q.P.R to the top if at all possible.

Stay with me on my road to success, through all the bumps and through all the highs.

As this is my career, if I get fired (which I doubt) I will continue my story with whatever club will take me.

This is my Legend.

Good luck!
They've already got quite a good team, haven't they?
Kronos's avatar Group Kronos
12 yearsEdited
I find that their wing play is fantastic.

Okay at the end of the Transfer Window I've brought in 4 players:

Paul Robinson
Ivan Klasnic
Alessandro Noselli
Federicho Macheda (Loan)

And sold 3 players.

We got off to a terrible start during August mainly because I hadn't had a chance to replace the sold players, we dropped to last pretty quickly, losing 6-0 to Chelsea.

Last 3 games have been good, drawing with Liverpool and Everton in the league and drawing with Man City in the League Cup.

My last game was Wigan and my first win of the season, a Shawn Wright Phillips goal from some extraordinary wing play.

As a team I can see them already making an effort and finally starting to attack, I will keep you updated.
Kronos's avatar Group Kronos
12 yearsEdited
December 31st - Start Of Transfer Window Update:

We've made excellent progress winning 4 out of the last 6 games, only losing to Arsenal and Tottenham.

My favourite win being against Stoke, we went 1-2 behind at half time and came back to win 4-2 thanks to 3 goals in 12 minutes from Klasnic and Macheda.

After these latest wins we're into the top 10 now and into 7th place 4 points ahead of Everton and just 2 points behind Liverpool.

We have some injuries now and a banned player, so I'll be looking to bring in some more players in the transfer window, I will update again at the end of January.
Kronos's avatar Group Kronos
12 yearsEdited
[h3]January 2012

Transfers (IN)
Sanogo (ST) - Agreed to contract when his ends on the 30/6/2012

Dede (DC) - £5,000,500 Transfer from Vasco with Monthly Installments (48 months, £5,000,000)

Javi Lopez - £1,500,000 Transfer from Espanyol

Iker Munian (ST) - £3,000,000 + £15,000,000 after 50 Games and £7,500,000 after 50 Goals.

Alexandr Anyukov (DR) - £6,500,000from Zenit.

Remaining Transfer Budget = £512,814

Transfers (OUT)

Peter Ramage - 3 Month Loan to Crystal Palace
Jamie Mackie - Requested Contract Termination
Gary Borrowdale - 3 Month loan to Rochdale


West Brom 0-1 Q.P.R
Q.P.R 3-0 Watford (FA)
Liverpool 1-4 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 1-2 Everton (PL)
Q.P.R 1-1 Tottenham
Q.P.R 1-1 Man City

January was a bad month for us, we kept our place at 7th, thankfully, but losing 1-4 to Liverpool has had a downer on my career and is a big problem with the board, as my management has been deemed "Satisfactory" after that loss. I am pleased to have signed Iker, he looks like a fantastic prospect and I will be playing him until the end of the season, then I will decide whether to keep him or loan him out for some full time first team football to advance his career and attributes.

I'm also excited with the signing of Alexandr, who will hopefully bring about a change to my defense alongside Dede, as we really need a change after last months losses.

Feb update soon.
February 2012


Man City 1-0 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 1-1 Man Utd (PL)
Tottenham 1-2 Q.P.R (FA 4th Round Rep)
Fulham 2-5 Q.P.R (PL)
West Brom 1-2 Q.P.R (FA 5th Round)
Q.P.R 3-2 Chelsea (PL)

It's been a great month for the team losing only to Man City. Beating Tottenham was the game of the month for me, even though it was just in the cup, they're top of the league. The win away to Chelsea wasn't as good, they're having a very bad season and they're not on form right now.
After a those two wins and a draw we've closed the gap to just 4 points behind 6th place Chelsea, and we are now 4 points ahead of 8th place Fulham.
It may be far stretched but I've now started to hope we can make the Europa League this season if our run continues.

Fortunately next month is looking like an easy set of games, except for the final game of the month which is away to Tottenham.

March Fixtures:

Wigan (A) (PL) 4.3.2012
Bolton (H) (PL) 10.3.2012
Newcastle (A) (PL) 14.3.2012
Millwall (H) (FA 6th Rnd) 17.3.2012

Sunderland (H) (PL) 24.3.2012
Tottenham (A) (PL) 31.3.2012

If we can keep up our form a top 10 finish is definitely on the table with the possibility of a place in European Football.

Stay tuned for the March update.
March 2012:

Well, what a month! We've advanced in the cup yet again, with a devastating 6-1 win over Millwall.
A disappointing 3-3 draw with Wigan, a lucky 3-2 win over Tottenham and Chelsea getting back on form!


Wigan 3-3 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 3-2 Bolton (PL)
Newcastle 0-2 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 1-6 Q.P.R (FA 6th Rnd)
Q.P.R 1-0 Sunderland (PL)
Tottenham 2-3 Q.P.R (PL)

All in all I'm pleased, and disappointed all in one. I'm delighted with our continued form and excellent performances from the lads, especially with the new tactics I've implemented, a whole new formation and a new captain choice.
After that, the Chelsea come back is a downer on our spirits. They've picked up form after dropping from 3rd to 6th, we remain 4 points behind as they win everything thrown at them.

On top of that the coming month will be a nightmare, Arsenal straight up in the PL, Wolves in the PL, they're on a fantastic run also and then Chelsea in the FA Semi Final.

All said and done, the highlight of the month wasn't the epic win over Millwall, it was our win over Tottenham that brought a smile to my face.
What a classic game, they dominated throughout and just couldn't stay ahead then to top it off an own Goal!!

