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Power houses going down?

Started on 4 January 2012 by promitch
Latest Reply on 12 January 2012 by godsgifttoearth
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Just curious to see if anyone has had any of the power house teams take the drop? Like any of the big 4 in England for example?
yes in my years of playing FM i have seen this happen, in my own saves and others. the chances of it are quite low though. often takes quite a few seasons for it to happen. i have often seen one of the big four drop to being a midtable team. but most of them are set on quite good finances so if they start doing badly they get a new manager/players and usually turn things around a bit.
Cool thanks RedArmy if anyone out there has seen it maybe you can post a screen shot that would be cool!

I was thinking of doing a save starting off with Man U and destorying them, sell all players and buy shit ones until i get sacked and see how they recover could be interesting.
When I played FM10, I was into my 15th or 16th season when Liverpool AND Everton both went down. I remember Liverpool came straight back up but Everton stayed down for a couple of seasons.
in fm 11 chelsea and tottenham got relegated and didnt cum back up the next season.
#39230 spudboy : in fm 11 chelsea and tottenham got relegated and didnt cum back up the next season.

What season was that mate?
After the first season of FM12 Villa get relegated in my game
always happens for me, or they do crap for a few seasons. its the ones with ageing squads like chelsea or man utd that happen. the AI waits far too long to try and replace players and then they can't get decent players when they do come around to replacing them, or they can't afford to buy enough.

that or they somehow magically unsettle players (without them being unsettled) and then sign them for pennies when you couldn't get a 20million bid accepted.

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