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AQC Quiltenham United

Started on 29 January 2012 by Stocke
Latest Reply on 3 February 2012 by Sporting_23
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Stocke's avatar Group Stocke
12 yearsEdited
I know I'm taking someone else's idea here, but I'm creating a club in FM to play in the BSN/S named AQC Quiltenham United. I'm bringing the idea here in this form to gather players to play for the club. I'm looking for 32 players (people may add more than one player), following these rules:

Required Player Information:

Date Of Birth
CA/PA (CA cannot be higher than 70 at start)

Optional Information:

Favored Club(s)
Playing Background


Uploaded with
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
Player name: Derek Gregorié
DOB: 9.11.1995
Position: GK
Nation: English
CA: 37
PA: 185
Squad number: 10
Favoured clubs: West ham united, Swindon Town, Barnet FC.
Sporting_23's avatar Group Sporting_23
12 yearsEdited
Name: Jakk Wylde
Date Of Birth: 25/09/1994
Position: AML/AMR
Nationality: English
CA/PA: 65/157
Height: 1,76 cm
Wheight: 68kg

if possible shirt number 23 then
go aqc quiltenham!
Name: Kane Halsall
DOB: 27/11/1991
Position: DR/WBR/RM/AMR
Nationality: English
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
CA: 75
PA: 167
Favourite Clubs: Southport, Manchester United
Preferred Squad Number: 17

Is this too much?
i meant 1994 on my birthday, srry mate
You thieving thief!!
Only joking mate...
Name - Mike Harris
Date Of Birth - 27th May 1993
Position - DM/MC/AMC
Nationality - English/Italian
CA - 65
PA - 180
Favourite clubs - Man Utd, Bury
Name Alphonse Elric
DOB 05-jan-1995
Pos : ST
Nationality: German
Would like to see some more experienced players on here.
Name Maciej Dabrowski
Date Of Birth 5/4/1994
Position RB
Nationality Polish
Height/Weight 170/69
Favored Club(s) Chelsea

CA: 60
PA: 175
Deadline for entries is Sunday, February 5. Hopefully much sooner than that. And remember, you have the freedom to add more than one player!
Remove my player please mate. Gonna concentrate on mine and SlapDash's stories
Name:Alan Strong
Date Of Birth:06/04/1994
Position: ST/AMC/AML/AMR
Nationality: English/ Republic of Ireland
CA/PA: 69/-9

Height:5ft 7
Favored Club(s):Arsenal/Afc Wimbledon/AQC Quiltenham
Shirt Number: 14
Name: Oliver Smith
DOB: 19/06/1993
Position: ST/AML/AMR (right footed)
Nationality: Australian
Height: 188cm
Weight: 68kg
CA: 35
PA: 189
Favourite Clubs: Adelaide United, Chelsea, LOSC Lille
Preferred Squad Number: 12
Player name: Michael Speed del Piero
DOB: 26.12.1993
Position: ML/AML
Nation: English/Italian
CA: 65
PA: 185
Squad number: 3
Favoured clubs: Tottenham Hotspurs, Juventus.
Player name: (common name) Agrela (name and surname) Rafael Mota
DOB: 30/03/1992
Position: DR/LR
Nation: Portuguese
CA: 69
Squad number: 77 or 11
Favoured club: Sporting CP

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