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Cinderella story or how i fall in love whith Leeds United.

This is a story from a man whose heart will always be with LUFC
Started on 30 January 2012 by Leokravchuk
Latest Reply on 31 January 2012 by Leokravchuk
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Leokravchuk's avatar Group Leokravchuk
11 yearsEdited
Hello guys.
It's my first ever post here. Before I start, I would like you to say should I write about it or not. I will write one or two paragraphs, I know my grammar is not good but I will try my best.
First of all I would like to thank Eugene Tarabanovsky and whole FM Scout team, for this stunning work that they have done, they make my FM life more interesting and more exciting.
I am also Ukrainian, like Eugene. I belong to those group of people in Kyiv who knows about FM, believe me it’s a very small group) I’m began to play FM when I was 15 or 16 i guess and that was the last series of manager called Championship Manager 2003/2004. From that days LUFC is a team with which I am starting first game in every FM series since that days.
Surely there are other interesting things which I can tell you but I will leave it, maybe I will tell it later.

I know there is one post about LUFC but I want to tell you my story, hope you will be interesting, especially LUFC fans.
So I'm on halfway to end my third season as Leeds manager and here is a list of my squad:
Ask any questions , I will be happy to answer.
Waiting on your decision
I hope you'll continue writing. I'm writing a Leeds story myself and it would be interesting to see another one. Good luck!
Got some good players in there, Belhanda and Coeff are two of my favourites! All the best with your game, keep us updated!
Leokravchuk's avatar Group Leokravchuk
11 yearsEdited
On those screenshots you can see some information about LUFC from 2011 till 4 January 2014s. When I am looking on them, I am really proud of what kind of hard work i had done, since I have been appointed LUFC manager.
This is my first team, I would like to suggest that there are 4 players in first 11: Monty Gimpel, Jonny Howson, Robert Snodgrass, Aidan White and there is also Tom Lees in subs, he is a cover for the first team.
So I will start.
Someone of you - Hello, I'm glad to see you here
Leo - Hello, my name is Leonid Kravchuk.
Someone of you - Do you know anything about Leeds United?
Leo - Yes...
Someone - Can you tell me?
Leo - No...
Leo - But I can show you... let me take you back 3 years ago... 3 July 2011

When I was laying on sun somewhere in Cannes, I noticed some English newspaper in hands of my neighbor. I was wondering whether it was The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph but when he turns page I discovered a well known for me Yorkshire Post.
From that time my heart began to beat a little quicker, I don’t know this guy but I said to myself, why not talk to him, maybe he can tell me something interesting.
I talked to him first, he answered to me and we started talking about cars, girls and of course about football. As it turned out, we are fans of the same team – AFC Leeds United.
It was really interesting, we found a lot in common. He’s name was Yvonne Allen. I told him my point of view of managing the club and what would I do if I were manager of a team. When it was time to leave, I said that I need to go back to my hotel's room because tomorrow I have some business in Monte-Carlo. I told him which hotel I was staying and we say goodbye to each other.
The next morning I wake up too early because someone knocked my door very hard. When I opened it there was Yvonne with a smile on his face and there were also same papers in his hands. He asks: you seem to be planning to go to Monte-Carlo today? I answered: you are right, it is. He said: get ready, we will go together. When we arrived in Monaco, he proposed me to dine at a well known restaurant.
It took about five minutes as we were approached by a man, he was not very tall, he was well over 70 years. Anyone else in my place would not immediately recognize his splendid white hair and the same magnificent white beard, but not me, I recognized him at once - it was Ken Bates. I was shocked…

To be continued...

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