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Blue Moon Rising - My Manchester City Story

Started on 5 November 2011 by Walsall_Craig
Latest Reply on 31 May 2013 by Toon
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You seem to be playing the transfer market like a violin. Doesn't your squad ever get insecure?
#44227 Geneharper : You seem to be playing the transfer market like a violin. Doesn't your squad ever get insecure?

I do feel like I buy to many players, but I won't be buying anymore players from now...going to see to sell players
Great shopping, I would've hung on to torres, but chiellini is a bargain at 15m

February Update

Here is the new update in my story.

Team: Marshall,Coleman,Bartley,Heitinga,Baines,Lazic,Barkley,De Zeeuw,Hlousek,Suarz,Wembakunga
Subs: Doyle,Imbula,Brahimi,Toivonen,Cathcart,Donovan,Fedetskyi
Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Jagielka,Kompany,Digne,Lucas,Wilshere,Nasri,Neymar,Rossi,Aguero
Subs: ter Stegen,Chiellini,Coentrao,Walker,Chamberlain,Toure,Hazard
Scorers: Guiseppe Rossi

Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Jagielka,Kompany,Chiellini,Aguero,Wilshere,Hazard,Bife,Neymar,Lucas
Subs: ter Stegen,Bautista,Coentrao,Digne,Rossi,Nasri,Walker
Blackburn Rovers
Team: Robinson,Kone,Al-Kamali,Dann,Olsson,Kleftenbeld,Petrovic,N'Zonzi,King,Formica,Roux
Subs: Foster,Martin,Costa,Hoilett,Le Tallec,Fivet,Gibson.
Scorers: Nolan Roux

Team: Hradecky,Jalasto,Ojala,Moisander,Raitala,Eremenko,Sparv,Hamalainen,Porokara,Kastrati,Pelvas
Subs: Fredriksen,Turpeenniemi,Turunen,Tammilehto,M.Ojala,Mattila,Toivio,Ring,Dalle Valle
Team: Hart,Walker,Terry,Jagielka,Gibbs,Lennon,Jones,Milner,Rodwell,Rooney,Walcott
Subs: Smithies,Zaha,Mutch,Johnson,Bartley,Phillips,Baines,Young,Wilshere
Scorers: Rooney,Phillips

Wigan Athletic
Team: Cerny,Hogli,Burdisso,Caldwell,Zanev,McCarthy,Cairney,Hermach,McArthur,di Santo,Pavlychenko
Subs: Al-Habsi,Baird,Alcaraz,Moses,Molins,Bordachov,Boyce
Scorer: Molins
Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Kompany,Chiellini,Digne,Lucas,Toure,Wilshere,Hazard,Neymar,Aguero
Subs: ter Stegen,Walker,Jagielka,Coentrao,Nasri,Bife,Rossi
Scorers: Wilshere,Toure

CSKA Moscow
Team: Akinfeev,Berezutskiy,Savic,Vasin,Semberas,Carlinhos,Mamaev,Izmailov,Aldorin,Love,Jesus
Subs: Chepchugov,Deric,Cauna,Nababkin,Doumbia,Tosic,Avine
Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Jagielka,Kompany,Digne,Wilshere,Toure,Lucas,Coentrao,Aguero,Neymar
Subs: ter Stegen,Cundassamy,Walker,Nasri,Bife,Rekik,Parker
Scorers: Jagielka(p),Wilshere

Ipswich Town
Team: Flinders,Mainfroi,Benalouane,Toivio,Lumb,Bridcutt,Smith,Ephraim,Emmanuel-Thomas,Kovlak,Cavadov
Subs: Collin,Skagestad,O'Connor,Jennings,Harewood,Huntington,Whight
Scorer: Emmanuel-Thomas
Manchester City
Team: Hart,Rafinha,Jagielka,Kompany,Digne,Toure,Lucas,Nasri,Neymar,Bife,Rossi
Subs: ter Stegen,Walker,Corchia,Silva,Hovland,Kaka,Bautista
Scorers: Kompany,Rossi

Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Jagielka,Kompany,Chiellini,Aguero,Toure,Wilshere,Coentrao,Neymar,Bife
Subs: ter Stegen,Bautista,Silva,Richards,Rossi,Kaka,Walker
Scorers: Bife,Wilshere,Aguero
Team: Courtois,Ivanovic,Bruma,Terry,Wilson,Cavani,Obi Mikel,Ramires,Griezmann,Mata,Lukaku
Subs: Turnbull,Chalobah,Benatia,Lampard,Lavezzi,Kalas,Malouda
Scorers: Ramires

Aston Villa
Team: Guzan,Hutton,Figueiredo,Collins,Armero,Lansbury,Delph,Bolatti,Beausejour,Agbonlahor,Stieber
Subs: Given,Pekalski,Chung-Yong,Allemann,Parr,da Garca,Bentley
Scorers: Agbhonlahor,Stieber
Manchester City
Team: Hart,Corchia,Jagielka,Kompany,Chiellini,Aguero,Lucas,Wilshere,Toure,Neymar,Bife
Subs: ter Stegen,Bautista,Kaka,Digne,Rossi,Nasri,Walker
Scorers: Wilshere

February was a very good month with only having two losses in the entire month against Aston Villa, this should of been a win in my eyes, but we obviously didn't get the result we had to, by the end of the month I'm still top of the Premier League three points ahead of fierce rivals Manchester United, my best win in the month was against strong side Chelsea I was very please with his win as I need to win against top sides in the league to have a chance of retaining the title, hopefully after a amazing month I can carry on with wins until the end of the season and hopefully lift that FOURTH Premier League title and try to lift my FIRST ever UEFA Champions League trophy since taking over City.

