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Donating for Scout 2012

Started on 23 November 2011 by Sharps
Latest Reply on 24 November 2011 by Sharps
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Afternoon all.

For the past few years I have used scout to assist with FM games and this year decided I would donate as I know I would more than get my moneys worth!

Anyway, I have been trying to use the donate link on the home page which has not been working (or has not been for me). I notice there has been an update to the site and cannot even find the donate link now.
You should use the donation box on Genie Scout homepage (top right).

For more details about the 'g' version and how to find your Unique ID which is required for the donation, please see this topic.
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Cheers Stam.

That's the one I had previously been trying without any success. If there is nothing wrong with it, it could just be my laptop having a funny turn so will have to fire up another system and try that.

EDIT - I have sorted it now and sent my donation via paypal. I was a little alarmed though to see the payment had been held although I believe this is from the Plimus side?
I've tried using Plimus to donate and they keep refusing my payment. They're incredibly unclear via email why this is; their response is "Inconsistent details".

Everything I've submitted to them is accurate except the phone number; I don't have a landline so I can't provide a real phone number and their form insists I fill one in.

So because they refuse to accept either of my credit cards, I refuse to use paypal (because of their long and continual history of stealing people's money) and I frankly don't trust Plimus (who I've never heard of before) with important things like bank account details, I regret that I'll be unable to donate.
Hi Cederic,

I think my payment was held due to not offering an address or contact number. The payment was rejected about 30 minutes later and stated it was due to lack of information asked for. So I re-submitted it with the information and was a matter of minutes before I received my e-mail from Eugene.

I did research Plimus and as expected some people aren't happy with what they do and their service and some even all it a scam. Scratching a bit below the surface though and it looks like a normal company which offers a normal service and can experience normal problems.
I gave my accurate address, but it's impossible for me to provide a telephone number so I'm pretty much out of luck.

Although I trust them enough to give them my credit card details, I am very chary about sharing other financial information with anybody online - credit cards in the UK have a degree of fraud protection that other payment forms lack - so it's nothing personal against Plimus, I'm just not willing to take the risk.

You think Eugene'll accept Amazon vouchers?
Yeah, it very much seems like you are out of luck given the information you can't give.

I understand not wanting to take the risk. I had never heard of them either. I'm sure Eugene will be accessible through the site or maybe Stam who seems very active and in constant contact with him.

I'm not the one to ask really. I only registered yesterday, although I'm sure he would accept any donation!

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