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Proper Non-League Management

Started on 24 December 2011 by wayupna
Latest Reply on 18 April 2012 by vladsofro
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Who else on the site is also managing down at the lowest level's of the football pyramid ?

Im using Uncle Ron's Level 7&8 database and im playing as Leek Town in the EvoStik Div 1s and i was wondering if any other members are doing the same playing at this level and would like to swap notes ??
Hi. I started playing with Thurrock in the Blue Premier South. Till now I have played 2 seasons and stayed clear of relegation. Still I am angry because I lost a fantastic player (for out level of course). His name is Ronnie Walker and I offered him a non contract while he was still 16. Then he played excellent in my second season and became key player. Before he was 17 I offered him a part time contract. He agreed and I got the information that the contract will be official when he is 17. On the 2. July 2013 he turned 17 years old. But shock. Despite agreeing the contract some 2 months ago, teams from League Two offered him many contracts as well. I changed immediately the contract and offered him 'the moon from the sky'..everything I could. Still he signed for Cheltenham. Normal, because the highest wage I could have offered him was not even half was Cheltenham was offering him. What I want to ask is how can this happen? Is that contract only a pre-contract? Football manager 2013 needs improvement in this contract part. If he agreed before beeing 17 and signed the contract how can he sign another one? Is this possible?
Hi. How can I play in the seventh or eight divison? Where can I download the patch-link?

Thanks. Take care
If anyone was reading this and wanting to find out how you can get the extra lower leagues then here is the link*Out-Now* but you will have to sign up on their :)
@wayupna How are you doing with your Leek Town game save? I started 1 with Durham in the Evo-Stik League First Division North and so far i'm upto League 2 but stranded in mid table.
Cheers for the link for that update - I can finally manage my home town team (Bridgwater Town!)
Going to start a game with Durham. I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne so this is good for me. My local team isnt on here so just have to see if they turn up and updates etc.
Durham will be on the game if you use Uncle Rons database fella...

Enjoy let us know how you get on..
Hi guys, I'm also playing as Thurrock. Playing well, nearing the end of my second season. I managed to wriggle my way though the play-offs in my first season, to be promoted into BSP. Currently doing well due to good form, in 3rd position. This is all down to good free transfers I managed to find.
Well done lukedeathe21! I only managed to gain promotion with Thurrock after 4 BSS seasons. Now I am in 2020 and I won the Blue Square Premier. And twice the FA Trophy. After six seasons. It was a hard time but I enjoyed it. Its pretty unusual for a small team to see it in the Premiership or Championship. But becoming professional and playing in the League Two is for a team like Thurrock the Premeiership.

Check out good players like Jordan Jones, an attacking midfielder (centre) but also adept as central midfielder and two good defenders Jamie Wigley and James o'Riordan. They develop great and are key players for me. I signed them beginning with my 3rd and 4 th season. Put your scouts in Ireland. You find great players there for lower teams like ours. I play a counter system with 4-1-2-1-2. At home I have a narrow pitch, I play the same system but an attacking style with narrow width, passing through the middle. I play that system since 9 years now. Let us know guys how everyone of you do.
After some more 6 seasons when I get bored I will start playing with the 8th tiers.
That should be fun!
Thurrock seems a very popular choice to start with may have to check there side out on my game see what rough gems i can find that fancy playing muddy league football in the Staffordshire morelands !!
#39844 eldaftlad : @wayupna How are you doing with your Leek Town game save? I started 1 with Durham in the Evo-Stik League First Division North and so far i'm upto League 2 but stranded in mid table.

Fair going there, im just in to my 2nd season now afater loosing a playoff battle, but i cant get anyone interested in joining my revoloution at Leek..
I am starting now to play with Rainworth Miners Welfare. They have the worst media prediction in the 8th tier North League.

Any other sugestions guys to play with the worst possible team which lies near bankrupcy?
Good midfielders for the 8th League! Alex Stockinger and Ochoa.
Stockinger is a player, had him on FM11, but found his to not b loyal and he caused problems in the dressing room...

Ochoa not familiar with may take a look...

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