Top goalscorer for the month was England midfielder Jack Wilshere with notching up a tally of 5 goals in February, he has by far been my best player for the month, hopefully he can perform like this come end of the season and I will have the big teams coming to snap him up!!
My team have performed extremely well together this month, with the look of the team my main players have played, but I will definetly give my other players a chance in the next few month with alot of run-ins with still being in the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup so it is possible of doing the Triple this season

Next Update March
Looks like it will be tight up until the end of the season, Hope you do well
Hehe, tight in the top three I see. It will be the matches agains the two other top teams that will decide your season outcome. That I am pretty sure of
Good luck man! (Although I won't be too sad to see Utd win it! Haha!)

On another note, hope Burnley survive relegation (again!)
This has been the closest season yet since I took over as Manchester City, but hopefully i can retain my Premier League Title and make this my FOURTH consecutive title.

I will do everything I can to win every match until the end of the season to help me retain, plus I want to finally win the Champions League Trophy as this is the only trophy that isnt sitting in my cabinet yet.
UEFA Champions League Draw

Manchester United v Barcelona
Ajax v Leverkusen
Sporting(POR) v Real Madrid
Marseille v Manchester City

Manchester City or Marseille v Manchester United or Barcelona
Sporting(POR) or Real Madrid v Ajax or Leverkusen
#44443 Walsall_Craig : UEFA Champions League Draw

Manchester United v Barcelona
Ajax v Leverkusen
Sporting(POR) v Real Madrid
Marseille v Manchester City

Manchester City or Marseille v Manchester United or Barcelona
Sporting(POR) or Real Madrid v Ajax or Leverkusen

I'm hoping that turns out to be City vs Utd in the Semis.. with Real or Ajax in the Final..! Good work man!
If I was managing MU in your game I could beat Barcelona with 10 men, I've done it before in 2012-13 for both legs.

March Update

Manchester City: Hart,Corchia,Kompany,Chiellini,Digne,Lucas,Toure,Wilshere,Nasri,Neymar,Aguero
Subs: ter Stegen,Walker,Jagielka,Coentrao,Rossi,Bautista,Bife
Scorers: Aguero,Jagielka(pen)
Wigan Athletic: Alnwick,Taylor,Johnson,Cahill,Wallace,Tiote,Cabaye,Chramosta,Ben Arfa,Gutierrez,Balotelli
Subs: Krul,Goian,Coloccini,Brennan,Orellana,Ferguson,Warnock

Manchester City: Hart,Corchia,Richards,Jagielka,Digne,Hazard,WIlshere,Toure,Coentrao,Aguero,Neymar
Subs: ter Stegen,Cundasamy,Walker,Lucas,Bife,Rekik,Parker
Scorers: Wilshere,Aguero
CSKA Moscow: Akinfeev,Semberas,Berezutskiy,Vasin,Carlinhos,Izmailov,Mamaev,Honda,Tosic,Love,Doumbia
Subs: Chepchugov,Bondarenko,Cauna,Nababkin,Jesus,Aldonin,Savic

FA CUP sponsored by Eon
Queens Park Rangers: Camp,Young,Kucher,Connolly,Gueye,Barton,Faurlin,Wright-Phillips,Taarabt,Campbell,Bahadir
Subs: Murphy,Ferdinand,Wilkinson,Nurse,Pawlowski,Ulmer,Ehmer
Scorers: Taarabt
Manchester City: Hart,Rafinha,Jagielka,Chiellini,Digne,Hazard,Lucas,Nasri,Coentrao,Aguero,Bife
Subs: ter Stegen,Bautista,Kaka,Corchia,Rossi,Wilshere,Walker
Scorers: Coentrao,Wilshere

Reading: Steer,Nery,Pearce,Zlatkov,Douglas,Narry,Delaney,Mikoliunas,Suarez,Robson-Kanu,Viatri
Subs: McCarthy,Hogg,Nditi,Church,Gorkss,Kebe,Danielsson
Manchester City: Hart,Walker,Jagielka,Chiellini,Digne,Aguero,Wilshere,Toure,Hazard,Bife,Neymar
Subs: ter Stegen,Bautista,Coentrao,Cundasamy,Rossi,Nasri,Corchia

Romania: Tatarusanu,Rapa,Papp,Gardos,Radu,Neagu,Bicfalvi,Voican,Niculae,Radut,Stancu
Subs: Pantillimon,Goian,Sepsi,Vered,Tucudean,Ilie,Matel
England: Hart,Smalling,Jaigelka,Terry,Baines,Rodwell,Huddlestone,Milner,Young,Rooney,Walcott
Subs: Steele,Walker,Jones,Bertrand,Rodriguez,Wilshere,Cahill

March was another good month with FOUR wins, this is giving me a boost in the Premier League,FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Within the month I scored 9 goals and only conceded 2 goals in the month, I will be looking forward to last 2 months of the 2014/15 season.
Craig, this isn't readable, sorry

this many text? Undoable :(
Hey dude..nice update. But ive noticed that you seem to leak a goal or two every match. Whats going on?!? You need to try grind out those clean sheets! Thats my belief anyways!

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