Upcoming Fixtures in April:

Arsenal (H) (PL) 7.4.2012
Wolves (H) (PL) 9.4.2012
Chelsea (FA Semi Final) 14.4.2012
Norwich (A) (PL) 21.4.2012
Stoke (A) (PL) 25.4.2012
Swansea (H) (PL) 28.4.2012

I'm very excited about this month, it all comes down to this, just 4 points behind the now on form Chelsea and 10 points ahead of 8th place Wigan. I find that irrelevant, if we can't find some magic in this last month we end up in 7th with nothing to show for it.
I can't wait.

April update coming soon!
April 2012:

We did it! We had a fantastic month as our on form run reached new hights as our unbeaten record continues, a month of wins!

April started with a 3-0 win over Arsenal, a fantastic Klasnic hat-trick, as ever Shawn Wright Phillips wrecked the opponents defense on the far wing setting up two of the three goals.
We continued our run with a 3-0 win over Wolves before travelling to the FA Cupt Semi Final and grabbing a 1-0 late win over Chelsea.

After that we evened got even better with 3-1, 4-2 and 5-1 wins over Norwich, Stoke and then last place Swansea.


Q.P.R 3-0 Arsenal (PL)
Q.P.R 3-0 Wolves (PL)
Chelsea 0-1 Q.P.R (FA)
Norwich 1-3 Q.P.R (PL)
Stoke 2-4 Q.P.R (PL)
Q.P.R 5-0 Swansea (PL)

Two games left of the league and the FA Cup Final await us in the upcoming month as we face Blackburn and Aston Villa in the PL and Newcastle in the Final.
If our run continues we'll make Europe and we'll take the FA Cup home on the 5th.

End Of Season Update:

What a Seasonnnnn!

Well the 2011/12 season ended with a humungous BANG as QPR lift the FA Cup and qualify for Europe.

As Klasnic finally put down the FA cup trophy he was handed his Footballer of the year and Goalscorer of the year award, having scored 31 goals in 36 appearances. Just ahead of Rooney's 30 goals in 33 appearances.
He stands in front of the likes of Berbatov, Drogba, Anelka and C.Ronaldo who came before him, taking the Premier League by surprise.

The season finished with a 1-1 Draw with Aston Villa.

What's next for Q.P.R I hear you all wondering.

One Word: Europe.

Time to take our football to the next level, having qualified for the Europa League we've made a name for ourselves, opening up a world of possibilities, we finally have a reason for the true legends of football to come join us over at Loftus Road.

Stay tuned for the 2012/13 preseasons as we try to make it past the Qualifying and Group stages of Europe.

As we bring in new talent, new chances and new possiblilities.

It's going to be a long old road for Q.P.R and most definitely myself as I take my Career even further.

Who knows where I'll go after Q.P.R, will I find a new challenge? A new team to take as high as possible?

Or maybe I'll bring back Aston Villa, or Man City, or even Leeds to their former glories?

Stay tuned for all that and more.
Great 5th place finish! And the FA cup win!
Transfer Update:

Starting Budget: £47,083,947


Gylfi Sigurosson - £4,900,000
Eden Hazard - £11,100,000
Neymar - £5,000,000 + £25,000,000 over 48 Months
Mario Gotze - £3,000,000 + £5,000,000 After 50 Games+£7,500,000 after 50 Goals
Gareth Bale - £7,000,000 + Noselli
Christopher Samba - £1,300,000


Joey Barton (LOAN)
Radek Cerny (LOAN)
Kieron Dyer (LOAN)
Clint Hill (LOAN)
Petter Vaagan Moen (LOAN)
Danny Gabbidon - £325,000 - Southampton
Latest Update:

Sanogo has joined us.
Neymar has joined us.
Mario Gotze has joined us.
Eden Hazard has joined us.
Jack Bonham has joined us.

I'm now deciding who to loan out and who to keep within the squad to get the most out of these wonderkids.
Nice signings! Doing them in place:

1: Kronos, For signing the below.
2: Neymar
3: Gotze
4: Hazard
;) I'd advise anyone and everyone to get them all early, and I'd suggest David Alaba too, fantastic wonderkids, best thing about them they're great as soon as you get them, no need to loan them out for 2-3 seasons to get them ready.

Pre-Season Update:

So I've been pretty busy using up the last of the transfer budget, my latest additions are passing fanatic, wonderkid David Alaba, Barcelona's Adriano and young Justin Koeries who has now replaced my previous striker, multi award winning Klasnic who took home the Golden Boot and Best Premier League Player Of The Year last season.

He has already proven himself with a superb hat-trick against none other than Barcelona in our pre-season friendly and scoring the one goal winner against Manchester United in the Community Shield.

This season Q.P.R are coming into a totally new scene; European Football. I have high hopes for the team that's advances this quickly in a league as difficult as the Barclays Premier League.

After a fantastic season Q.P.R have faced a few problems that have been quickly resolved, the departure of Klasnic for £37,000,000 was a hard decision to make, but opened the doors to future generation players such as Alaba and Koeries.

With a great pre-season, we're ready for whatever's thrown at us.

Season Expectations:
Win The Premier League.

Remaining Transfer Budget:

Also I'll be adding a guide to taking over and improving a small team in a big league, I realised something with FM12 that I didn't in previous versions, the players can only do so much, your training facilities, trained regime's, coaches, morale, fitness and team work play a bigger part that I imagined, an average player can produce some remarkable football if surrounded by remarkable players.

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