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Man City

Do you think Man City need to be strengthen from the 1st season and with who players?
Started on 20 November 2011 by tasos
Latest Reply on 23 November 2011 by Sharps
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In your opinion in which positions do you think Man City need to be strengthen from the 1st season and with who players?
I think the first thing you have to do is to get a left and right fullback (first team or reserves). Because I think the reserves now just don't cut it.
It also kind of depends on your tactic, I guess...

You don't need new strikers, but perhaps finding a young talent for the future is always nice... but certainly not a priority. Your main LAM RAM (or wingers) are very good also. You also have some back-up. But perhaps another good back-up/wonderkind for the future might be nice.

If you play with 2 cvm, I guess you are ok. I prefer my tactic with 2 CM, so I would get at least one top midfielder.
Central defence... Kompany and Lescott are very good. You also have 2 very great talents. So maybe one for the back-up squad, if you want to. But also not a priority.
Perhaps a back up goalie might be good, because the second goallie now (pantillion or pantillimon or something) is loaned. He's not bad, but he hasn't impressed me yet.
Get a right back.....Darijo Srna is normally available for about 15mill which is pretty good. Left back isn't too much of a problem as you have Gael Clichy and Kolarov plus Zabletta can play there.
A back up goal keeper is a good idea although I've found so far the Pantillimon is good enough for the rare occasion that Hart is injured.

But the main thing City lack is players who have trained at the club for 3 seasons before their 21st birthday. You need four of them for the champions league. Get younguns......with City's money you can get a good 2 or so top players plus load up your under 18's with hot prospects.....or rather loan them out
I agree in thinking mainly a right back.

You can see there is high quality all over the pitch and it's mainly a case of how do you make a strong position into a very strong position on the pitch because they're already excellent. As expected money isn't a major factor to strengthen in one or two areas but I always find it useful (at any club in fact) to strip some of the squad who I may not take a liking to, to fund a youth team with higher potential.

As already mentioned the league and particularly European rules are sticklers for a club like Man City who have brought in so many foreign imports.

If the club is looked upon as a long term project, it would be better to keep the same spine to the team and limiting your "first team/over 21" signings or making the purchases local in terms of either British or foreigners who fit the rules a la Cesc Fabregas when he was at Arsenal.

The squad can easily keep up the heat on home and foreign soil and you can fulfil the rules by loading your youth team with high potential players. You'll end up churning out youngster after youngster who while, may be foreign will still fit in with the squad rules because of them being locally trained.

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